Saturday, May 19, 2012

Introducing Juana Almaguer

One of the most pleasant things which I get to do is to introduce new art to the South Coast art community.

I probably haven’t mentioned it before, but I will now cause you should know about it and maybe you’ll sign up and then you too will get the newsletter and the nice thing which happened to me can then happen to you and you’ll be a lot better off for it cause you’ll learn things which you wouldn’t have known about if you hadn’t signed up and you’ll meet people which you probably wouldn’t have met cause they don’t live here and you’d have to go and knock on a whole lot of doors before you got the right one and had it opened by a gifted and talented artist type person and who knows your whole life might just have been changed if you had done this one simple thing.

What is that thing? Oh you want me to cut right to the chase? That’s no fun, but since you insist…

That’s Iprintfrohome the bestest way to get your work printed when you have an absolute deadline and can’t afford to wait another second or when you have a very exacting client and they are so demanding that you think you’ll pull out all of the hair on your head just trying to please them and the print has to be right the first time. Iprintfromhome can do that for you and do it in a very cost effective way. Yes, I haven’t changed my mind a bit; you should still buy locally when you can. Face to face is the best way to communicate what you have in your mind to the guy who runs the press and will be responsible for getting all those fantastic ideas you have on the canvas or print paper. But when time is running out and there is a long line or the guy who runs the local shop is ill or mad or gone walkabout, try Iprintfromhome.

And when you do you’ll have a chance to get their newsletter. I know, I know newsletters are a dime a dozen and they come in by the dozen and you never read them anyway, but this one you should. It is full of great hints, along with a pitch to buy, which should come as no surprise to you since Iprintfromhome has to have some way to pay for the machines which print all of those wonderful images you send to them, so read the parts with the information and buy if you are so inclined but read cause you get to be a better artist from all of the info and the insight into other artists working just as hard as you are to make their work something which will live forever and bring in enough money to keep the lights turned on.
Like Juana Almaguer.

Juana is an artist who was profiled in the Iprintfromhome newsletter and I was so excited by her work that I went to her site and had a long and very humbling look for myself.

Why is it there are sooooooooooooo many artists with so much more talent than me? Rats! I’ll just have to live with it but I don’t like it much.

And yes, Juana is one of those artists with a lot more talent than me. Now you may say, “Self,” the proper form of address when speaking to yourself, “Self, I’ve read his blog and seen his art and frankly being better than the Ole Trawler is something any artist should use as a starting point.” And all of that would be true, but when I say better, I mean a lot better, Kim Wurster, Dutch Mostert, S. L. Donaldson better. But don’t take my word for it, go and look and when you do take a towel cause you will weep bitter tears.

And while you are there, look at the whole site.

The blog section gives a rare look into the heart and mind of an artist while handing out some very thoughtful opinions about a bunch of stuff and a bit of travel talk too, so you don’t actually have to spend all that cash to fly to Japan and these days with cruise ships capsizing right and left you don’t want to take a boat and the train is out so there you are, read Juana’s notes about the time she spent in Japan learning just how to be so much better than the average bear.

The newsletter section of Juana’s site has information we could all use and a great tutorial on her own special work. Take the opportunity to see how one fantastic artist creates her images, it might just kick start your own ideas.

The notes on framing are important too. You know me and framing, anyone who speaks out for simple and elegant and not gold and baroque is my pal for life.

There’s so much more, The Medusa Series, cats and more notes on the advantages of rice paper, (Who knew? I was just eating it all of these years and then the Croaker got hold of me and one more vice bit the dust), while you are being dazzled by the Medusa Series don’t skip the figure portion of the program. Yes, it is a nekkid woman, thank you ever so much and I know how that frightens some of the natives, but artists do this sort of thing although most don’t do it this well.

There is far too much information and art to cover in a blog post. Do yourself a favor and just go to the site

I don’t think for a moment I’ve said the last about this artist and her wonderful art.

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