Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures on the Post Office Wall

The BAAA Boss Babe, S. L. Donaldson has kindly or wickedly forwarded the pictures of the Chalk It Up event and I thought I'd give you a taste and then send you to the Facebook link so that you could enjoy the "real" art.

Portland Bagel Company set a challenge for the participating artists, create a Mung Bunny, whatever that conjures up. They should have known better than to cut lose a bunch of wild Bohemian artists with a concept so open to interpretation.

What they got was like the old Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. The Ole Trawler supplied the latter and you'll have to check out the other images to discover which ones fall into what category.

Amazing how deceptive photography can be. From here this looks just like a serious artist concentrating on the creative process instead of the Ole Trawler trying desperately not to be horribly embarrassed by his lack of appreciable skills.

Again, the camera can be very kind, from this you would think that the Ole Trawler had labored mightily and produced a two fisted, bagel-eating, board-bunny complete with sun glasses and tie, cause no one wants to see a nekkid bunny.

Things like this should send you screaming to Facebook to see what the good artists produced and should shame the good artists among you for not showing up and keeping the Ole Trawler from casting a pall over the art community by the Bay.

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  1. Two good examples of "handsome" in one post.