Monday, September 10, 2012

Sage Update

Hello Creative Sage Friends!

Hope you all had a chance to be delighted by Bandon's
Cranberry Festival this weekend!  We heard some wonderful
comments, especially from out of town visitors, and Sage
offers a round of applause to the Chamber, City, and
Volunteers, who work so hard to bring this event to town
every year!

Fall is signaling us with the changing leaves and a chill in
the air and we have geared back up for some creative indoor


Donna Wright will be "Pouring It On", once again, in her
Watercolor Workshop!  Everyone loves Donna and this
liberating alternative approach to watercolor painting.
Students love the process and the freedom it gives them to
visualize the subject matter, as it "reveals itself" in
paint and texture.  This class has been scheduled from 12-4
pm, THIS SATURDAY, Sept. 15th.  Tuition is $40 and materials
are $5.  Give us a call to register!  (541) 329-0303


Yes, it's true, we have a jump on our scheduling and Gerry
has many of the listings already up on our website! 
Check out the fun through mid November, by looking online
at: and take a peek back, later in the
week, because we have our schedule set through December!
Gerry will be adding the rest of the items to the list in
the next few days!

You may notice, we've refined our scheduling a bit and have
arranged Open Studio time, in various media, to more closely
follow  workshops in the same media.  That way, students who
love what they just learned, can easily stop in to practice,
while it's still fresh in memory! 

Several new workshop offerings are coming up in glass,
metals, and resin; we are also busy developing a soldering
program that will begin in January, so keep your eyes open!


We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of California artist,
Sas Colby, for "Art As Improvisation II", Sept. 21st and
22nd.  Sas is teaching a two day intensive that includes
materials and lunch; the even better news is that it's not
too late to join in the fun!  We have a couple of openings
still available, so give us a call, or stop in.  The cost is
only $225 for this fantastic creative experience!


September marks our Second Anniversary here on 11th st. and
we just passed our 5th year for Sage Gallery, in July!  It's
funny though, none of us have aged a bit!

In honor of YOU, who have made this all possible, we have
scheduled a FALL CELEBRATION WEEKEND, Friday and Saturday,
Sept. 28th and 29th!  Join us for some great giveaways,
FANTASTIC SALES, and some warm THANK YOUS from our heart!
All SEED BEADS will be on sale, 20-40% OFF, Stained and
Fused GLASS will have INDIVIDUAL and VOLUME pricing
DISCOUNTS, and select TOOLS will be on sale 20-30% OFF
already low prices! 


As a graduate student, I searched for a way to bring
transparency, luminosity, and permanence to my own
photography and now, after exploring many techniques, in
only 15 short years of experimentation, my imagination has
finally caught up with the right technology!  I'm pleased
to announce that Sage Place's studio is now in production,
processing our own photographic fused glass images, under
the label "Oregon Digital Glass". 

It's a thrill to be able to say that we are not only
manufacturing our own product line, right here in Bandon,
but we are also using raw materials produced in the Pacific
Northwest, by Bullseye Glass, of Portland, Oregon!  To
introduce our newest adventure, Sage participated in this
weekend's Old Town Farmer's Market, where Dana and I were
met with a very warm reception for our new line of fused
glass gifts.  It's a great process and we are having
tremendous fun with the creative side of life! 

Our first production run includes images of the Historic
Coast Guard Building, Coquille River Lighthouse, and my
favorite fishing trawler, the Marie Ann Gail.  Gerry will be
putting info up on the web page soon, or you can check us
out over the next few weeks at the Farmer's Market in Old
Town Bandon.


There are TWO OCTOBER TRUNK SHOWS on the horizon!  Musa, the
African Bead Trader will be with us on Saturday, October
6th, from 11 - 7 pm.  Musa fills the classroom with glass,
bone and metal beads and the sight is spectacular!  If you
missed him last year, you won't want to miss him again!

And, on Wednesday, October 17th, Guy will return with "Wild
Things Beads" and their fabulous collection of Czech crystal
beads, pearls, and semi - precious stones hanks.  It's time
to gear up for the holiday gift making with sparkle, pizzaz
and great prices from "Wild Things"!


There are a few more items in the works and they'll be
passing through on the changing Fall Breeze.  We'll be sure
to keep you updated on the website and on our new Facebook
page, which, by the way, has been brightened up with some
great pictures of workshops, student work and Sage visitors
from the last two years.


Early in August, I had the good fortune to be invited as a
guest speaker, for the Bay Area Artists' Association, and
had a wonderful afternoon speaking about the "History and
Contemporary Directions in the Business of Art".  S.L.
Donaldson, Carolyn Merriam, Carol Young, and the rest of the
group do a great job of bringing together information and
activities to support our local artists!  Thank You! 

Late in August, I was honored to have City Councilor
Claudine Hundhausen request a display of my "Last Herd" cow
images for Face Rock Creamery's Community Center reception.
I received much inspiring feedback and it is always
uplifting to have community support for artists.  Thanks
Claudine, Jeff Norris, the City of Bandon, and Face Rock
Creamery, for including me in such a great milestone event
for Bandon; Sage Place wishes our newest business neighbors
great success in the coming months and years!

Finally, I must mention that both opportunities made me
remember what I used to tell my high school and college
students, and what is perhaps more true now than ever, "the
Arts enrich and unify our communities in unique ways that
are sometimes not obvious or understood for years and each
community is the life support of our artists".  Thanks again
to all for keeping the arts strong! 

See you Soon at Sage! 


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