Wednesday, January 30, 2013

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Yourself

What are you doing right now?

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest? Are the birds angry, the wars raging, the football/basketball/soccer/hockey games tied? Are you making the best use of your time?

Along with respecting the time of others, the artist has to respect their own time.

That means not wasting hours playing Internet games, twitting, facebooking or pintresting. You can’t spend all day watching television, working in the garden or talking on the phone. You only have so much time and if it isn’t being spent on your art are you really respecting yourself.

Now I know how tempting friends can be, I actually still have a few and they are generous enough to respect my own personality quirks and in return I honor theirs. They know for instance that I do not like phones at all. Oh sure I have one, when the car dies or the spouse is out late of the kids in trouble the comfort of having a phone in my hot, little hand is the next best thing to a direct line to the heavens.

You know, I am so old I can remember when you had to look for a pay phone if you were out and wanted to make a call. I had a pager.

If you have yet to give up Christina, Brittany and Nikki and move on to adult music or if you still think reality television has something to do with reality then this may surprise you, but there was a time when phones were housebound. You had to find one anchored to the ground if you wanted to make a call.

Even after they became mobile they were huge, hefty thing that only a “Real” man could use. It took Hulk Hogan and Lou Ferrigno to lift one of the old Motorola handsets. I had one and with a bit of luck and on a good day the battery would last all the way through a fifteen minute call!

But even though I think mobile phones are he best safety device ever invented and now that I have one, thankfully one I can slip into  shirt pocket, I wouldn’t leave home without it, but my phone is set to make phone calls only. Yes, I know I am contributing to the slow recovery from the Republican recession, but that’s just the way it is, I make phone calls on it and few of them.

You see calling on the phone keeps me from doing anything else about my art. I love talking to you guys about your projects and finding out what everyone is doing and how creative you are and what wonders you’ve come up with that never would have occurred to me, but at the same time I have to remember that the time can’t be recovered. So I use my phone for the really important thing, talking to you. I don’t play games, download Internet files, take pictures or twit.

Okay, I am a photographic snob and wouldn’t use a phone camera if I saw a unicorn. And in fairness if you have been following this Blog you know that I can barely saw things in a page and a half and in less than 114 characters that’s not even a grocery list.

In fact all social media baffles me. I don’t get it. If I wanted to connect with my pals I would. Twittalk or Facetime doesn’t mean a thing to me so I can’t claim the moral high ground cause I’m not tempted. (As you grow older you’ll find that lack of temptation is one of the perks of aging. That’s why advertisers hate people who have grown up.)

So I don’t waste my precious time doing social media.

What about errands?

When you have to go out do you find all sorts of things you need to do and stops you need to make and you wind up spending the whole day out and not getting back to the ole rancho until there’s just enough time to whip up a batch of mastodon helper so that the knuckle dragger won’t starve when he walks through the door.

Sure I love Books By The Bay and the devil masquerading as a coffee shop where you can find exotic goodies not on my or any other diabetic meal plan and coffees and teas with meat on their bones and books, books, books, was there ever anything so wonderful as a book?

No, an E-reader is not the same. Try reading one when the battery dies or if you decide that today is a Janet Evanovich day and not a Jim Butcher day. And how can you get the same excitement when you don’t have to turn the page?

But books will steal your soul if you let them. And their little friends magazines will too. Yes, I do have about four subscriptions to magazines which take much too much time away from what I ought to be doing and that is where I get lured away by the siren of the word. So watch out for the Lorelei whatever she decides to appear as.

The problem is really simple; you must make your art the top priority.  And no it ain’t easy to do and once you’ve done it you have to keep the faith and not backslide cause there just are not any tent revivals for disciplinary sinners.

Take the pledge, make a vow and do the right thing.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Have you ever noticed how much more valuable doctor’s time is than yours?

It’s true, you have an appointment scheduled for 10 A.M. and you’ll get to see the doctor by noon. Need a quick appointment? Be ready for dawn patrol, cause you’ll wind up going in at Seven A.M.

Schedule a test and at the last minute it will be canceled because the doctor forgot to send the correct paperwork along, if the doctor will trust a mere patient with the precious documents.

What possible distress could an appointment at Eight A. M. cause a person who is all ready sick? Or need a test which requires fasting? You’ll get it scheduled at two o’clock. Of course the technician may have trouble hearing over the rumbling of your empty stomach.

What about the location? You can bet that if there is a way to do the job locally you won’t have a pray of having the doctor agree, no, it’s off to Calcutta or Bangladesh or Poughkeepsie. And that’s if you are only sick as a dog. The thing which makes the Croakers the happiest is if you are so sick that they can ship you off in an ambulance without having to listen to you whine about the expense. It’s only money. The only guy who thinks there is such a thing as “Only money’ is someone who has more than they know what to do with.

So what do you care? You are an artist and avoid Quacks like the plague. Smart artist, but there comes a time when you just have to and then you’ll think about the ole Trawler and wonder why you didn’t pay more attention.

What? You are young and healthy and take unborn vampire’s sweat capsules so it won’t have an adverse effect when it gets to your stomach and meets up with the Garlique you took this morning and you know that you will never have to deal with the Croaker again.

Because you don’t ever want to treat your clients, the gallery guys or the shows masters like you get treated by the doctor!

Your time is extremely valuable. It is the single most precious thing that an artist has. It is more important than talent, training or practice. Time is the one thing you will never have enough of and cannot plan to use too wisely nor husband too carefully. And the same thing is true of the people you depend on to appreciate your efforts.

Those nice tourists folks are on a tight schedule, flitting from one coastal town to another and if you do not treat then with the respect that their time deserves you can bet those clever folks in Bandon or Brookings or Newport will.

That’s right if you don’t treat people with the respect they deserve they will drive on down the road to where there are people just dying to give all their own time to making these nice touristy folks feel like a million dollars and maybe extracting some of their vacation money so that those clever artists can buy supplies and do the same thing again tomorrow.

Do you keep your appointments like a professional? I don’t care if you have never sold a painting or if you sell so often that you have no back stock, every appointment, be it gallery owner, reporter, museum director is a gift and you should give it the all of the care and devotion you would if they came with cash in hand.

There is simply no excuse for missing an appointment and precious few for being late. The time of the people you waste is every bit as valuable to them as your time is to you. Don’t squander their resources with your own rudeness.

Do your read the prospectus when you enter a show? Read it from cover to cover or do you just flip through to see what they accept and how much prize money is being offered? Do you read, really read all of the submission requirements and pay attention?

Every artist should required to host a show. The amount of work that goes into getting a show mounted is much like getting the Children of Israel out of Egypt, you have to part the waters of the Red sea and that’s just the first act.

The administrative effort of getting all of those entries opened, reviewed, check and prepared so that the jury can come in and make its selection is staggering.

And when you fail to properly follow the rules set out in the prospectus you add to that effort geometrically. If every one of three hundred artists fails to do just one thing then the show sponsors start with three hundred extra problems in addition to all of the other things that they have to do to get your art on the walls. If half of the submitting artists make two errors, you get the picture, don’t be the problem, there are plenty of problems to be had by anyone silly enough to put on an art show and they just don’t need your creative efforts.

I know you are the sort of person who wants to get it right. You do not want to make a name for yourself by being someone who makes such a mess of things that you get whispered about at every show, gallery and meeting for the next calendar year.

Croakers can afford to be indifferent, insensitive and downright rude, cause you can’t walk out when you are in the hospital. Patrons of the Arts can do that very thing and they will unless you make them feel like they have not only found the greatest art in the world but it is a privilege to pay for it and display it and that they are not only getting Fine Art but they are doing business with a personal friend.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Have you noticed how many awards programs there are?

It seems that everyone including the sanitation workers union has an award show.

I wonder why?

Because everyone loves awards. There’s that moment when your name gets called and you walk down the isle and they hand you that award and for that one second of time you are the head Magalia.

So why is it that art hasn’t caught on? The amount of money awarded for a win in any of the juried shows isn’t enough to cover the cost of the supplies you invested in getting it, not enough to cover the payment on your Mercedes, not even enough to p[ay for a top flight dinner for you and the Long Sufferin’ and a coupla friends.

You carefully add the latest triumph on the juried art scene to your resume, but beyond that there is no lasting proof that you ever did more than just type a line or two on a sheet of paper.

The sad part is in many of the unjuried shows, the award recipients receive a ribbon which is more than they would for walking away with top honors in one of the more prestigious shows. Why do we not give out awards?

And the awards themselves, they come from the local trophy shop without so much as a thought about what they should look like. And of course that is what they look like, something from the local trophy shop that someone picked up at the last minute.

If we are artists, honoring our own with recognition of their hard work why don’t they get the best we can offer? Where is the design, the creative spark, the passion expressed in a solid form, something that the artist can enjoy and pass on to their family as a cherished laurel?

You can’t do that with a small check and a handshake.
I just got the Call to Artist for Expressions West, which is ironic, I’m a photographer and don’t paint and am thus not eligible for Expressions West and with the Croaker hard on my heels I probably won’t be able to enter anything for a while anyway, but after looking at the prospectus I wondered how many former winners even remember when they won and for what?
If there was a special, artist designed award tailored exclusively for Expressions West wouldn’t the victory be even sweeter? Something which shouts I won this because on that day a jury of specially selected artists thought my work was the best.

That’s a win worth having and if in the process of doing this awarding and trophy designing and creative thinking the prize money has to be reduced or eliminated, would that be such a bad thing?

Years ago I learned a very valuable lesson. I was running a Murder Mystery Company traveling about doing show on location and as part of the event a fifty dollar cash prize was the carrot for solving the mystery. They also received a trophy, standard winged Nike-like nekkid lady, a Sleuthie. The not so correct folks got T-shirts and the really wrong got certificates of dishonorable mention. And after every show, the winners walked directly over to the T-shirt winners and offered their fifty dollars for that louse T-shirt even though the shirts could be bought in the lobby. It seems that being a part of the award was the ticket.

They never offered to trade the cheap plastic trophy, oh no, they won that and by God that was going up on the mantle right next to the Good Citizenship medal from Harper’s Ferry Middle School and the track second prize way back in the misty days of college. It was an award and there’s no way it was going anywhere but home.

Maybe artists are too lofty, too aesthetic, too artistic to care about something so banal. Maybe…

Friday, January 25, 2013

Art Happenings By Ava Richey

Art Information follows this announcement.  If any of you have art show
information, or other art events to post in this newsletter, please send it to


 This coming Monday, January 28, 2013 the Bandon Monday Plein Air Painters will meet at the Coquille Valley Art Center at 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

It is located at 10144 Hwy 42, southwest of Coquille, just past Coquille Supply on the right. 

If the weather is nice we can paint out; otherwise they have tables and easels to set up to paint a still life or paint the view from the windows.

See you there.

My phone number is 541-297-6118 if you have questions.

Section 1 –Plein Air Announcement and editor comments
Section 2—Ads and Artists’ Accomplishments and Announcements
Section 3—Dateline (Calendar) Events
Section 4—Current Shows by City
Section 5—Current Classes by City
Section 6—Calls to Artists

FYI:  New listings have asterisks ***** next to the date.

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Resealable Polypropylene Bags
(1.5 mil, qty. 100 in a pckg)   Only 4 packages (100 each) left!  $4 per 100
4 3/8" x 5 3/4"  This size works well for postcards, photos. & mounted ATCs.
Contact Stephanie at (541) 404.9511 or
Art by the Sea Studio and Gallery, in the Continuum Building/Old Town Bandon. 
Open Wednesdays through Sundays, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.  541-347-5355 
We have wall art, prints, cards, jewelry, pottery and more—local South Coast artists.
Come in and check it out!!  We have a variety of art classes scheduled---see listing below in the classes section.

We want to honor the achievements of all you artists, so don't be shy about sending the highlights of your art lives, or those of your friends.

Congratulations to Donna Cox of Bandon who is a finalist in the Infinite Art Gallery “Winter Expo 2012” show.  Bev Soasey was the juror.  Donna’s entry titled “Headache Blues” can be seen along with the rest of the finalists’ work at  and click on Gallery.
Congratulations to Tod and Jeanne (J.M.) Steele.  Each is a wonderful artist and now they are collaborating on paintings as Steele & Steele.  They recently had two pieces, “Belshazar” and “Sovereign of the Sage” juried into the Annual 2013 Empire 100 Western Art Show and Sale in Tuscon , AZ.  To see the show go to
Their individual work and collaborations can also be seen at Second Street Gallery in Old Town Bandon.

Congratulations to J.M. Steele who has 6 painting in the “Bold New West” Show at Abend Gallery in Denver, CO., keeping company with some other excellent artists in the exhibition.  To see the show go to and click on the cover painting, which is her’s, “Waiting to Ride”.

******Friday, January 25, 2013      6 p.m.
Community Art Gallery at Oregon Bay Properties LLC. 541-290-0889
1992 Sherman Ave., North Bend
Poetry by the Bay for poets and friends.  Hosts Herb Yussim and Thomas Brinson will present “Poemoirs” (memoirs in prose poems), followed by Open Mic.  Continues last Friday evening of each month.
****Saturday, January 26, 2013  6 p.m.
The Barn, City Park 1200 11th ST. SW.
Bite of Bandon—Local eatery samples, live and silent auction, benefits Bandon Community Youth Center .
*****Saturday & Sunday, January 26 & 27, 2013  10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Florence Events Center, 715 Quince St. , Florence , OR
Winter Folk Festival, admission to juried art show and vendors free. Tickets for sale for musical events.
*****Sunday, January 27, 2013    1 – 4 :00 p.m.
Roaring Sea Arts Open House, Port Orford 
Art, music, pot-luck snacks.  For more info call Donna at 541-332-4444 or Suzanne at 541-332-0540.
*****Thursday, January 31, 2013  10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Gold Beach Episcopal Church  Easternmost end of Moore Street .
Figure Drawing.  To confirm & for more information contact Alexandra


Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio, 175 2nd Street , Old Town Bandon, In the Continuum Center  541-347-5355

The new show is up and will run through January 2013. 
We welcome four new artists to the gallery:  Susan Dimock—photographer; Valorie Meeuwsen—potter; Linda Mecum—painter; and Paula Reis—photographer

We now have 17 local artists showing and selling their work here:
Kathleen Morey Bailey, Susan Dimock, Joanne Drapkin, Rosemary Franyi, Robert Graham, Robin Hanna, Sharon Jensen, Susan Lehman, Valorie Meeuwsen, Linda Mecum, Paula Reis, Ava Richey, Sandy Schroeder, Jean Stephenson, Shawn Tempesta, Arlene Tinsley, Connie Zane.  Signage and promotional design work by Robert Graham/Robert Graham Graphics
Art 101/ Washed Ashore    The Purple Yurt, 5 miles south of Bandon on Hwy 101, 541-250-1140  or
Artwork by Angela Pozzi and others…
Bandon Coffee Cafe, Old Town Bandon
Serving/cutting boards by Pete Bauer, photographs by
Bandon Public Library  
January— Eugene artist Ronald P. Bush whose artwork will be featured in the hallway gallery and glass cases.  Photography, prints, portraiture and more.
---------------------------------HarborTown Events Center  Old Town Bandon
Features Creatures made from plastic debris found on the beaches.  The new home of Washed Ashore Project!
Inner Garden  230 2nd St, Old Town  Bandon
Artwork by various artists.
Sage Place, 11th & Elmira , Bandon  541-329-0303
Second Street Gallery, 210 2nd Street , Old Town Bandon   541-347-4133 or e-mail at
Features fabulous art by Local and Northwest Artists and beyond.
Soaring Seal Gallery, 1295 Oregon Ave. SW , Hwy 101, Bandon (across the street north from Union 76 gas station).  541-329-0551 Open weekends and by appointment.
 “Wild Love” show runs through Feb. 14th.
Spirit of Oregon, 112 2nd St ,.SE, Old Town  541-347-4311
Paintings by Richard Herr, Photographs by Gaia and Pottery by Donna Henderson.
Two Loons Café in the Baltimore Center , 11th & Baltimore, Bandon
Photography by Gaia
Southern Coos Hospital & Health Care   Bandon
January 13th through March show is “Trees!” includes paintings from the Bandon Monday Plein Air Painting Group, and entries from the community at large.  It will be a fine collection of Trees!
Whiskey Run Jewelry in the
Continuum Center , Old Town
Artwork by Courtney Gaspar


Whistling Gallery---Is Now Closed87456 Ste. A, Whistling Drive, Bandon
Vickie continues to coordinate the showing of artists’ work at Billy Smoothboar's, Bandon Executive Suites and other venues.  For those artists interested in showing their work, contact Vickie.
541-404-7336, or

Brian Scott Gallery, 515 Chetco Ave , Brookings 541-412-8687
Shawnie Wells, Pete Chasar, Loarraine Filippone, Kathleen Kresa, Christina Ohlsen, Horst Wolf, Elio Camacho, Randall Tillery, Dale Wells, Donna Goss, Manuel Lopez, Nancy Tuttle, Jewell Johnson, Jane Opiat, Dan Sawyer, Craig Barnes. 
Chetco Community Library, Brookings   

Manley Art Center  433 Oak Street , Brookings , OR   541-469-1807
Link to the calendar:

Signatures Gallery, 515 Chetco Avenue , BrookingsOR    541-469-1085 or

Jan Kunz (watercolors), Sandy Bonney (pastels), Drew Struzan (Limited Editions), Albert Handell (pastels), Frank Gustafson (oils) and Royal Canadian Artist Duncan Regher (mixed media).
Wright’s Custom Framing and Art Supplies, 810 Chetco Ave. , BrookingsMore than 50 students from Sara Broderick’s classes at  College of the Redwoods Del Norte, Southwestern Oregon Community College Curry Campus as well as art workshop participants will be featured. Also on display are the works of  Barbara Edmiston (watercolor); Warren Dowler, Vi Burton, Bill Harper and Steve Tadin (photos); Mike Tompkins and Gary Vickerman (woodwork); Gwen Childs (ceramics); Len Burton and Bonnie Loewen (prints); Dale Wells and Sara Broderick (watercolors and mixed media); Sharon Guinn and Gordon Marsters (acrylics), Wayne Bricco (pen and ink); and Jane Opiat (scarves), Christina Olsen (glass works).


Charleytown Marketplace, 91152 Cape Arago Hwy. , Charleston , OR  97420  541-888-0146
Artwork by a variety of artists including Nancy Barry with original watercolors, prints, cards, tiles, boxes and calendars.
High Tide Cafe, Charleston
Featured Artists for January are Andrea Trail, Jean Boynton, Mike Holm, and Hope Sessums with paintings and photography.
New Winter Hours: Open 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays
South Slough Interpretive Center , Charleston -- in the William Q. Wick 
Auditorium   541-888-5558   61907 Seven Devils Rd. , Charleston  Hours 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Coos Bay

Black Market Gourmet,  495 Central Ave , Coos Bay . Open Tuesday - Friday,
11 a.m. - 6 p.m.  541-269-0194
“Foundations of Perspective”, a combined showing: The Art of Gan Martin & Ferne Martin
Coos Art Museum  235 Anderson Ave. Coos Bay    541-267-3901

*****February 8 – March 9  VISION 2013— Annual High School Art Exhibition.

Claire Wehrle Community Gallery: The Lighthouse School, and Nancy Devereaux Center artwork  Shows run through February 2, 2013
Mabel Hansen and Uno E. Richter Atrium Gallery: Fine Art Prints from the Permanent Collection  Show runs through February 2, 2013.

CAM Lobby:  BAAA Artist of the Month  
January featured artist is Duffy Stender.
Coos Bay Library  525 West Anderson, Coos Bay
December:  Walls    Richard Herr -- Paintings
                    Lobby Cases:  Gene Kharns—Models: sleigh, steam engine, wagon
Eden Hall on SOCC Campus
Evergreen Court,
Baycrest Village , 451 O'Connell St. , North Bend , OR
Gallery on the Bay, 658 South Empire Blvd. (
Cape Arago Hwy ) Coos Bay 
541-888-3771  Open by Appointment anytime.


Coquille Valley Art Center   10144 Hwy 42, Coquille 541-396-3294
Permanent Collection and Members Artwork.   
  ------------------------------------------------------Coquille Valley Hospital, 940 E. 5th Street , Coquille , OR
Old City Hall--  99 E.
Second Street , Corner of Second & Adams, Coquille
"Impressions of Old City Hall
Contact Nella Abbott at 541-824-0779 for information.
U.S. Bank--CoquilleWorks by Joanne Drapkin; Victoria Tierney's paintings of Coos County Parks
for the 30 Parks by 30 Artists Show; selected works from "TIME" - A
Statewide Traveling Show of Oregon Prison Art.

Backstreet Gallery
1421 Bay Street, Florence
Florence Events Center
715 Quince Street , Florence   Call for more info at 541-997-1994
"Of Earth & Sky" - A Solo Exhibit Filled with Charismatic Creatures and Luminescent Landscapes
S L Donaldson
January 3 - 31, 2013
Gallery One, Florence Events Center
For more info: (541) 404-9511 or
River Gallery  1335 Bay Street , Florence , OR 541-902-2505
Siuslaw Library, 1460 9th Street, Florence , OR  541-997-3132
  Lobby:  Pacific Shores Community of Artisans
  Inside:  Mary Kellis (Watercolor Society of Oregon artist)
  Cases:  Jan Walters  Whimsical Wood Carvings
 ----------------------------------------------Gold Beach

Biscuit Coffeehouse & Art Gallery  29707 Ellensberg Ave. (Hwy 101), Gold Beach
A variety of artists.


Langlois Public Library  48234 Hwy 101, Langlois , OR 97450
Hours: Mon.
11a.m.-2 p.m., Tues-Fri. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Features art by Donna Vander Zanden and continues showing watercolors and collages of Connie Zane.  .
Raincoast Gallery  LangloisFeaturing work of many local artists.
Gallery is open
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily except Tuesdays.


COVAS: Coastal Oregon Visual Artists Showcase Gallery
Located in the Visual Arts Center , 777 NW Beach Drive , Newport  541-265-6540
Tuesday – Saturday  12 – 4 p.m.
This gallery rotates monthly shows for artists from Oregon Coastal Communities.
Jan.4 – 26th  Clatsop County Artist Darren Orange presents “AnteSeedent”, paintings and photo based aluminum prints.   

The Visual Arts Center also houses the Runyon Gallery and the Upstairs Gallery.
Jan. 4 – 27th  Runyon Gallery features “Coastal Concinnities”, current work by Yachats Arts Guild.    

Upstairs Gallery features ”Sweet Grief”, Paintings by Senitila McKinley with Poetry by Drew Myron.   


North Bend

Crystal Dolphin Gallery1901 Sherman Ave, North Bend ,  541-756-1989  

Easy Lane Frames & Select Gallery3440 Broadway,
North Bend , 541-756-7638
December-January Show features “Little Gems” a variety of artists showing miniature paintings.
Gallery by the Bay   2100 Union Ave, North Bend 541-266-8727
Gallery is Closed-- no longer in operation.
North Bend Library, 1800 Sherman Ave, N. Bend .  Conference Room    541-756-0400  Mon.-Wed.
11 a.m. - 8 p.m.; Thu-Fri. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sat. 12 - 5 p.m.
Conference Room:  Kathy McKean and Gail Merrikin featuring thematic windows, children’s quilts and samples of quilting arts.
 ---------------------------------------Oregon Bay Properties, 1992 Sherman Ave, North Bend   Located in the Hotel North Bend   
Artists with new work featured are Clayton Redwood, Paulette Landers, Jerry Baron, Michael Ousley, Yvonne Ousley, Sarita Southgate and S L Donaldson, and others.  Friday night Jan. 25th , “Poetry by the Bay” 6 p.m., “Poemoirs” followed by Open Mic.  Continues the last Friday of each month.
 Pony Village Mall  1611 Virginia St, North Bend:

Artist Loft  756-4088
Guest artist: Joy Bradford’s watercolors, mixed media and acrylic paintings.
Featured member artist: Hester Solseng, new jewelry presentation.

East Wing Art Wall (by JoAnn's)  
Acrylic and Oil paintings by Shirley Sargeant  

Sterling Savings Bank.
Liz Coke paintings  Nov. 16th through Jan. 15th.
Don Sanne’ w/c prints  Jan. 16 through April 15.

Harry Ritchie's Jewelers,
Ste. 162 , East Wing 541-756-5413
January:  Featured artist will be Michael W. Ousley with acrylic paintings.

Heritage Textile Arts Guild  Ste. 20, upstairs, Pony Village Mall
ArtWalk: demonstrations on the main floor mall: demonstrations on spinning wheel and handlooms.  Hand-woven items for sale.

Turner Art Studio & Gallery, Ste 128 , 541-396-5373, west side, main floor.   
Gallery hours are Monday, 4 - 9:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 1 - 7:00 p.m.
Now featuring Don McMichael’s prints of his undersea paintings
Currently showing: “Family Affair and Friends”, oils by April Geiger, pen & inks by Jeremy Geiger; encaustic by Nancy Natal; photography by Daniele Rose, James Cook and Shannon Haight; oil paintings by Franklin and Carol Turner.
Your Space Designs
2082 Sherman Ave, North Bend (next door to Ciccarellis) 541-808-2788
Currently showing paintings by SL Donaldson, Clayton Redwood and others.

Port Orford

FreshWater Gallery  236-B, HWY 101, Port Orford  541-332-8019
Features oil paintings of Geoffrey Rhoads as well as new work by Mittie Helmich and Darren Evans.  
Hawthorne Gallery, 517 Jefferson St. , Port Orford
Port Orford Public Library 
Mittie Helmich and Darren Evans, and Elaine Roemen in the Hallway; Elaine Owen in the inside entrance; Mark Feldhaus in the small meeting room.  
Triangle Square Gallery 
343 6th Avenue , Port Orford , OR
Artwork by  Joyce Spicer,  Julie Roemen,  Cindy Prince, Oleh Lysiak, Janet Pretti ,Elaine Roemen; Karen Auborn; Russ Hepworth  

CDABA (Coastal Douglas Arts & Business Alliance ) Art Academy , Reedsport
Sue Bridston   541-271-4608

I-5 Corridor


Ashland SOU Schneider Museum Of Art
Biennial of Contemporary Art and Hanson Howard Gallery (
Illahe Gallery, 215 4th St .
Jan. 2nd – 26th  “New Years Show” featuring art by Holly Kilpatrick, Steven Cornett and Jesse Ambrose.

Oregon State University Galleries:
Fairbanks Gallery  located on campus at OSU in Corvallis .  Free, open to the
public Mon.- Thurs.
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Fridays 8 - 12 noon.  Contact Douglas
Russell at 541-737-5009, or 
For maps, directions & more information 
“Focus/Refocus, a Photographic Resurgence”    Features Steve Anchell, Chris Bercerra, Julia Bradshaw, Harrison Branch, Jim Folts: Five OSU photography instructors.


Maud Kearns Art Center, 1910 15th Ave, 541-345-1571
January 11th – Feb. 8th   Curious Temptations: Material ARTistry group show,  Reception Jan. 11th, 6 – 8:00 p.m.
MECCA ( Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts), 449 Willamette Street, Eugene



Fisher’s Flowers and Fine Arts 638 W. Harrison, Roseburg  541-672-6621  M-F 9-5 p.m.
----------------------------------------------------Lizard Prints Fine Art Gallery  130 N.E. Exchange Ave., Roseburg  541-672-2180
Woodblock prints by printmaker Kevin Clark, and other fine art by various artists.
Umpqua Valley Arts Center, 1625 W. Harvard, Roseburg

January 18 – February 28, 2013   “Expose Yourself  2013”. 
A public hanging.


Emerald Art Center
500 Main Street, Springfield  11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday
January 2 – 25, 2013    Plein Air Painters of Lane County
And “Remembering Doug” by Vicky Marshall