Thursday, February 27, 2014


Coos Bay artist Pat Snyder opening at Newport Visual Arts Center on Friday March 7th from 5 – 7pm.

Pat Snyder
Coos Bay Artist

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Sunday, March 2nd, three of Coos County's most exciting local assets will come together for an afternoon of art celebrating the greater bay area.  Local Artist Mary Lou Stebbins and local photographer Bryan Coleman will be opening a joint art show at Black Market Gourmet, Coos Bay's favorite refuge for foodies.

Mary Lou Stebbins, or Stebbinzoo, specializes in vibrant paintings of everyday scenes infused with hints of sweetness and magic. Inspired by a life teaching and raising children on the Oregon Coast, her work is filled with youth, dogs and exploration. Stebbins art has been featured in the Expressions West Exhibit at Coos Art Museum, and select pieces can be viewed at Easy Lane Art Gallery. Included in the show will be several new originals, as well pieces shared from private collections.

Bryan Coleman's photography of the Southern Oregon Coast is only just beginning to gain its well-earned recognition. A lifelong resident of Coos County, Coleman finds and captures the beauty in tiny, simple things.  A feather on the beach, or a glimpse of a gull through seagrass becomes a timeless image of the beauty surrounding the viewer. Photos of the boats and buildings of Coos County are simple and profound. Coleman's photography can be viewed at Shark Bites Cafe and Seven Devils Brewery.  

Black Market Gourmet specializes in high-quality, nutritious and exotic gourmet offerings.  Proprietor Jardin Kazaar, of "Cooking With Jardin"  believes in nurture by nourishing. His line of sauces and spice rubs can be found at stores and eateries up and down the coast. Along with Kristin Hoefer, Jardin is a great supporter of Oregon Arts.

This event will be an exciting showcase of Coos County talent, and well worth a stop.  The opening reception is at 2:00 pm on Sunday, March 2nd.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio, LLC
Class Schedule - 2014
In the Continuum Building , On the Pedway, Old Town Bandon

Weds.  March 12 – Pastel with Jean Stephenson  1-4:00  Price TBA
Sun.  March 16 – Wire Wrapping Pendants with Shawn Tempesta  11:30-3:00  $25
Weds.  March 19 – Yupo Play Day with Ava Richey  1-4  $16
Sun.  March 23 - Collage Postcard Play Day with Susan Lehman  1-3:00  $16
Sun.  April 27 – Storytelling with collage with Susan Lehman  1-3:00  12-4:00  $35 
(all materials included)

Contact the Gallery at 541-347-5355 for more information.  Most classes have a materials list of what to bring with you.
*Sign up at the Gallery with a $5 deposit (part of the class fee) to hold your spot.  Balance is due at the time of the class.  (Deposit not required on Play Days.)  Classes fill up quickly, so this guarantees your place in the class!
*If interested in the “Drop-In” Play Day Classes, you may leave your name and email address at the gallery to be emailed with a reminder.

Monday, February 24, 2014


Were you there for the annual CAM volunteer appreciation diner and meeting?

If you played hookey and didn't come then you missed out. The deserving were singled-out, the food was great and the company terrific. Even Charles was there and you know any party without Charles just isn't a party at all.

Now I did mention the food catered by Little Italy and it just don't get any better than that...

There were party hats...

And the Man in the Carpeted Office told us where we stand...

It was a wonderful afternoon and aren't you sorry you missed it?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Walk Like An Egyptian

You're invited to the
Sidewalk Unveiling
  • Be among the first to see and walk upon the new inlaid tile sidewalk
  • Commemorative Egyptian shoes and certificate for a donation
  • Meet the sidewalk designer, Councilor Mike Vaughan
  • Opportunities to purchase sidewalk tile dedications to be engraved and set before the GRAND
    RE-OPENING in June
  • Speeches, live music by the Dale Inskeep Band, restaurant participation, construction updates
MARCH 1, 2014
Coos Bay, OR 97420

Friday, February 21, 2014

Goin to Hell

Things shouldn’t be so hard.

When the time comes for you to go into the studio there should be quiet and peace and time enough for you to just set aside all of the worries of the regular world and go.

It doesn’t work that way does it?

It seemed like it was going to be a great week, the weather was Oregon spring which means wet, rain, wet, wind, wet, rain, wet, wet and wind. Perfect for turning the heat up way passed EPA guidelines and settling in for a long day of painting, sculpting, potting or crayoning.

Of course then there’s the obligations which can be set aside, the CD that’s maturing, the animals which are due for their shots, the shopping which cannot wait cause diner is looking like roast of dirty mop and maybe fricassee of last year’s rain boots.

So maybe if I clear some of the dirty work out of the way I can make time to do some ‘real’ work.

So I drag out the strong box and look up the CD which I should have written on the calendar but didn’t and now I am sure that my time to renew it is almost up and that means having to go into the bank and get the new rates and then make sure that I’m getting the best possible rate somewhere between .003 and .0067 and not for any longer than sixty-five months cause at my age I might not be alive when that sort of thing matures so I’ve got to keep the time frame in mind and now I have to get the dog fed and the cats corralled and the house shut down cause if I leave the coffee pot on and it starts a fire then I won’t have a house to live in and trying to get by without a house in rainy Oregon winter is a thing that just might make the CD rate moot so I do all of that and jump in the car by some miracle before five o’clock only to remember that today is Presidents Day and the banks are all closed.

Just when it became Presidents Day I’m not sure and there are a few, okay most of the recent ones I wouldn’t want to give a New York minute much less a whole day and they get it anyway and then the banks close and mess up my schedule and that is in my opinion a tremendous hardship and why do banks get to keep shorter hours than anyone else and maybe it because the GUYS WHO KNOW such things keep the hours short so the banks will have less time to screw us and that is probably a good thing. 

So since I can’t go to the bank on account of it being Presidents Day even though I personally wouldn’t give them more than a second or two, the cats have to go in for shots.

Now if you don’t have cats you don’t know so I will tell you that they know the minute you decide to take them to the Vet and they act accordingly. They hide.

Now you would think at least I would that a house doesn’t offer much of a place for cats to hide especially when they are fat and lazy house cats and have gotten so big that they have their own gravitational field and could not move fast or slink under anything smaller than a 1954 Packard.

I would of course be wrong; cats can find a place to hide where even dust bunnies are afraid to go. Four cats, four places to hide, if you can catch them all at the first pass or then you have to multiply it by a factor of four to the twentieth power and that means you have more places to hid than you have house for their to be places in.

Cats it seems learn really fast, they move if you don’t catch them right away and they keep moving so that the place where you looked five minutes ago might just be where they are now except that in the time it takes you to look for them there they have moved to some place else.

So it takes a lot longer to catch four cats than it would seem possible and when you get them all caught and locked safely away in cat carriers cause you can’t hold an unwilling cat in your arms unless you really truly want to add a trip to the emergency room so it takes time and when you have four cats to catch you can spend a whole day doing just the catching part of taking cats to the vet.

But we did get them caught and took and that was the first reason why there was no work on the art work the first day of the week but thank goodness a week is seven days long so there were six more days and no cats to catch and that means smooth sailing when it comes to find time to work on my own art, right?

Wong cause having been blocked from going to the bank on Monday cause it was Presidents Day which makes no sense at all giving a day off for the banks when the people of the country still have to put up with the president every day even if it is Presidents Day and so it was Tuesday before we could get to the bank and by that time the grace period on the CD had expired and then you know what happened and I can only report that in spite of all of the anger and unhappiness it caused there was no loss of life or bodily fluids and things got worked out and there was indeed happiness in Mudville, but being that you read unlike the majority of modern Americans you will now notice that day two of the week is shot all to hell and still no art work gets done.

Now I could go in to excessive detail about the next days of the week but then I wouldn’t have any space left to tell you the important parts so I won’t but you can guess that it didn’t get any easier or quicker and no time magically appeared and no art work got done and that is the point of all of this, you have to make your schedule give up time for you to work.

Sure the cats and the bank and money and the Vet all need you, but you need you too and you are the one who will get squeezed out unless you take a seriously look at your time, cause your mother told you never, ever ignore the needs of others cause that is selfish and that next to murder and adultery, which is a very a strange word seeing as how the act isn’t very adult at all and maybe it should be called unadultry, is the worst sin you can commit and if you do you will go straight to that horn pinching, tail pulling Protestant hell where they will torment you through all eternity which is a very long time even longer than waiting in the waiting room at the doctors.

So you have a problem. Do you carve out time for yourself and let everything your poor ole mother taught you go straight to hell or do you stand on your own two feet and say “I have a right to time for my own work!”

I’m thinking that I’ll be seeing all of my old pals in that nice, talking in class, doing fifty-six miles an hour, note passing, red meat eating, sedentary hell for all of us who just have to have a tiny bit of time for ourselves.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Artist Talk

Allison Hyde, whose work is currently exhibited in our Corridor and Alcove galleries, will be present to talk about her work from 11:00 - 12:30.  Join us at the Arts Center to hear what promises to be fascinating insight into Allison's unique work.
Allison Hyde is a Pacific Northwest artist, teacher, curator and gallery director who was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Oregon in 2011 and is currently showing her work at many locations across the West Coast. While investigating ideas of memory and loss, personal objects and traces of history, her work manifests itself in many forms including works on paper, sculptural installation, digital media, and painting.

South Coast Folk Society

Because of a scheduling conflict this month at Greenacres Grange, the South Coast Folk Society's monthly International Folk Dance will be held this Friday, Feb. 21, instead of the usual fourth Friday, Feb. 28. See you at 7 p.m. at Greenacres Grange! Visit for details. 

Gail Elber
South Coast Folk Society

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Body Parts

Okay, first thing business before pleasure, this morning I was walking the horrible Hound of the Mirandavilles at Charleston cause she makes too much noise to walk in a neighborhood if you want any of your neighbors to ever speak to you again which is only part of the reason cause there are neighbors who have never spoken to me and I wouldn’t want them to if they were so inclined and that is why I don’t walk the monstrous Hound in the neighborhood.

So there I was walking while the Long Sufferin’ was busy takin pictures when she yelled, “Did you lose part of your camera?” This cause immediate panic to set in I have only had the Pentax since November and I like it and wouldn’t want to lose any part of it so soon or ever if it comes down to that and there she was telling me I had carelessly lost a part of the camera so I stopped walking and started looking and let the Hound wander unsupervised until the Long Sufferin yelled “Where’s the Hound?”

Two things happened, some seagulls got rousted cause the Hound was unsupervised and upon closer inspection I discovered that I had not lost any part of the Pentax and so I was a much happier camper and could let the dire imprecations the Long Sufferin was heaping on my head cause the unsupervised hound had gone and rousted a seagull slide past without so much as a moments thought.

After the worst of the spousal abuse had waned I found that the Long Sufferin had in deed found a camera part lying around in the parking lot and I pocketed it and came home. (We had plans for the afternoon so we could not linger and there was no one in the parking lot except for the rousted seagulls and they didn’t look at all interested in photography and it was colder than a witch’s unspecified anatomical gender specific body part although I have never understood just why a witch’s would be any colder than any other and I was sort of under the impression that most folks having that sort of thing had strong opinions about just how cold they would be willing to let them get and so this is an expression I have never completely understood but it was cold.)

After going to the reception at Pacific Park Gallery where the art of Janne Lavalle, Paula Ries and Debbie Olsen was on display and very fine art it was and deserved a much longer look than I was able to give it cause there were any number of folks I had to speak with and the nice hammered dulcimer lady was there and she had brought along a penny whistle which in the hands of an expert makes wonderful music and makes you ask, quiet properly, just why is it called a penny whistle and not by a name more suited to the fantastic music it makes, I had to go home to my fuzzy slippers and the remote and take a load off and that is where I had a chance to take a second look at the part the Long Sufferin found in the parking lot.

It is a Canon body cap, PC-GF30 and they tell me after a bit of quick research on the ole Internet they sell for six bucks and I am sure that since none of the seagulls claimed it someone lost it out of their camera bag and they are looking for it and want it back and since they have a Canon camera and can affords to buy another one in no time at all but then why should they when I have it and want to give it back and I use Pentax equipment and so the Canon body cap won’t fit on any of my stuff and it will just collect dust and that’s why I am bothering you with it instead of writing about art like I am supposed to and so if you happen to know or hear or find out who lost their Canon PC-GF30 body cap at Charleston on Sunday morning instead of being in church where they should have been please ask them to give me a call or an email or a passenger pigeon.

I really would like to return this little bit of Canon equipment and hope that should I start dropping body parts some kind person would do the same for me.

And just to show you that I know what I am talking about I’m leaving you with links to the artists on display at Pacific Park Gallery and you can get a hint of what is there and then you should go tomorrow and see for yourself what you missed today and then you can wallow in the shame of having missed the opportunity to rub elbows with such talented people and maybe next time when you see that there is going to be a reception you won’t skip the chance to be recepted.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Collage Tag

Collage Tag Book Play Day
Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio
175 Second Street, Suite C, Old Town Bandon

Sunday, February 16th
1-4 pm $25/everything provided!

Susan will teach you the basics of collage: glazed and textured backgrounds, using text, cut-outs and stamps to create a one-of-a-kind pocket/tag book.
Sign up at Art by the Sea for an email reminder!
Dress for mess; acrylics will be used.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From Fur to Feathers, 5th Annual Animal Art Competition

The Schuler School of Fine Arts is proud to announce her 5th "Fur to Feathers" Animal Art Competition/Exhibition, March 29- April 6. Awards: 1st-$250, 2nd-$200, 3rd-$150, Merit Prizes, Dick Blick product award. Juror: Jennifer Heyd Wharton. Artwork must feature at least one (non-human) animal as the subject of the painting (not incidental). Oils, Acrylic, Watercolor, Drawing, and Pastel, Framed and wired for hanging, must not exceed 28"x34" (including frame). Sculpture in the round or relief should weigh 40lbs or less. Reliefs must be wall ready. Work must be for sale. Hand delivery only; we cannot manage shipping boxes. $25 for 1 entry, $30 for 2, $35 for 3. Deadline: March 17, 2014. Download prospectus (PDF format), or send a SASE to: The Schuler School of Fine Arts, 7 East Lafayette Ave., Baltimore, MD 21202. Questions? Please contact Hans Guerin at or call 410-685-3568.


 A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, TX seeks entries for an international juried photography exhibition, May 2 to June 14, 2014. $825 in awards. Juror: Fran Forman. Open to all photographers working in all mediums. $30 for first 5 images, $6 for each additional image. Deadline: March 17, 2014. Visit website for prospectus. Questions? Please contact Amanda Smith at or call 512-422-4080.

Earthly Possessions

Linus Galleries seeks entries for an online exhiibtion. Everyday we surround ourselves with various objects whether they are essential or frivolous. We as humans have the desire to consume, create and collect. For this call we want to see your artistic take on these everyday objects. Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Calls are open to all local, domestic, national and international professional and amateur artists. All art mediums will be considered: photography, sculpture, fabric, mixed media, all paintings and drawings including, oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, graphite, etc. We are now accepting video and poetry entries also. Deadline: March 17, 2014. $35 for 3 entries, $5 for additional entries. Visit website for details. Questions? Contact Linus Galleries at or 310-491-0269.

South Coast Folk Society Newsletter

On Feb. 13, local folk dancers will demonstrate dances from Scotland, Wales, and Brittany. Starting at 7:00 p.m., Liberty Pub at 2047 Sherman in downtown North Bend will be filled with live music as local band Cultural Ecology plays music from countries around the world. After the demonstration, audience members will be invited to join the fun by learning some basic dances. No admission, but donations will be accepted -- the event is a fund raiser for the South Coast Celtic Fest to be held May 3 on the SWOCC campus. For more information, contact Stacy Rose at 541.808.1002.

Saturday, Feb. 22, 7 p.m. Rainy and the Rattlesnakes is a bluegrass trio comprised of Ray Miatke and two young daughters. The girls play mandolin and fiddle; Ray plays guitar. Here are a couple of videos of them: and

Saturday, March 30, 7 p.m. TAEtrio is fiddle champion Tashina Clarridge (of the Bee Eaters), with her students Emily Mann and Amy Anders. These talented multi-instrumentalists performed their eclectic repertoire at the library last year. Want to attend a fiddle workshop with Tashina? Contact Jennifer Sordyl at 541-808-3507.

Admission to these concerts is free, but we'll pass the hat for the musicians. The North Bend Library is at at 1800 Sherman Avenue. Get there early if you want a seat.

Volunteer at the South Coast Celtic Fest May 3 and have fun! We need workshop assistants, ticket sellers, CD sellers, info booth staffers, roving volunteers, ticket takers, emcees, green room hosts, and cleaners-up. Volunteers get a free ticket to the evening concert plus other benefits. To learn more or sign up, email Tom Purvis at

Saturday, Feb. 8: Contra dance 7 p.m. at Greenacres Grange with caller Patricia Danscen from Denver. Music will be provided by fiddler/clogger Nancy Maple of Estes Park, Colo.; mandolinist/whistle player Norman Farrell of Anchorage; local fiddlers Alayne Olmstead and Jennifer Sordyl; and local guitarist Don Berg. Doors open at 6:45 p.m.  Admission:  General $7, students w/ID and seniors over 60 $6, members $5, and supervised children under 6 free.  First-timers who arrive in time for the 7PM lesson will receive a ticket for free admission to their second dance.  The dances are alcohol- and fragrance-free.  For more information call 541-572-5370 or visit or find the South Coast Folk Society on Facebook.

Sunday, Feb. 9: Second Sunday Sing-Along, 2-4 p.m., at Ocean Ridge Assisted Living, 1855 Ocean Blvd. SE, in Coos Bay. Sing songs out of our Rise Up Singing songbooks, or teach us a new one. Bring an instrument and play along! Leave early and go to that workshop!

Monday, Feb. 17: Coos Bay Celtic session 7-9 p.m. first and third Mondays, at Liberty Pub, 2047 Sherman Ave., North Bend. Bring an acoustic instrument and sit in, or just listen.

Friday, Feb. 28: International folk dance, 7 p.m., Greenacres Grange. Teaching, followed by requests. Admission is $4, or $3 for members of SCFS. Is there a specific dance you’d like to learn? It’s great fun having a variety of people share in the teaching – is there a specific dance you’d like to teach? To sign up to teach your favorite dance, call Scott Knowles at 541-217-9027

- All acoustic musicians and listeners are welcome to the monthly First Friday Jam at 7 p.m. at the Farwest Hall on Hwy 42S in Bandon. It typically features a mix of old-time, bluegrass, and Celtic tunes.
- Irish session at Lloyd's at 219 2nd St. SE in Bandon, 5 p.m. first and third Fridays. Find "The Local Session" on Facebook.
- Rhythm Village African Drum and Dance Ensemble welcomes all comers at 5:30 p.m. Mondays in the basement of the First United Methodist Church in Coos Bay, 123 Ocean Blvd SE. Find them on Facebook.
- Oregon Old-Time Fiddlers, District 5 — Third Saturday of month: 1-3 p.m. with jam afterward, Winchester Bay Community Center. 541-759-3419
Flyers for events are attached. Print some out and hang 'em up wherever you go! As always, visit for more information about our organization and our events.
Gail Elber

NVAL Deadline

NVAL 2014 
International Juried
Photography Show
April 29 - May 31, 2014
Carter House Gallery, Redding, CA 96003

Just a quick reminder.  The Entry Deadline is less than a month off  -- Monday, March 10!

Photography:  The Full Spectrum
This show is open to all photographers and all forms of photographic expression are encouraged.   Images previously accepted into a NVAL International Juried Photography Show are not eligible. 

TOTAL AWARDS:  $3650 -  First Place $1500

ENTRY:  Open Now
Entry deadline:   Monday, March 10, 2014, 11:59 pm PDT
All entries will be online. 
You may enter as many images as you wish.
Entry Fees -- $33 to enter three images, $8 each additional
We are pleased to announce our new Printing/Framing Program that offers several framing options allowing for SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS on exhibiting For details see the link in the Prospectus under PRINTING/FRAMING REQUIREMENTS.

JUROR:   Crista Dix,  owner of WALL-SPACE GALLERY
in Santa Barbara (  She has been a member of numerous panels, discussions on photography and photographic process, and juried many creative competitions.  She has participated in major portfolio reviews across the country in Houston, Portland, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Chicago and New Orleans.
FOR FURTHER DETAILS and to ENTER Go to and select Photography Shows.  The entry link is at the bottom of the Prospectus.

QUESTIONS:  Contact show chairmen, Bernie & Charlotte Bryson 
Email:,   Phone:  530-221-1993 
The North Valley Art League is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the visual arts in the northern California region.  Your entry fees cover prize money and show expenses.  Any remaining monies will help fund the operating expenses of the NVAL Carter House Gallery. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blues and Greens Redux

What you think I would issue a challenge and not put up my own work? Not a chance, I don't duck the bullets. Even the leftovers from last year can make for a perfect canvas if you are willing to see.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Blues (and Greens)

It’s finally done and the Seahawks walked away with a win. Now there is just one problem…what in the hell do you do with all of the blue and green paint and how can you possibly get to Monday now that football season is over

Well, there’s hockey and with the Olympics starting tonight everyone will be playing so you could tune in to that. (Hint offside is not a five yard penalty.)

Or there’s real football, futbol. You know the way they do it in Europe? They kick the ball around and never touch it with their hands except for Throw-ins and then they have lots of rules.

You could always watch curling which is more of a chess match on ice but even though they don’t do a lot of moving around they can make it pretty exciting…

Okay, so none of that really works as a substitute for football. But you’ve got to do something, even the pre-season is seven months away.

You could go to the movies, George Clooney’s Monuments Men promises to be wonderful for anyone who loves the Arts. When five guys cam buck the whole US Army and save 80% of Europe’s art treasures that’s what real super heroes do!

Of course that’s just one afternoon or do you still drive at night?

Okay maybe waiting for the DVD is a better idea, no loss of life in the county, no expensive auto repairs and no costly hospital stays. But that still leaves seven months and nothing to do.

But you have all of that blue and green paint, (you don’t have blue and gold do you? Of course you don’t and wouldn’t admit it if you did.) Why not try using it to make new and different art?

Now there are those among us, (Not actually us as in me cause I don’t work at this level, but you guys do so we’ll let the editorial us stand and just move on how ‘bout?) who use blue and green predominantly in their art all of the time, so why not try out their palette?

There are lots of things you can do in blue and green which are not Seahawk logos. There are all sorts of landscapes, plants and sea scenes. You could do that but you are an artist and don’t want to do just any old art, you want to create something wonderful.

Okay, here’s a thought, so many of the scenes of Native Americans use bright oranges, tans, yellows burnt umber and sienna, but do they have to? Could it be that a Native American might venture somewhere away from the deserts and the plains of the center of the country?

No how silly of me, you and I know very well that we white guys were the first and only people who ever laid foot on the Pacific coast. We weren’t? Musta cut class that day.

So if there were Native Americans living in and around all of the water and foliage here in the vast Pacific coast then how come they only get yellows, tans and burnt umber? (Okay, maybe not every artist who paints Native American themes uses burnt umber, but that’s the correct color for the Longhorns and I like saying it just to show that I haven’t forgotten Saint Darrell and the Wonderful Wishbone T.)

Surely there are scenes and themes which can benefit from some green and blue hues.

Now here I go again, harking back to the dawn of time when I started taking pictures and when cameras used film and didn’t not have charged coupled devices or CMOS sensors and the colors you got depended on the film you used and I used a whole bunch of film so that I could understand what sort was best for the particular image I was creating.

And one of the best was Ektachrone which only saw in blue and green and National Geographic went to town with it cause in a jungle if you dropped it down a stop or two the blues and greens would just blast your eyes out and that is how National Geographic got so famous for fantastic color photographs.

And if they can do it using a film with a strong green and blue color bias then why not you using up some of that leftover Seahawk paint?

Nothing will make the season start any sooner and as long as you are at the mercy of the calendar, say that’s an idea, make a bunch of blue and green images and have a Seahawk color calendar ready for both the next season on the gridiron and for the Christmas holidays which usually follow the football season pretty closely so that the NFL a can cash in on all of that seasonal buying.

Get out there and do some bicolor paintings or be a real artist and do mono-color and see if you can do it better than Picasso who had a whole “Blue Period” and maybe a hundred year from now people will be talking about your “Blue Period’ and if nothing else you will use up all of that leftover Seahawk paint so that if the Twelfth Man has nothing to do next year, what am I thinking that would never happen but they might change the tint of the Hawk’s colors and then you’d have to go out and buy new paint anyway so why not use up all of this years and be ready for the start of the new season?

You can always catch up on episodes of Hostages. Oh wait that’s all ready been cancelled, you better just start painting.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Now Showing at Pacific Park Gallery

“Visions” by Debbie Olson, Waldport
experimental water media on masa papers

Photography by Paula Reis, Coquille
macro floral photography

Drawings by Janne LaValle, Lakeside
plein air graphite drawings and encaustic paintings

Artists Reception
2-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 16

Pacific Park Gallery
1957 Thompson Rd., Coos Bay
inside Pacific Coast Medical Park

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Upcoming Classes

Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio, LLC
Class Schedule - 2014
In the Continuum Building , Old Town Bandon
Thurs.  Feb. 13 - Unique Valentine Card Making Day with Joanne Drapkin  1-3  $14
Sun.  Feb.  16 - Collage Tag Book Play Day with Susan Lehman  1-4  $25
Tues.  Feb. 18 - Acrylic Workshop with Paul Kingsbury   11-4:30  $40
Weds.  Feb. 19 -  Charcoal Play Day with Karen Stillwagon  12:30-3:30  $17
Sat.  Feb. 22 -  Doodle Art Play Day with Kathleen Morey Bailey  1-4  $17
Weds.  Feb. 26  - Pastel Pencil Class with Karen Stillwagon  12:30-3:30  $25
Thurs.  Feb. 27 - Serendipity Abstract Prints with Permanent Pigments with Jean Stephenson  1-4  $25
Contact the Gallery at 541-347-5355 for more information.  Most classes have a materials list of what to bring with you.
*Sign up at the Gallery with a $5 deposit (part of the class fee) to hold your spot.  Balance is due at the time of the class.  (Deposit not required on Play Days.)  Classes fill up quickly, so this guarantees your place in the class!
*If interested in the “Drop-In” Play Day Classes, you may leave your name and email address at the gallery to be emailed with a reminder.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I’m an anti-social, cave-dwelling dinosaur. I don’t do social media and I don’t understand why any adult person would.

Now I am not anti-personal interaction. I just think if it is important enough to need saying it should be said in person. I’m not even such a great fan of telephones. They are intrusive, annoying and poor tools for conveying information or personal tidings.

I never found anything I wanted to say in 144 characters. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you know it is hard for me to stop at 144 paragraphs.

I am not at all opposed to staying in touch I just think that if you really want to contact a person, Skype is a better method for internet communication than twitting. Okay maybe it’s twittering.

Now none of this makes one bit of difference in the BIG scheme of things until you try to comment on something, enter a contest, respond to a news event or just voice an opinion.

Then you discover that you cannot do it because you don’t have a Flitter account.

Now you know what I think of our US Women’s Soccer team and all that they have accomplished and all that they will accomplish and look the hell out Canada cause Captain America is coming and no one will stand between her and the World Cup!

And I happen to think that in addition to being the number one most engaging personality in sports today and the best damned flanker in this or any other league and the bravest mite who had the courage to come out and then go into the jaws of anti-gay Russia and who has the very best hair in all of soccer, Megan Rapinoe is just THE BOMB.

I’d like to tell her just how proud this old, white guy is of her and all that she has done and will do and support her in her brave effort and send her the very best wishes for the upcoming World Cup, but I can’t. I don’t have a Twitter account.

I’d like to enter a coupla contests and when I tried I found the same thing, no Twitter, no entry.

I did by the way have the best entry:

“No matter what you say it was not love at first sight!”

Okay so maybe you needed the visual but I can’t show you cause…I don’t have a Twitter account.

Now the Long Sufferin did have a Facebook account way back around the time Window 3.1 came out. But the load of SPAM we got was just horrifying. Yes, I know there are people who get a coupla hundred email a day and then get SPAM but I am a hermit coach and when I get fifteen email in my inbox I panic. (I suppose I should consult The Dreaded Grammarian about how to pluralize email. Is it emails which looks and sounds horrible but then so does grow when what the person means is expand or enlarge, or is it the nicer sounding and Latinized email as in octopi which they are a lot like and the only real difference is if you have fifteen octopi in your inbox you have another whole different kind of problem which probably is best left to the Coast Guard.)

Now there is nothing wrong with twatting or bookfacing or Linkining if that is what you enjoy doing, Lord knows there are people who buy Lexus and believe they are getting a luxury car when all they are getting is a Toyota with changed name plates but if spending an extra twenty-five thousand to buy the same thing the neighbor next door has in the plain wrapper you should go ahead. (People who but Lamborghinis thinking they are getting a high-speed sports car are just to be pitied and best not say anything further.)

But when exercising your right not to be a lemming, no matter how good that cliff by the sea looks and there are plenty of days when it looks really, really good is a reason to be excluded that is just too much.

You know I have railed against camera makers who think that an eleven hundred dollar camera is an entry level item and you know I think that failing to husband your resources is not only a crime but will eventually cause a serious rupture in your ability to create, but I am here to tell you that not wanting to Twit or Face or Link is not a crime and should not be punishable by exile to the technological leper colony.

Sure since most of the folks like to Twat or Book or In they should and I hope that they find it rewarding and get to enjoy it on a regular basis. I suspect that all that online socializing is not going to be helpful in establishing good work habits but then we all ready knew I was a dinosaur so this should come as no big shock. But I think excluding the people who don’t find it enjoyable, fun or engaging is spiteful and petty. And it eliminates a whole section of the population that might just become your fan, if only they could get in touch, vote, see or read what you have to say.

I won’t stop urging the Capt’n on to victory and I won’t stop favoring the Megan Mighty-Mite and I won’t stop entering everything I can find a way to enter. It will just be harder and maybe some places won’t have the pleasure of my work.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Celtic Fest Fund raiser

South Coast Folk Society
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Feb 1 at 10:53 AM
On Feb 13, local folk dancers will demonstrate dances from Scotland, Wales, Brittany. Starting at 7:00 pm, Liberty Pub at 2047 Sherman in downtown North Bend will be filled with live music as local band Cultural Ecology plays music from countries around the world. After the demonstration, audience members will be invited to join the fun by learning some basic dances. No admission, but donations will be accepted -- the event is a fund raiser for the South Coast Celtic Fest to be held May 3 on the SWOCC campus. For more information, contact Stacy Rose at 541.808.1002.

Thanks for helping us spread the word!