Monday, December 31, 2012

Creative Guilt

So there you are flush with all of the cash you got for Christmas and you haven’t a clue how to spend it. Sure there are all of the things you should spend it on, the house, the kids, the rent, the lights and the thing with the remote on the couch which hasn’t moved since the Friday before Christmas.

And you could do all of that and be responsible, but you want to break free, live a little on the wild side, do the impossible, the irresponsible, the self-indulgent.

It’s just the guilt. You know it, it creeps in when you aren’t watching and lodges in your psyche and lingers no matter how you try to fight it, you want that goodie, but the voice of your mother whispering in your head says, “Spend wisely.”

That what you are going to do?

Nope, not this time, you are going to block the guilt and spend that hard won money on stuff that you want.

And then there’s the guilt, again. You take one look at all of the things you need for your art and start parsing out the money in bits and pieces until before you know it it is all gone and you are there with your dreams and an armful of socks.

Okay, so they aren’t socks in reality, but they are practical things, needful things, responsible things.

Don’t do it. You spend the rest of the year doing all of the grown up, needful, responsible things and you only get this one chance and you should take it.

Yes, there is that latest tablet, the one with the touch screen, the thousand and one apps, the built-in Wifi, but will that really help you with your art?

You want to buy something that you wouldn’t ordinarily get and yet something that you can really use in your work and really help with the art that you want to create, so what do you do?

Now I know that most of you use your phone to take pictures or maybe the point and shoot box you got five years ago and have never read the manual on so you haven’t ever set the day/date function and aren’t sure what white balance is and you’re happy about it.

But I want you to think about a major upgrade. Not a little guilt-free, practical, responsible upgrade, but a hemongeous, gianormous, earth-shattering upgrade.

I want you to spend your money on a DSLR.

What the heck is a DSLR? It’s a digital single lens reflex camera. Just like the pros and the big kids use and even though you’ve looked at the ads and gasped at the prices and sighed over the expense, I want you to do it.

Let’s be practical, you ain’t gonna find what you want here. Coos Bay has many things to recommend it, but electronic shopping is not one of them. In fact you won’t find what you are looking for in Eugene, Salem or Portland.

Where if not there and what could there be that isn’t available at one of the big cities?

I’m going to tell you, but first we have to do something.

I want you to take your hard earned cash, squirreled away pennies at a time and I want you to go to your bank and buy a gift card with it.

There are a whole bunch of gift cards around and you could do one of them just as easily, but I want you to think about the bank you do business with and check out their gift card selection.


Glad you asked, you can’t spend cash on the Internet and you shouldn’t give out your credit/debit card information except to very trusted websites and no I am not going to send you to the Mrs. Adele J. Goodfarthing Charm School, Canning class and waste management systems. No, I’m not but you shouldn’t give out your card number at all and using a gift card allows you to shop over the Internet and not put your identity or financial information at risk.

So get a gift card first and then let’s talk.

If you have leftover 35mm camera equipment I urge you to sell it. Much as I love 35 it isn’t coming back and if you have equipment collecting dust you can sell it and start the process with a little bit of cash in hand. How much will depend on what you have. Canon, Nikon and Pentax are the most desirable, but you can get a quote on any other brand easily enough.

KEH has been around for a long time and are among the most reliable and trustworthy vendors and you can use them with confidence.

And they offer excellent values in used equipment which you can shop for at the same time you are selling off your old 35mm stuff.

So start here, take a good look at what you have hiding on the shelves and start thinking about what you would like and then come back tomorrow…New Year’s Day and we’ll talk about what you might want to buy.

You thought I was going to tell you the whole story tonight? Now why would I do that and miss a chance for a great cliffhanger to lure you back in the next year?

Have a wonderful time, drink responsibly, be gay, be merry and tomorrow we’ll talk. There won’t be anything but football on the Tube anyway and you’ll want to get away from the forty-six games going on at once or the mad clicker channel surfing at light speed trying to catch all of the scores while avoiding the commercials while still getting to see the most important part of the holiday games, the cheerleaders!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Medical Mystery Tour

If you've wondered why the blog has had fewer than usual postings lately there is a good and simple reason, I have fallen into the hands of the Croakers.

Now doctors can be fine and helpful and they do have a wonderful education and many clever things that they can do to make you feel better when you are ill, but they also have a morbid fascination with illness and are ready to stick you into hospital when you are feeling fine for dark and mysterious reasons of their own. Some of these reasons may be understandable by humans but I am not one of them. I understand bleeding and thrashing around in pain and seizures and falling down sick, none of which I have had. In fact I have felt fine through the whole miserable ordeal.

Now it turns out I did have a whopping big kidney stone and they did go in and dig that out for me, but since I never felt it and they say it was too big to pass I don't suppose I would have known it was there if I hadn't been told. The procedure was easy enough but the resulting pain in my...well you can figure where they drove the semi when they went in to haul away the stone, left me gasping and screeching. I spent two days varying form "OH dear merciful God!" to a simple "Firetruck me!" No, I didn't actually scream anything about emergency vehicles you figure it out, you are all adults.

So now i have a healing kidney system and more fun times ahead while they try to figure out what all the rest of the discoveries mean.

No doubt this means from time to time I will be locked up in hospital without a way to communicate, left with nothing but blood draws every hour and bad television and no closer to understanding what they heck is wrong. But when they let me out of if I can smuggle a computer in I will post whatever you send me and do as much as I can to keep the blog updated.

And no there is no cause for alarm, so far as I know so we'll just let the medicos dig around and see what they discover.

7 Tips for getting the most out of your new DSLR

Yes, I do know that most of you are painters and only reach for a camera when the weather is too awful to venture out and when you have money you spend it on art supplies and not expensive digital toys. And I know that for most of you the thought of any camera more complicated than an Iphone is beyond understanding., but since I am going to fill you in tomorrow and then you will know why you should think about taking pictures with something more complex than an Iphone, take a look at the tips so that you'll be ready and when I start talking about all of the nifty, neat and wonderful things you can do with a DSLR and how you should have one and where you can get one and why it shouldn't cost more than your house and require more attention than your last medical checkup, you'll be ready.

Art Happenings by Ava Richey

Art Information follows this announcement.  If any of you have art show
information, or other art events to post in this newsletter, please send it to

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year Everyone,

Wishing all of you creative success in the New Year!

Bandon Monday Painting Group will be taking a break until Monday, January 7, 2013.  In the meantime: Happy Creating! 

Remember to get your tree paintings ready for the January show at Southern Coos Hospital.  Drop-off date for that show is 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, January 9, 2013.  Trees by Plein Air Painters will be part of the show, along with tree related art from you and other on the southern Oregon coast artists. 

 My phone number is 541-297-6118 if you have questions.

Section 1 –Plein Air Announcement and editor comments
Section 2—Ads and Artists’ Accomplishments and Announcements
Section 3—Dateline (Calendar) Events
Section 4—Current Shows by City
Section 5—Current Classes by City
Section 6—Calls to Artists

FYI:  New listings have asterisks ***** next to the date.

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For Sale

Resealable Polypropylene Bags (1.5 mil, qty. 100 in a pckg) for packaging greeting cards, artwork, & photos.  5 1/2" x 7 1/2 "...$6 per 100 (7 pckgs avail.)

5" x 7"...$5 per 100 (7 pckgs avail.) 4 3/8" x 5 3/4"...$4 per 100 (4 pckgs avail.)

Contact Stephanie at (541) 404.9511 or
Art by the Sea Studio and Gallery, in the Continuum Building/Old Town Bandon. 

Open Wednesdays through Sundays, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.  541-347-5355 
We have wall art, prints, cards, jewelry, pottery and more—local South Coast artists.
Come in and check it out!!  We have a variety of art classes scheduled---see listing below in the classes section.

We want to honor the achievements of all you artists, so don't be shy about sending the highlights of your art lives, or those of your friends.

Congratulations to Brookings Artist Sandy Bonney placed THIRD in the RIcheson75 Online Animals, Birds and Wildlife 2013 Exhibit with a $500 merchandise award.  You can see the rest of the show at

 Thursday, January 3, 2013  10:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Gold Beach Episcopal Church  Easternmost end of Moore Street .
Figure Drawing.  To confirm & for more information contact Alexandra
Drop-off Date  Wednesday, January 9, 2013  9:00 a.m.
Southern Coast Hospital show for January through March will be “Trees”.  Please plan to drop off you artwork about TREES.  All works must be able to be hung on the walls.  A variety of media will be accepted.  No fees.  Reception will be held Sunday, January 13th, 1 – 3 p.m.   Questions?  Contact Victoria Tierney at
Saturday, January 12, 2013   2 – 4:00 p.m.
 Bandon Public Library
Artist’s reception will be held for Eugene artist Ronald P.  Bush whose artwork will be featured in the hallway gallery during the month of January.


Art by the Sea Gallery and Studio, 175 2nd Street , Old Town Bandon, In the Continuum Center  541-347-5355

The new show is up and will run through January 2013. 
We welcome four new artists to the gallery:  Susan Dimock—photographer; Valorie Meeuwsen—potter; Linda Mecum—painter; and Paula Reis—photographer

We now have 17 local artists showing and selling their work here:
Kathleen Morey Bailey, Susan Dimock, Joanne Drapkin, Rosemary Franyi, Robert Graham, Robin Hanna, Sharon Jensen, Susan Lehman, Valorie Meeuwsen, Linda Mecum, Paula Reis, Ava Richey, Sandy Schroeder, Jean Stephenson, Shawn Tempesta, Arlene Tinsley, Connie Zane.  Signage and promotional design work by Robert Graham/Robert Graham Graphics
Art 101/ Washed Ashore    The Purple Yurt, 5 miles south of Bandon on Hwy 101, 541-250-1140  or
Artwork by Angela Pozzi and others…
Bandon Coffee Cafe, Old Town Bandon
Paintings by Aaron Hatefi; photographs by Kelle Herrick; paddles by Bill Beck Jr.; serving/cutting boards by Pete Bauer, photographs by Anne Sobbota.
Bandon Public Library  
December: David Czuba’s photographs of Charles Tatum’s sculpture in the hallway gallery.  In the cases: Charles Tatum sculptures from the private collection of Patricia Soltys, and Dutch Schultze’s glass castings of Charles Tatum sculpture. 
---------------------------------Inner Garden  230 2nd St , Old Town  Bandon
Artwork by various artists.
Sage Place, 11th & Elmira , Bandon  541-329-0303
Second Street Gallery, 210 2nd Street , Old Town Bandon  541-347-4133 or e-mail at
Soaring Seal Gallery, 1295 Oregon Ave. SW , Hwy 101, Bandon (across the street north from Union 76 gas station).  541-329-0551 Open weekends and by appointment.
 “Wild Love” show runs through Feb. 14th.
Spirit of Oregon, 112 2nd St ,.SE, Old Town  541-347-4311
Paintings by Richard Herr, Photographs by Gaia and Pottery by Donna Henderson.
Two Loons Café in the Baltimore Center , 11th & Baltimore, Bandon
Photography by Gaia
Southern Coos Hospital & Health Care   Bandon
October through December show is “What I Did on My Vacation” and will be honoring John Schiefer, the founder of Bandon Artist Supply with a display of paintings he created from visits to the John Muir Park before he moved to Bandon.  The community is joining in to show artwork from their own vacations.  
Whiskey Run Jewelry in the
Continuum Center , Old Town
Artwork by Courtney Gaspar
Whistling Gallery87456 Ste. A, Whistling Drive, Bandon—located in Laurel Grove, 5 miles
south of Bandon.  A variety of artists showing 2-d and 3-d work.
Also in charge of showing work at Billy Smoothboar's and other venues for
those artists interested in showing their work, contact Vickie.
541-404-7336, or

Brian Scott Gallery, 515 Chetco Ave , Brookings 541-412-8687
Shawnie Wells, Pete Chasar, Loarraine Filippone, Kathleen Kresa, Christina Ohlsen, Horst Wolf, Elio Camacho, Randall Tillery, Dale Wells, Donna Goss, Manuel Lopez, Nancy Tuttle, Jewell Johnson, Jane Opiat, Dan Sawyer, Craig Barnes. 
Chetco Community Library, Brookings   

Manley Art Center  433 Oak Street , Brookings , OR   541-469-1807
Link to the calendar:
"Christmas" artists - Features photography by Virginia Babbitt. December’s theme is “Christmas.” Classroom panel artists include Ralph Wolfe, Rafael Escalona, Bonnie Loewen, Christina Olsen, Don Christiano, Mudslingers and Curtis Wohlgemuth. Music will be performed by Hither, Thither and Yon.

Signatures Gallery, 515 Chetco Avenue , BrookingsOR    541-469-1085 or

Jan Kunz (watercolors), Sandy Bonney (pastels), Drew Struzan (Limited Editions), Albert Handell (pastels), Frank Gustafson (oils) and Royal Canadian Artist Duncan Regher (mixed media).
Wright’s Custom Framing and Art Supplies, 810 Chetco Ave. , BrookingsMore than 50 students from Sara Broderick’s classes at  College of the Redwoods Del Norte, Southwestern Oregon Community College Curry Campus as well as art workshop participants will be featured. Also on display are the works of  Barbara Edmiston (watercolor); Warren Dowler, Vi Burton, Bill Harper and Steve Tadin (photos); Mike Tompkins and Gary Vickerman (woodwork); Gwen Childs (ceramics); Len Burton and Bonnie Loewen (prints); Dale Wells and Sara Broderick (watercolors and mixed media); Sharon Guinn and Gordon Marsters (acrylics), Wayne Bricco (pen and ink); and Jane Opiat (scarves), Christina Olsen (glass works). Music by Carl and Friends.


Charleytown Marketplace,   91152 Cape Arago Hwy. , Charleston , OR  97420  541-888-0146
Artwork by a variety of artists including Nancy Barry with original watercolors, prints, cards, tiles, boxes and calendars.
High Tide Cafe, CharlestonFeatures artwork by Sherry Howk and Mike Holm, Photographs by Matthew Hanna, Cheryl Lee Lindmeier, and Michael W. Ousley.
New Winter Hours: Open
11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays
South Slough Interpretive Center, Charleston -- in the William Q. Wick 
Auditorium   541-888-5558   61907 Seven Devils Rd. , Charleston  Hours 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.
October thru December 2012 - “ South Slough Reserve Pathways—Art by Pat Snyder”

Coos Bay

Black Market Gourmet,  495 Central Ave , Coos Bay . Open Tuesday - Friday,
11 a.m. - 6 p.m.  541-269-0194
Through December:   “Foundations of Perspective”,
a combined showing: The Art of Gan Martin & Ferne Martin
Coos Art Museum  235 Anderson Ave. Coos Bay    541-267-3901

Ken Means’ Carousel on the main floor—show runs through January  26, 2013.
Claire Wehrle Community Gallery: The Lighthouse School, and Nancy Devereaux Center artwork  Shows run through February 2, 2013
Mabel Hansen and Uno E. Richter Atrium Gallery: Fine Art Prints from the Permanent Collection  Show runs through February 2, 2013.

CAM Lobby:  BAAA Artist of the Month    December is watercolors by Karen (Kat) McKinley
Coos Bay Library  525 West Anderson, Coos Bay
December:  Walls    Richard Herr -- Paintings
                    Lobby Cases:  Gene Kharns—Models: sleigh, steam engine, wagon
Eden Hall on SOCC Campus
Evergreen Court,
Baycrest Village , 451 O'Connell St. , North Bend , OR
Gallery on the Bay, 658 South Empire Blvd. (
Cape Arago Hwy ) Coos Bay 
541-888-3771  Open by Appointment anytime.


Coquille Valley Art Center   10144 Hwy 42, Coquille 541-396-3294
November/December Show:  A selection of members’ paintings.   
  ------------------------------------------------------Coquille Valley Hospital, 940 E. 5th Street , Coquille , OR
Old City Hall--  99 E.
Second Street , Corner of Second & Adams, Coquille
"Impressions of Old City Hall
Contact Nella Abbott at 541-824-0779 for information.
U.S. Bank--CoquilleWorks by Joanne Drapkin; Victoria Tierney's paintings of Coos County Parks
for the 30 Parks by 30 Artists Show; selected works from "TIME" - A
Statewide Traveling Show of Oregon Prison Art.

Backstreet Gallery
1421 Bay Street, Florence
Florence Events Center
715 Quince Street , Florence   Call for more info at 541-997-1994
"Of Earth & Sky" - A Solo Exhibit Filled with Charismatic Creatures and Luminescent Landscapes
S L Donaldson
January 3 - 31, 2013
Gallery One, Florence Events Center
For more info: (541) 404-9511 or
Siuslaw Library, 1460 9th Street, Florence , OR  541-997-3132


 ----------------------------------------------Gold Beach

Biscuit Coffeehouse & Art Gallery  29707 Ellensberg Ave. (Hwy 101), Gold Beach
A variety of artists.


Langlois Public Library  48234 Hwy 101, Langlois , OR 97450
Hours: Mon.
11a.m.-2 p.m., Tues-Fri. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Features art by Donna Vander Zanden and continues showing watercolors and collages of Connie Zane.  Show runs through December.
Raincoast Gallery  LangloisFeaturing work of many local artists.
Gallery is open
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily except Tuesdays.


COVAS: Coastal Oregon Visual Artists Showcase Gallery
Located in the Visual Arts Center , 777 NW Beach Drive , Newport  541-265-6540
Tuesday – Saturday  12 – 4 p.m.
This gallery rotates monthly shows for artists from Oregon Coastal Communities.
December:  Tillamook Artist Dennis Worrell: “Landscapes—On the Wet Side”   Ar
The Visual Arts Center also houses the Runyon Gallery and the Upstairs Gallery.


North Bend

Crystal Dolphin Gallery1901 Sherman Ave, North Bend ,  541-756-1989  
Joe Johnson : Glass bead making  
Easy Lane Frames & Select Gallery3440 Broadway,
North Bend , 541-756-7638
December-January Show features “Little Gems” a variety of artists showing miniature paintings.
Gallery by the Bay   2100 Union Ave, North Bend 541-266-8727
Regular gallery hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Features Mixed-Media pieces by Karin Comara Moell.  
North Bend Library, 1800 Sherman Ave, N. Bend .  Conference Room    541-756-0400  Mon.-Wed.
11 a.m. - 8 p.m.; Thu-Fri. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sat. 12 - 5 p.m.
Conference Room:  Kathy McKean and Gail Merrikin featuring thematic windows, children’s quilts and samples of quilting arts.
 ---------------------------------------Oregon Bay Properties, 1992 Sherman Ave, North Bend   Located in the Hotel North Bend   
Artists with new work featured are Clayton Redwood, Paulette Landers, Jerry Baron, Michael Ousley, Yvonne Ousley, Sarita Southgate and S L Donaldson, and others.
 Pony Village Mall  1611 Virginia St, North Bend:

Artist Loft  756-4088
Artist Loft Members’ works for November and December.

East Wing Art Wall (by JoAnn's)  
Paintings by Artists’ Loft artists.

Sterling Savings Bank.
Liz Coke paintings  Nov. 16th through Jan. 15th.

Harry Ritchie's Jewelers,
Ste. 162 , East Wing 541-756-5413
December:  Features oil paintings of Peggy Daniels.
January:  Featured artist will be Michael W. Ousley

Heritage Textile Arts Guild  Ste. 20, upstairs, Pony Village Mall
ArtWalk: demonstrations on the main floor mall: demonstrations on spinning wheel and handlooms.  Hand-woven items for sale.

Turner Art Studio & Gallery, Ste 128 , 541-396-5373, west side, main floor.   
Gallery hours are Monday, 4 - 9:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 1 - 7:00 p.m.
Now featuring Don McMichael’s prints of his undersea paintings
Currently showing: “Family Affair and Friends”, oils by April Geiger, pen & inks by Jeremy Geiger; encaustic by Nancy Natal; photography by Daniele Rose, James Cook and Shannon Haight; oil paintings by Franklin and Carol Turner.
Your Space Designs
2082 Sherman Ave, North Bend (next door to Ciccarellis) 541-808-2788
Currently showing paintings by SL Donaldson, Clayton Redwood and others.

Port Orford

FreshWater Gallery  236-B, HWY 101, Port Orford  541-332-8019
Features oil paintings of Geoffrey Rhoads as well as new work by Mittie Helmich and Darren Evans.  
Hawthorne Gallery, 517 Jefferson St. , Port Orford
Port Orford Public Library 
Through December:  Mittie Helmich and Darren Evans, and Elaine Roemen in the Hallway; Elaine Owen in the inside entrance; Mark Feldhaus in the small meeting room.  
Triangle Square Gallery 
343 6th Avenue , Port Orford , OR
Artwork by  Joyce Spicer,  Julie Roemen,  Cindy Prince, Oleh Lysiak, Janet Pretti ,Elaine Roemen; Karen Auborn; Russ Hepworth  

CDABA (Coastal Douglas Arts & Business Alliance ) Art Academy , Reedsport
Sue Bridston   541-271-4608

I-5 Corridor


Ashland SOU Schneider Museum Of Art
Biennial of Contemporary Art and Hanson Howard Gallery (

Oregon State University Galleries:
Fairbanks Gallery  located on campus at OSU in Corvallis .  Free, open to the
public Mon.- Thurs.
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Fridays 8 - 12 noon.  Contact Douglas
Russell at 541-737-5009, or

Yuji Hiratsuka, Clint Brown and Douglas Russell will open their studios to students, faculty, and the public from 11:00-3:00 on Saturday, December 1st. Yuji Hiratsuka is printmaking professor of art at Oregon State University, Clint Brown is emeritus OSU Art Faculty in painting and drawing, and Douglas Russell is the curator and director for Fairbanks Gallery.   Yuji Both Yuji Hiratsuka and Clint Brown are fabulous artists and have illustrious records in their fields. Doug Russell has just finished exhibiting his paintings at the Coos Art Museum . This should be a really nice opportunity to meet with them, see their artwork, and talk to them about their work in prints, paintings and drawings. 

For maps, directions & more information 



Maud Kearns Art Center, 1910 15th Ave, 541-345-1571
****January 11th – Feb. 8th   Curious Temptations: Material ARTistry group show,  Reception Jan. 11th, 6 – 8:00 p.m.
MECCA ( Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts), 449 Willamette Street, Eugene


Oregon Historical Society, 1200 SW Park Avenue , Portland  9/18-12/30
“History as Muse, Art as Record:  Paintings of the Historic Dairy Cooperative Association lot in southeast Portland ”.  This exhibit explores artist Lisa Caballaro’s process, and how her knowledge of the site’s history influenced her work.  The exhibit includes not only finished paintings, but also preparatory drawings, studies and underpaintings.

Fisher’s Flowers and Fine Arts 638 W. Harrison, Roseburg  541-672-6621  M-F 9-5 p.m.
----------------------------------------------------Lizard Prints Fine Art Gallery  130 N.E. Exchange Ave., Roseburg  541-672-2180
Woodblock prints by printmaker Kevin Clark, and other fine art by various artists.
Umpqua Valley Arts Center, 1625 W. Harvard, Roseburg
November 2, 2012January 4, 2013
Corridor Gallery:  “Coastal Sensibility”  Art by 10 artists from Oregon’s south coast—Sharon Jensen, Janne LaValle, Susan Lehman, Mike Ousley, Clayton Redwood, Ava Richey, Pat Snyder, Arlene Tinsley, dorothea tortilla, Connie Zane
Hallie Brown Ford Gallery:  “State of Diversity II  Juried fiber art exhibit of  Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc
Gallery II“Close to Home”  Paintings by Umpqua Valley Plein Air Painter Karen Ilari
Gift Shop:  A variety of unique, handcrafted items for sale just in time for the holidays.

******January 18 – February 28, 2013   “Expose Yourself  2013”. 
Opening reception Jan. 18th, 5 – 7:00 p.m.



Emerald Art Center  http://www.emeraldartcenter.org500 Main Street , Springfield   11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday
Paintings by Paul Bourgault, and “Faces from the 2012 Oregon Country Fair” by Sue Rosado, plus new work from members of Emerald Art Center.


 Art 101/ Washed Ashore    The Purple Yurt, 5 miles south of Bandon on Hwy 101, 541-250-1140
or  info@washedashore.orgNew Workshop Hours:  Thursdays, 5 - 8 p.m. and  Sundays  2 - 5:00 p.m.
Art by the Sea, Gallery & Studio  175 2nd St, Continuum Bldg., Old Town
Bandon,    541-347-5355

Sat. Jan. 5   Intro. to oil painting with Shawn Tempesta  11-3   $25

Sat. Jan. 12   Resin Casting Jewelry with Shawn Tempesta  11-3   $25

Mon. Jan. 14   Plein Air figure drawing with clothed live model  12-3 Share model fee and room rent (approx. $5).

Sat. Jan.  19   Doodle Art with Kathleen Bailey   11-3   $10

Weds.  Jan. 23   Pouring with Sharon Jensen   11-3   $35

Sat. Feb. 2   Story Telling with Collage  with Susan Lehman   1-4   $35

Sat. April 13   Watercolor Collage with Joanne Drapkin   12-4 

Sign up now for classes--- $5.00 holds your spot, pay the remainder when you come to class.
Sage Place,
11th & Elmira , Bandon  541-329-0303
New Classes on website.  For a schedule go to: 
Classes include:  Open studio Glass Fusing; Open Studio Metals.  Ask about