Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Practise, practise, practise

In my never ending search to make your life easier I have been out looking under leaves and rocks and twigs and have found for your surprise and delight…stuff!

That’s right more stuff from the Ole Trawler.

First and maybe the easiest I have ever seen is this little Web-base picture editor, Pixlr. It isn’t as powerful as the high priced spread or as flexible as Photoscape but you can do some amazing things with it and best of all it doesn’t clog up your hard drive cause it’s web-based. Let someone else’s server carry the load. Oh yes, it’s free. Now that’s not bad, no space on you hard drive and free, that’s nifty, neat and cool.


Click on the link and then bookmark it and you’re done, a picture editor in a web-based package with nothing for you to do but click and enjoy.

Ever wonder what all of those buttons and settings on your digital camera are for and what should you do with them if you knew what they were? Wonder no more.


Read this short but inclusive article and you’ll have the inside track and be able to manipulate your Brownie with all of the aplomb of Annie Leibovitz! Don’t let the Program setting buffalo you, take charge and make that camera whistle Dixie, oops that politically incorrect song again, maybe the Sound of Music sound track would be a better choice…The hills are alive…

And when you finish the article and are walking around with your head in your hands and thinking maybe the ole hemlock death of Socrates wasn’t such a bad deal, go to…


Where you can start putting all of that knowledge to good use without spoiling a single frame of digital film!

For next class there will be a pop quiz on camera settings so don’t think you can just go home and watch re-runs of Gilligan all night and expect to be prepared when we meet again!

32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest


presented by Photographer's Forum Magazine and sponsored by SIGMA
PRIZES :: OVER $8,000

EARLY ENTRY Date: APRIL 16, 2012

Early entry fee is $4.95 per photo entered

(uploaded/postmarked on or before

end of day April 16, 2012 EST)

FINAL ENTRY Date: MAY 14, 2012

Final entry fee is $5.95 per photo entered

(uploaded/postmarked on or before

end of day May 14, 2012 EST)





$10 Value - Just for Entering!

(U.S. and Canada only)

Enter Online at:


To Enter Prints or Slides by Mail

Download Entry Form:


Monday, January 30, 2012

Camille Pissarro

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.”

::: Henry Moore :::

There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it.

::: James McNeill Whistler :::

It takes a long time for a man to look like his portrait.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Begin At the Beginning

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when things just don’t work right, the coffee doesn’t perk, the car won’t start, the dog won’t go out, the cat won’t come in and the inspiration won’t come.
So what do you do? Well you could run around in little circles screaming, “The sky is falling,” or you could look for a way to start things back on the right path.

Show of hands please, how many for right path? And how many for the sky is falling? Oh come on it s not that bad. No matter what you feel at this moment, the sky is not falling.

Okay rule number one, I learned this years ago when I was a telephone support person for HP, is it plugged it? Have you checked? Do you have kids, pets or spouses? Cause of you do odds are they’ve come along and changed things without so much as a sticky note to warn you.

The Long Suffering does this to me all of the time. I sit down to watch TV and the remote is missing or the lamp won’t turn on or I set my glass down on empty air. You’ve really never set a glass down without looking to see if the table was still there? How do you know the table has moved if no one tells you? What do you think people actually look at the rooms they live in?

Okay, okay I should have looked and I did clean everything up, cause the Long Suffering was muttering about Lorena Bobbitt while tapping her foot on the carpet. (Actually we don’t have carpet any more. We pulled it up and replaced it with composite flooring and the house ahs been much cleaner ever since not to mention moving furniture around has been so easy even the Long Suffering can do it without my help, which she would never do cause supervising me is one of those hidden things that are included in the marriage vows like “love, honor and take the blame.”)

So the very first thing you should do when things don’t work is…let’s not see the same hands every time, yes, see if it is plugged in.

This works for almost everything and is a universal rule.

Next, if it doesn’t work try changing the… You have to fill in the blank. It’s not all that hard, like this if the lamp doesn’t work, try changing the outlet where it is plugged in, the bulb, the breaker, etc, etc.

Computers are particularly fond of this sort of thing; they won’t work unless they like the thing you are trying to use.

USB, this stands for Universal Serial Buss or Useable Sucking Bleeper! When the USB works it is a marvel, just think of all the times you have downloaded pictures from your camera and how quickly and easily it went and then remember the bad old days back in 99 when it might work or it might not. Sony made a killing with the Mavica digital cameras which used floppy disks and CDs for this very reason, floppies and CDs always work.

Most of the time now it does work, but if you are having trouble, try using a different USB device. Sure you probably just have the one data chord for the camera, but you can pull the memory card and use a card reader and get your pictures that way.

Printers are notorious for doing this thingy, ever hook one up and it won’t print? Is it plugged in? Is the USB chord connected? Did you read the instructions? HP printers will not work if you plug the USB line in before you load the software and power up the computer. But if you load the software and power up the computer before you try to connect the printer then when you connect the USB line the machine will instantly recognize your printer and all is well. Read the instructions.

Read the instructions. This is one of the ones that everyone skips and pays for, if you don’t read the instructions you won’t know what the maker had in mind for you to do and because you didn’t do it that thingy won’t work. Or the picture won’t come together.

It is amazing how many people believe that art is something you can just sit down and do.

Aside* There are thousands of people in this world who really and truly believe they know more about what you are doing than you do and they are willing to tell you and then shout and scream if you don’t do it their way. If they are teachers or successful artists or business people specializing in art listen, consider and then decide if you should do it their way. If they are not one of the former, ignore them, politely.

You and I know that art is not something that just happens even if you are Jackson Pollack and have a ten square foot canvas stretched out across Highway 101 and slosh paint across it every third car.

Even that took insight and inspiration. And those two things are hard to come by. So, take every chance you get to find inspiration and insight. Talk to other artists, read art blogs, hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, go to shows and read, read, read.

Take inspiration for poetry, music, food and dance, these too are arts and they can be instrumental in kick starting your “little grey cells.”

Is it plugged in? Use another device, outlet and take inspiration where you can find it.

Did you ever wonder why it is so many talented people do so many things well? The artist who cooks, then paints, then runs a business, all with seemingly endless energy and creativity. How do they manage? One thing feeds another. Remember the part about using a different outlet? It works for people too.

So instead of whining about the cold and the wet what are you doing to kick start your brain and why are you still here? Go plug something in and then tell me all about it you mechanical genius.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring Planting

What seeds have you planted for this spring?
Did you weed the beds, put out new seedlings and spray the old so the bugs and the damp don’t get it?

That’s the way it is with growing things, they need constant attention, and so does your art. If you haven’t gotten out and started your spring planting, you are way behind.

Have you started your Independence Day paintings, sculptures, photos? It takes six months led time to get anything in the slick magazines. They don’t look for what is happening right now they are out there half a year ahead doing what needs to be done so that when all of their projects come together they can put out that July issue and have it look right.

Sure it is too cold and wet with all of our rivers overflowing and the pastures sunken under ten feet of water so don’t even think about trotting out and starting something. If you don’t have it in the can you are outta luck!

Valentines Day? You should have thought of that way back in September! Now it’s too late for this year, better start planning for next year and while you are at it make out a calendar with all of the projects you need to start for next year.

You don’t? How can you expect your art to make a living for you if you don’t plan ahead? Sure there are a handful of artists who have such a reputation and following they don’t have to plan. How did they get that way? They worked and planned and got out in the trenches and made it happen.

So you don’t think you want to focus on magazines anyway. That’s commercial art and you are a person with aesthetic vision and don’t pander to the decorative interests of common folks.

Jeeze, you are on an ego thingy aren’t you. Those common folks you are so quick to dismiss are the ones who will be loading up their campers and RVs in the next few months and driving along the Oregon coast where they will buy things to take back to where they came from and hang in their travel trailers and Winnebago’s and it might just be your art if only you had planned ahead and gotten it ready so that they could find it when they got here, but you didn’t do that did you?

You think living here in paradise is all that you have to do to create a reputation so vast and broad that it gets written up in all of the travel magazines? Oh that’s right you don’t think you want to get your art into slick magazines.

The next time you have to go to a doctor, dentist or a CPA, it is coming up on tax season or maybe you have to go see a lawyer and are shaking in your boots because the kid ran the car into the neighbor’s fence and then drove off without saying so much as “sorry” and now that neighbor is suing you for the cost of a new fence made of solid gold and the court costs and lawyers fees which make the teensy little cost of the O.J. trial look like pocket money and there you are sweating and moaning and flipping through magazines which are at least six months old and reading about what you can do to make a pumpkin scary without losing fingers or having to have a transfusion and you suddenly flip a page and see ole Blind Fogy’s duck picture that was in the Public Hanging two years ago and was snapped by an AP photographer covering the event and seen by an art director in San Francisco and now it’s in the magazine and old Blind Fogy is getting paid enough to buy a new Audi 2000 and no one will safe on the streets of Coos Bay and how did it all happen? Old Blind Fogy got his work out there and got it seen, that’s how.

Entering shows is one of the best ways to get your work out where it can do you some good. And because the news folks with the big cameras come and look and get to take pictures which the general public does not because the work is hanging in a museum where there is no photography allowed and the picture goes viral and winds up on Letterman and there you are Old Blind Fogy got a big pay day and what did you get?

Maybe you just don’t like museums and the whole juried show process? It isn’t fair that some get chosen and the rest get cast aside. Does that mean you are out of luck? No of course not. You won’t get as much exposure as Old Blind Fogy but you can still get your work out there, if you plant the seeds.

So where are you showing your work while you are waiting for the next big show so that you can be the one that the UPI photographer snaps and besides you look a lot better on camera than Old Blind Fogy, so it would be much better for Letterman if he had you on the show instead of Old Blind Fogy.

You aren’t? The shows are really the only way to get your work displayed without shelling out beaucoups bucks and you just don’t have the beaucoups right now to spare so you’ll just have to wait for an opportunity which doesn’t require quiet so much beaucoups.

No you will not. The libraries, Coos Bay, North Bend, and Bandon are always looking for art to show in their cases and they get big name artists cause the Big Guys know that not spending your hard earned beaucoups is the best way to go and so they show their work at the library where if you have a card you can get The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and be literary while being a successful artist with imagination.

No library card, try one of the local art shops. There are a bunch of them and they gladly take consignments. They’ll show your work, sell your work and give you the money and you don’t even have to be there to get the job done.

What about one of the free, that’s right free display places? Josie’s On Broadway right in the middle of beautiful downtown Coos Bay or North Point real estate office, both places have lots of space and are artist friendly. But you have to go and check it out.

The Crystal Dolphin will also take art on consignment High Tide Café displays art and Ken and Jane Snoddy at Easy Lane Frames and Select Gallery have just finished one show and are hosting another one. Call or email Jane and see if she has room for your work. Even getting one piece out of the closet and on to a wall will do more than all of the stuff in your closets.

Spring is the time for new planting; make sure that your art garden gets as much attention as the garden at your house. Then this fall it will be you and not Old Blind Fogy showing up on all of the morning shows, getting their picture taken with Sharon and Ozzy Osborne on The Talk and even getting a kiss from Kim Kardashian! Now that’s a spring to look forward to!

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Plug

I don’t usually give a blatant plug, oh I give a nod to extra good goodie providers or a great sale, but most of the time I just offer the link and let you take a look and decide.

Today will be an exception. I went to our own Art Connection looking for mats. I have a series of prints I wanted to give to a pal but did not want to force her to accept my idea of frame selection so I was just going to mat the little pluckers and be done with it. Then it occurred to me that leaving the print out where the kids and the cats and the weather could get to it was like throwing it in the street and smiling as the cars create a Jackson Pollock.

No, there had to be another layer, that way the pal could stick them in a drawer or a closet and be safe from friction damage.

So I did a little look around the Internet and found that the best and cheapest, (MacMirandastein remember?) method of offering some protection without breaking the bank or stifling the decorating skills of my pal is a poly bag.

After a short but relatively thorough search I discovered if you don’t need a hundred or so and you want then within this lifetime you are going to pay between twenty to forty cents a bag plus shipping. Ouch!

So let’s recalculate, mats, about four dollars and fifty cents plus shipping and bags about thirty cents plus shipping, so my net is…five bucks a print plus shipping and a ten days wait.

Okay, so these are not the mission critical pictures like wedding pictures or children’s pictures or even pet memorial pictures, a few days more or less doesn’t matter, but I did want to get this done before I forget or my pal meets Prince Charming, marries and moves to the Big Apple to live in sinful, decadent luxury for the rest of her natural life.

So I thought I’d give the local guys a shot.

The Art Connection in beautiful, downtown Coos Bay is a place where you can find almost anything you need in the way of supplies. They will even order it in if you can describe it and pay for it and whine enough.

I dashed in while out running chores, had to stop at the bank and drop off a computer that was acting naughty and had to be corrected so that The Man In the Carpeted Office could do his thing, (No it does not even mean that so just get your mind out of the gutter), and bring grants and gifts to all of us in the art world and there I was just across the street from The Art Connection and I said, “Self,” when talking to oneself it is important to maintain the rules of formal conversation, “Self, let’s us just see if they have what I need and maybe I can just swoop in and get it and be back out at the Vet’s before the Long Suffering knows I’m AWOL.”

So in I went and had a look. Fortunately Liv noticed I had no idea what I was doing so she came over and bailed me out and it turns out they did have just what I was looking for at around the same price I could get on the Internet so I bought the little puppies and headed back and yes, I made it before the Long Suffering knew I was gone!

Now later today when I actually got around to using the mats I noticed a curious thing, they were sealed in clear poly bags just like the ones I was thinking of buying. Eureka! The Light bulb went off, (Florescent of course to protect the environment and that probably explains why it took so long to light up) and I said, “Self, we have here a wondrous thing. They have sold me the mats I needed and I got the poly bags included.”

So for the price of a mat I got protection for my prints, made my art look a lot better than it would have, supported the local economy and made my pal happy all in one swell foop!(If you didn’t read BC you’re out of luck on this one.)

The moral of this story is, think before you buy. Sure Internet prices can be really, really good. But they don’t often offer bonus materials.

So guys and dogs, thanks very much for supplying just what I needed and for making the trip such a one-stop shopping stop and for making sure that the end result of all of my efforts looked as good going out as it did in my dusty little mind.

Ava Richey's Art News

Hello Everyone,

This Monday, January 30, we will meet Old Town Pizza.  12 - 3 p.m.   

Hope to see you there.

My phone is 541-347-4643 or cell is 541-297-6118. 


******This is a farewell, and a salute to our wonderful friend and artist, Dr. Len Rosen.  He passed away January 15.  Len painted with our plein air groups off and on up through last year.  He was truly the youngest 95 year old person I have known. 
After college, military service, and a 35 year career as a psychologist, he retired and entered and graduated from the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, then experienced another career as an artist.  After moving to California he was a member of the Central Coast Art Association in Carmel, then was chairman of the Seaside Art Commission for several years.  He earned many awards and accolades.
He and his wife Tonya moved to Bandon in 2004.  In addition to painting and sketching, he loved being involved with ham radio.  His warmth and kindness will be missed, as well as his good critiques and observations that he shared with fellow painters.  Our condolences to Tonya and the rest of his family.  Thanks, Len, for showing us that age doesn't matter---finding what you love and doing it matters.
Art Information:
FYI:  New listings have asterisks ***** next to the date.

If any of the web links below in blue are not "live", meaning if you click
on it and it doesn't take you to the website,--- right click on it and
choose copy, then open your internet web browser, left click on the web
address window at the top to highlight it, then right click and paste the
web link into your browser and hit enter.  The site should open.

Artists' Accomplishments:
We want to honor the achievements of all you artists, so don't be shy about sending the highlights of your art lives, or those of your artist friends.
Current Shows:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Bandon Artist Supply, 175 2nd Street in Old Town , on the PedWay 541-347-4482

Through January

“Rural Farm Delivery” is a vibrant show featuring acrylic and ink paintings and cards by S. L. Donaldson and acrylic paintings by Michael W. Ousley

Bandon Public Library   January 1- 31, 2012
Hallway Gallery: "Nature's Way", oils & pastels by Vicki Afatati.
Cases: Patricia Davidson's small framed photos of Southern Oregon Coast.  
Bandon Public Library    February 2012    
*****Hallway Gallery: "Island Dreams and Coastal Themes", watercolors & oils by Shawn Tempesta
******Cases: Larry Linder's woodcarver collectables.
Coos Art Museum  235 Anderson Ave. Coos Bay    541-267-3901          http://www.coosart.org    
Opening Art Reception for "Wood Art Invitational" in the Mabel Hansen
Gallery, featuring 10 wood artists: Philip Clausen, Thomas Clevenger, Jim
Deardoff, Rick Fox, Steve Kuntz, Kenneth, Kenneth Means, Mitch Rolicheck, Charles Tatum, George Vrana, and Terry Woodall.

"Native American Basket of the
South Coast" in the Uno E. Richter Gallery.

And also showing in the Atrium: "
Charleston, Images in Paint".  Featured
artist & curator Charles of Charleston & Cohorts : Hope Sessions, Joan Goodman Fox, Sally Rolicheck, Sarita Southgate, Jean Adamson, Dutch Mostert, Nancy Berry, Carollee Tucker, Rod Sullens and Curt Hitch. (Organized by Joan Goodman Fox.)
Show runs
December 9, 2011 through February 11, 2012
****February BAAA "Artist of the Month" featured in the BAAA display located in the Coos Art Museum lobby is Beth Wegner.
January BAAA  "Artist of the Month" featured in the BAAA display in the lobby of the Coos Art Museum is Sherry Howk.
Coos Bay Library  525 West Anderson, Coos Bay
*****Wall Display    "The Coquille River"--selected acrylic & ink paintings celebrating the flora & fauna of the Coquille River by SL Donaldson
*****Lobby:    Pottery by Catherine Walworth
Wall Display :  David Castleberry--Vibrant paintings of nature
Case Display:  Egyptian Theatre Preservation Association
Coquille Valley Art Center   10144 Hwy 42, Coquille 541-396-3294
January 9th - 31st
"Oregon the Beautiful" featuring artists from various departments of the Art Center.  Hours are Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Coquille Valley Hospital, 940 E. 5th Street, Coquille, OR
Photography show featuring works by Kathy and Dick Chambers of Myrtle Point; Patricia Davidson, Coos Bay; Kelle Herrick, Bandon; Richard Kirk, Myrtle Point; Kathy Phillips, Myrtle Point; David Sinnot, formerly of Coquille; and Tony Spenader, Coquille.  A portion of sales goes to the CVHA Auxiliary.  Show runs through February.
Crystal Dolphin Gallery 
1901 Sherman Ave, North Bend,  541-756-1989
Easy Lane Frames & Select Gallery
3440 Broadway, North Bend, 541-756-7638
"What's New?".  Features Gallery Artists and their new works.
****February 6 - March 30  "Winter Wonder", Reception Friday, Feb. 10th, 2-4 p.m.
Emerald Art Center  http://www.emeraldartcenter.org
500 Main Street, Springfield  11 a.m. - 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.
Jan 3 - 27th "Four Seasons of Plein Air, Painting the Year Around." 
Evergreen Court
Evergreen Court, Baycrest Village, 451 O'Connell St., North Bend, OR
Fairbanks Gallery  located on campus at OSU in Corvallis.  Free, open to the public Mon.- Thurs. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Fridays 8 - 12 noon.  Contact Douglas Russell at 541-737-5009, or drussell@oregonstate.edu  http://oregonstate.edu/fairbanksgallery
Mark Newport "Alter Egos".  Hand-knit superhero costumes, embroidered comic book covers and digital prints.  January 17 - February 8, 2012
Florence Events Center
715 Quince Street, Florence  Call for more info at 541-997-1994
Gallery One:  "Water Media Artists" display of 16 Watercolor Society of Oregon members. 
Langlois Public Library  48234 Hwy 101, Langlois, OR 97450
Hours: Mon.
11a.m.-2 p.m., Tues-Fri. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m., Sat. 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Paintings of Sheila Oberg continue into the new year.
Manley Art Center  433 Oak Street, Brookings, OR  541-469-1807
Watercolor Society of Oregon traveling watercolor show.
Maude Kerns Gallery 1910 East 15th Ave, Eugene, OR    541-345-1571
"Shaping Visions", work by Craig S. Holmes and Maude I. Kerns  Show runs through February 10th.  Saturday, Jan. 28th, 2 - 4 p.m. there will be a Discussion of the show.
North Bend Library, Conference Room   January      541-756-0400   http://www.northbendlibrary.org
Features :  "Ontogeny" --A new series of acrylic and ink paintings that use color and form to explore organism development, by artist S L Donaldson.   ---------------------------------------
Old City Hall--  99 E. Second Street, Corner of Second & Adams, Coquille   
January 2012:    "TIME" -- A Statewide Traveling Show of Oregon Prison Art.
The first of a series of art/music events in 2012 to celebrate CENTENNIAL 1912- 2012 in Coquille:
February 12, 2012  2:00 p.m.  A multimedia show with Jack Ponting.  20 art pieces and 100 minutes of original music.  $10 per person--prepaid reservations required at the door.  Contact Nella Abbott at 541-824-0779 for reservations and information.
Pony Village Mall:  
ArtWalk: Various artists showing at tables in lobby areas near Katherine's and Harry Ritchie Jewelers. and Artists Loft.
Also in the Mall:
Artists' Loft, 541-756-4088
Gallery Artists Group Show, features jewelry by Hester Solsang.  Guest Artist--watercolors by Cindy Horner
East Wing Art Wall (by JoAnn's)
Photography--local color and other works by Dan Hull 
Sterling Savings Bank
Fabulous Oils by Carol Turner
Port Orford Library  January-March
Paintings by Susan Lehman, Jane Schmaltz and Ava Richey
Raincoast Gallery
Featuring work of many local artists.
Gallery is open
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily except Tuesdays.
South Slough Interpretive Center, Charleston -- in the William Q. Wick Auditorium
January 7 - February 29, 2012
Graphite renderings of birds and wildlife by Lance Cox.
January 11th through March, 2012   
Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center
"Down on the Farm" features agriculture related art.  Don't miss it! 
Umpqua Valley Arts Center, 1625 W. Harvard, Roseburg   
541-672-2532    http://www.uvarts.com
*****Through March 2, 2012   "Student Art Show", 500 works in a variety of media fill all six UVAA gallery spaces.
U.S. Bank--Coquille

Works by Joanne Drapkin; Victoria Tierney's paintings of Coos County Parks for the 30 Parks by 30 Artists Show; selected works from "TIME" - A Statewide Traveling Show of Oregon Prison Art.
Whistling Gallery
87456 Ste. A, Whistling Drive, Bandon (located in Laurel Grove, 5 miles
south of Bandon.)  A variety of artists showing 2-d and 3-d work.
Also in charge of showing work at Billy Smoothboar's and other venues for
those artists interested in showing their work, contact Vickie.
541-404-7336, or
****Feb.11 "Valentine's Wine and Art Show"  no cover, no-host wine bar.  Live auction of art, 10% of proceeds go to Coastal Harvest.
Art 101, The Purple Yurt, 5 miles south of Bandon on Hwy 101, 541-250-1140 or  info@washedashore.org 
****Saturdays and Sundays, beginning January 21st & 22nd, 1 - 5:00 p.m.
Volunteer Workshops to build "Leo the Leopard Shark"  Have a hand in constructing the newest member of the Washed Ashore family.  This work is designed to permanently reside at the Chula Vista Nataure Center in San Diego, CA.  The sculpture consists of 100% ocean going debris (plastics and more).  Help inspire others to do something about this problem by building this eye-catching sculpture.

Artist Loft Gallery, Pony Village Mall, North Bend.  Call for Class
Information at 541-756-4088
 If you are interested in taking a Chinese Brush Painting class with Darlene Diehl on April 12, 2012, $67 for 5 hours with all supplies provided, please contact Carol Young at 541-260-4573.  Class will be held in the Artist Loft classroom.
Beginning Watercolor with Carol Young, for info call 541-260-4573.
Bay Be, located in Charleston, next door to High Tide Cafe  is now open and offers licensed childcare for kids 3 yrs & up with a focus on nature and art projects.  ALSO offer workshops for adults--making lip balm, jewelry, knitting and yoga.
Drop-in Saturdays from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. with only $5 and 5 minutes we can help you create a craft such as paper, a candle, a willow basket, driftwood sculpture or bird feeder.      541-888-3265,   Find us on Facebook.
Brookings Area and more:
various classes are listed at http://wildriverscoastart.com

Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay   541-267-4877 for more information.
Friday, February 3, 2012  Golden Acrylics and the New Inventions with Corrine Loomis Dietz  7:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 4, 2012  Acrylic's Seductive Surfaces and Palettes of Pigment with Corrine Loomis Dietz  10 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursday, April 3, 4, 5th, 2012  Watercolor from Start to Finish with Judy Morris  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Saturdays, May 12th & 19th: Paper Arts with Holly Rodenkirk and Mary Cervantes  10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Coquille Valley Art Association   10144 Hwy 42, Coquille, OR  541-396-3294  http://www.coquillevalleyartcenter.org
Painting with Pat Weaver
10 a.m. - 3 p.m., Tuesdays & Wednesdays    Pat's classes cancelled for now due to illness..
Painting with Anna Crosby 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Thursdays & Fridays     
Painting/Drawing  10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Mondays                                           
Painting with Bunny Upton  12 - 3 p.m.  Mondays
Woodcarving with Larry Roberts  9-12 Mondays  541-396-2579
Woodcarving 6 - 9:00 p.m.  Tuesdays
Wood Burning
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.  Tuesdays
Play with Clay 
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Thursdays
Ken Means Carving   9 - 12 noon and
6 - 9 p.m. on Wednesdays   
Quilting  10 a.m. on Wednesdays
Appliqué  10 a.m.  Tuesdays
Stained Glass
2:30 - 5:00  and another at 6 - 9 p.m. Mondays   and  Fridays 9:30 - 12:30       
Fiber Arts 
10 a.m. on Fridays 
6 p.m.  Mondays  No Classes during January or February.
Easy Lane Frames, 3440 Broadway, North Bend, 541-756-7638
Contact for information on a variety of classes.
Fridays, Watercolor Studio with Jane Snoddy, $10 per session.
"Cartooning" with Leo Chiantelli, Thursdays 3:30 - 5:30, Jan. 26 - Feb. 16th.
Creating Textures in Collage with Susan Lehman, Feb.18th, 10 a.m. -2 p.m.
Palette Knife Technique with Acrylics with Carolyn Le Grande, 4 week class in February.
Freshwater Gallery, 236B Hwy 101, Port Orford (next to Paula's Bistro)
3-5 p.m.: Figure Drawing with Model, $25
5-7 p.m.Seascape Painting, $20 per class.
For information: 541-332-8019 or 541-236-8077, or
Gallery on the Bay
658 S. Empire Blvd, Empire  541-888-3771
Lessons in painting pastel by Darrell Sanders.
Gold Beach SWOCC Center (on the fairgrounds) 541-247-2741
Heritage Textile Arts Guild
157#A, Pony Village Mall, North Bend
Lessons available in wearables, kitchen linens and gift items.
Manley Art Center, Brookings
Call for class and workshop schedules. 541-469-1807
Rose Palette, Pony Village Mall, North Bend.  541-290-7858
Oil Painting classes by Carol Turner, 2:30 - 5:30 Mondays, $20 per class.  You can reach Carol at 541-396-5373 for information on other classes as well.
Rosie's Art Carnival575 B  Hwy 101, Florence    artcarnival@oregonfast.net  www.facebook.com/rosiesartcarnival
New Classes:  e-mail for more information.
Sage Place, 11th & Elmira, Bandon
For a schedule of classes offered go to: 
"Studio t" in Bandon presents: 
 Art Journaling Play Day! with Susan Lehman on Sunday, February 5, 2012.      1 - 4:00 p.m.  3 hours/$35/includes all materials except a journal.  Bring a blank book no larger than 12"x16" and get creative.  You will be altering photos, stitching and weaving things onto the pages, writing to prompts, doodling, stamping, stenciling and more.   For registration and information contact studioblue@mycomspan.com  There are still two spaces open in this class--register now if you would like to participate.
Umpqua Valley Arts Center, Roseburg
1624 W. Harvard,
Roseburg, OR 97471  541-672-2532  http://www.uvarts.com
Wright's Custom Framing  910 Chetco Ave, Brookings  541-469-7625  saradee1@frontier.com
Drop in Art Workshop every Friday Afternoon  1 - 4 p.m.
Individual instruction in any medium; demonstrations in various mediums; critiques of completed work and works in progress.  $12 per session.  Just drop in and bring something you would like to work on, or need help with.  Each week something new is presented during demonstrations.
Dateline Events:
*****Sunday, January 29, 2012  1 - 4 p.m.
Roaring Sea Arts Open House: Display art or create on the spot.  Musicians include Kammeroque Ensemble, Strider Kachelein and others.  Also poetry and prose. New musicians and artists welcome. Refreshments, potluck snacks. Call Donna at 332-4444 or Suzanne at 332-0540.
**** No meetings until March
Gold Beach Episcopal Church  Easternmost end of Moore Street.
Figure Drawing.  To confirm & for more information contact Alexandra
******February 4 - March 18, 2012
Second Street Gallery, Old Town Bandon  541-347-4188  http://secondstreetgallery.net
 features annual "Wall of Opportunity" with 50% off regular sales price of local artists' work including 2-d, jewelry, pottery, glass, greeting cards and books.  Inventory changes weekly.
******Saturday, February 11, 2012   11:00 a.m.
Bay Area Artists Association monthly meeting features Pamela Rose Hughes presenting a program called "Learning How to See".  NEW MEETING LOCATION at Pony Village Mall in North Bend, in the space next to Heritage Textile Guild (near Macy's).
Saturday, February 11, 2012    3 - 5:00 p.m.
Backstreet Gallery, 1421 Bay Street, Old Town Florence OR. 541-997-8980 http://www.backstreetgallery.org
GALA reception with featured artist Mary Beers.

Calls to Artists:
Deadline February 29, 2012
Applications for members of the local arts to apply for grants from the Coos County Cultural Coalition are due by Feb. 29th.  They have $11,000 in available funds.  For more information http://www.cculturalcoalition.org  
Deadline for Entries February 16, 2012
Northwest Watercolor Society's 72nd Annua International Open Exhibition (you don't have to be a member to enter)   http://.www.nwws.org/  for prospectus.  Juror is Thomas Schaller  Over $10,000 in awards.
 Application Deadline February 1, 2012
Illahe Studios & Gallery, 215 Fourth St., Ashland, OR 97520  541-488-5072
Third Annual Artist Book Exhibit  April 6 - 28, 2012
"April is National Poetry Month and we would like to celebrate the art of the word, in the form of Artist Books.  Works submitted should display original design and execution."
We are defining "artist books" as original works of art created as a book.  One of a kind books or works from small editions and may be based in any of the following mediums or combinations of mediums: poetry, prose, printmaking, painting, calligraphy, mixed media, photography, sculpture, textile, found objects, and letterpress printing.  For this show we will not be accepting blank books or journals.  Submitted work must have been created within the past two years.
Must be ready to exhibit and sell.  Works may not exceed 16" x 16" x 24".  Maximum of three pieces may be submitted for review.
For more information:  http://www.illahegallery.com/content/CallforArtists.shtml
Delivery Deadline  January 30th - February 1, 2012
Easy Lane Frames and Select Gallery  3440 Broadway, North Bend, 541-756-7638
Show theme is "Winter Wonder".  All welcome, no fee, enter one piece of artwork that reflects the color, temperature or feeling of winter.  Show runs Feb. 2 - March 30.
Deadline 1/31/12  Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO
http://www.abecedariangallery.com   for Pdf prospectus download.
Annual juried artists' book exhibition.  Show runs 4/20 - 6/02/2012.
 Deadline February 4, 2012 for  Expressions West 2012
Coos Art Museum, 235 Anderson Ave, Coos Bay, 97420,  541-267-3901
Cash Awards (not purchase prizes), 13 Western States --painters may submit up to three entries in one or more of four media: oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolor.
For prospectus and entry form contact the website: http://www.coosart.org  or address/phone above.
 Deadline for entry is February 10, 2012
Maude Kerns Art Center      "Variations: Art Expressing Music"  Submit images of 2D & 3D artwork in all mediums that is inspired by music or related to the theme of music.  Supply five digital images in color at 300 dpi on CD in jpeg format.  Work will be selected by jurors from the submitted images.  There is a $15 submission

Application forms & prospectus available at 

or call 541-345-1571.  Show runs April 6 - May 11, 2012

Maude Kerns Art Center is located at 1910 E. 15th Ave. (corner of 15th &
Eugene.  Gallery hours are 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. M-F,
noon -4 p.m.
Submission Deadline:  February 28, 2012
"Artworks NW 2012" (formerly "Hundred Valleys")
Umpqua Valley Arts Association, 1624 W. Harvard, Roseburg, OR 97471
Submission Deadline:  February 28, 2012
"Photoworks NW 2012" (formerly titled "Best Photo")
Umpqua Valley Arts Association, 1624 W. Harvard, Roseburg, OR 97471
Submission Deadline: Friday, April 20, 2012

Maude Kerns Art Center’s
Call for Artists: 2013-2014 Exhibits Schedule
Artists working in all 2- and 3-dimensional mediums, including
installations, are invited to submit images of their work along with an
application form to be considered for the next biennium (2013-2014) of
exhibits at the Maude Kerns Art Center. Submissions may include solo, group,
and/or themed shows. There is a $15 submission fee for individual artists
and a $5 fee per artist for group shows.

The postmark deadline is
Friday, April 20, 2012. Application forms and
prospectuses are available at the
Art Center or online at

Call 541-345-1571 for more information.
Maude Kerns Art Center, located at 1910 E. 15th Avenue at the corner of
15th and Villard, is
Eugene’s oldest non-profit community center for the
visual arts. Gallery hours are from
10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday,
noon to

4:00 pm
on Saturday when exhibits are on display.
Umpqua Valley Arts Association , Roseburg

44th Annual Summer Arts Festival, scheduled for Friday, June 22nd through Sunday, June 24th, 2012.

Look on their website: http://www.uvarts.com starting in January for applications for booths for artists, crafters, food vendors and entertainers.

This is an established, major cultural event in the Umpqua Valley drawing artists and crafters from across the U.S. for the 3 day festival with live music, food from local vendors, and lots of art.  The event draws over 16,000 visitors of all ages.  Proceeds benefit the UVAA's arts-in-education programs, bringing art instruction to elementary school children in Douglas County.

Those with questions are encouraged to consult the FAQ document posted on http://uvarts.com/summer-arts-festival/  or contact the UVAA by phone at 541-672-2532.
The Artists' Village, McMinnville, OR   Saturday & Sunday, July 14th & 15th, 2012

The McMinnville Sunrise Rotary Club is hosting their 4th Annual Artists' Village. Funds raised from this event go to help develop the arts and help Oregon artists with this event. 

This is a juried event to obtain a booth at this show in order to sell your work.  10 ' x 10' booth under a tent, $100 for both days.  Jurying fee will be non-refundable $25.  Best in Show cash prizes total $1000.

They are looking for a variety of fine art participants including painting, sculpture, pottery, metalwork, dance, music and readings.

Information and applications will be posted in January on their website:  http://www.artinmac.org   Their email contact is artinmac@gmail.com
The Spring Show: (April, May, June): “WEATHER REPORT”

Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center, Bandon

Works inspired by the South Coast Weather.  We’re a land of wild winds, torrential rains, glorious sunsets, rainbows,  waving grasses, threatening clouds and churning (or shining) seas----all  fair game for our local artists and photographers.  No snapshots please. If you have a really fine photo it must be matted and framed and ready for hanging.

Any questions…..check with Ava Richey at Bandon Art Supply or call Victoria Tierney or Susan Lehman at 541-347-9888.
The Summer Show: (July, August, September): “GAMES PEOPLE PLAY”

Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center, Bandon

It was Crystal Landucci’s impressive collection of games of Chinese checkers  that inspired this one.  We’re looking for board games of all sorts that can be mounted on the walls; your own inventions would be great too……you’ve got a little while to work on this one so start inlaying those chess boards or drilling those cribbage sets….(fashioning those dominos?)…….This should be a really fun exhibit for the summer and we hope it will combine collectibles and the fruits of your imagination.
The Fall Show: (October, November, December) “WHAT I DID ON MY VACATION”

Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center, Bandon

Paintings and Journals created by the travelers amongst us.  We already have some folks in mind but if you have some work you think might fit in….please let us know.
Summer Boardwalk Show at Bandon waterfront: It’s The Year of the Dragon , so start planning now!
Bandon Library Art Committee is seeking artists for exhibitions in both the
Hallway Gallery and the Glass Cases during the 2013.  You can
also put your name on the list in case there are cancellations before then.
The art can be paintings, drawings, mixed media, photography, and the like;
crafts, collections, small sculptures and/or jewelry for the cases.  Please
contact Alexis Proctor at
  or call 541-329-0530.
 Opportunity to Sell your Work:

Kathy from "Katherine's" in Pony Village Mall (south wing) is seeking
artists to display art on Art Walk Thursdays from
5 - 8:00 p.m. each month.
The upcoming one is
February 9th. The Mall will provide easels and tables.
Other stores will be doing music and appetizers.  There is no fee, no
commission...it's FREE.  Contact Kathy at 541-808-2248.