Tuesday, May 29, 2012


You know I am a photographer so there’s no point in pretending I don’t get propaganda from photographer’s sites, newsletters and bulletins, I do. And once in a great while I get something that is not only useful to me, but I think ought to be shared with you and that’s what happened today.


To tell the truth I don’t even remember how I got on this list, but I am glad I did.


Take this article for instance, you know I am always harping on marketing, marketing, marketing and this is one of the reasons why. If you don’t you won’t…grow, develop or sell your work and that would be a shame.

I’ve met talented artists in this area who do not for some reason show. They have the skills, they produce great work, but they just can’t work up the whatever to show.

Notice I didn’t say courage even though it does take guts to show, no, courage is unique to each artist and I would never question anyone’s passion by implying they lack the courage to show. But if you don’t show you are lacking…


And this guy is right, it doesn’t matter what you look like when you are working, but when you go out to sell or show you’d better look substantial. Folks with money have a very narrow view of what sort of person they will trust and they won’t trust you if you dress like Shaggy on Scooby-Doo.


Have you been to the museum to take a long serious look at Expressions West? No, not many have and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. The show is one of the best we’ve had since I came to Coos Bay. The images are varied and imaginative, the work skilled and well crafted and the show is beautifully displayed. But it ain’t the usual birds and flowers. MWO you know who you are has a wicked sense of humor and has created an image which conveys both that sense of humor and a devilish world view.

Walk in through the door and you’ll see a working man complete with tools just waiting for the go ahead to make the building soar. Watch out for the rubber duckies and the extremely contortionistic athletic ladies doing things with their bodies God never intended for anything which is not now a pretzel. Who knew you could do that?

It’s all about seeing something different and letting that difference drive your creativity to new heights.


Okay, I’ll admit I’m no hotter for statements than I am for meetings, but there are those who find this sort of thing helps and me, I think if you get passion by painting yourself blue and running nekkid through Pony Village Mall then go ahead and do it. Watch out for little old ladies and kiddies cause they might be shocked at seeing all those jiggley bits doing the 1812 Overture, but who knows it might just be the inspiration they need to embark on a life of artistic expression. Maybe not.

There’s so much more to this newsletter and I have to admire anyone who takes up RV living on a permanent basis. I drove from Texas with nine cats, three dogs and a wife in a 30 and a half foot RV over Donner Pass and lived to tell the tale, but it only took eight days and when we landed we bolted from the RV like Bang Gunly! (Obscure Stan Freiberg reference, if you don’t know you should and if you do you are probably humming about Puffed Grass.)

So take a look and really look don’t just click on the links I supplied. Take a look at the whole enchilada. You’ll be better for it and might just manage to learn something from a photographer, oh my!

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