Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring in Oregon

Just time to dash off a quick look at some of the wonders of an Oregon Spring. We live so close to Shore Acres State Park it would be a shame to let Spring slip by and not take in the beauty waiting there. Si I did that very thing and will over the course of a coupla days share on this blog and on my alternative site Mycroft's Art some of the pictures I captured there and on the way there. if they inspire you, if they challenge you, if they entice you, feel free to paint, draw or pot any or all of them. They are posted for your use and I hope that they will make you rush into your studio and start working.,

I told you about this fantastic opportunity some time ago. There she sits, rotting away and why haven't you gone to get a picture before time and the sea take this grand old lady to her final rest? I did this and its okay, but the angle is wrong and the shot could be better so I will go back and try for a higher perch so I can shoot over the bushes and get her. I'm thinking low tide is the prefect time but maybe you have some other idea?

We often forget what is there in our own yard. I planted this bulb three years ago. My sister-in-law gave me a bag of blubs she had been to busy to plant and i managed to salvage three bulbs from the dozen. they went in the ground and only two survived the winter but three years later and look at what I got.

These are called Pokies, please no sophomoric humor, and they lived in spite of what I did to them. I planted them and I have a :"Black Thumb." But they overcame their tragic start in life and have decided that i should get the rewards even if I don't deserve it.

So what have you overlooked that may be lurking in your own yard just waiting for you to slow down, smell the roses or pokies or iris and make them immortal in your art?

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