Sunday, June 17, 2012


Sadly I have learned of the passing of Curt Hitch this past Wednesday.

I met Curt shortly after I landed in Coos Bay six years ago and while I could never claim to be a close friend I ran into Curt all around the area almost weekly for all of those six years. Just when you'd think, "I've found a place where Curt isn't" he'd show up either in person or some of his work. Not that that was a bad thing, Curt always had a friendly greeting and a kind word for one and all.

The scope of his work was wide and varied and he mastered most types of 2D art. I'm not at all sure I'll know I'm in the right place when the Maritime show opens and Curt isn't there.

Having escaped the clutches of the Croaker last summer and being on the right side of the grass I guess I've been lucky. You have to stop and think about the approaching sunset when someone like Curt joins the missing.

So thanks for the kindness you've shown over the years and for the gift of your art and I expect you to have all the good locations staked out when I get there. You think? I suppose, but if I don't you'll hold my spot for one of the others right?

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