Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Juana Almaguer

I posted a coupla days ago a heads up about Juana Almaguer, the fantastic artist I met through Iprintfromhome.

I have had the very great pleasure of chatting with her several times over the last week and can say without reservation she is as gracious as she is talented and that is a lot of grace.

And she has generously allowed me to link to her Flickr pages so that you can take a look at her art without having to dig through the URLs.

So, without wasting any more space on my crap here is something worth looking at

Medusa III

medusa III

The last time I checked the classical Medusa was less attractive and more snakely but the Greek flavor is clearly there. Juana's art needs no Art Critic 101 analysis from me, but I can see a dozen uses for this one image. Better click on it and see the whole collection.

Euclid's Cat II

Euclids Cat II

You've probably already guessed I like cats a lot and so adding one more to my herd, (The correct name for a bunch of cats is a Nuisance of Cats, but Juana's cat isn't so I won't mention that collective title, but around my house they are and especially when they get under your feet and try to make you fall on your tookis just to laugh at the clumsy humans), was just the thing for a damp Tuesday morning.

My red cats never look this peaceful or angelic, but I guess it is possible if you have red tabbies which are not demon possessed.

Dualism I

Dualism I

A bit of Gemini or Janus here, wonderful images with a very classical period feel. How did this miss being carved on the Parthenon? Probably would have migrated to England and then I wouldn't have it to talk about on my blog.

Take a look at these images and then click on the image and go to the Flickr page for a more extensive look. The trip is worth every minute and you will be rewarded for your time. And come on, you spend a lot of time clicking around on the Internet and get nothing out of it. Okay, there are those sites, but we won't mention them here in the shadow of real art.

Yes, I do like Juana's art. It brings something different to what I see locally. It is both new and innovative and yet classical and rich in tradition. That is a hard melding and the mind behind such work deserves your complete and undivided attention.

Juana Almaguer, remember that name, you will see a lot more of it in publications with a richer and broader base than the ole Trawler.

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