Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chalk It Up

Were you at Chalk It Up?

If you weren’t why not and where were you and why didn’t you come out and enjoy a community activity where artists interact with real folks and sure it was scary and that’s part of the whole point to shake you out of your routine and do something which is so different that it might just strike a creative spark, but if you weren’t there then you don’t know so there’s not much point in preaching unless you want to be converted.

Portland Bagel Company was the prefect host and offered a dynamic venue for this sort of thing. The artists who did come out should be congratulated. Those who didn’t missed out.

The event, sponsored by BAAA allowed artists great, good and not so good, to work in a public place while the public milled around watching and if you don’t think having someone look over your shoulder while you try to make chalk into an image then clearly you are not going to march elephants over the Alps anytime soon and that will keep you from conquering Rome and what’s the point of having special skills if you aren’t going to use them to over-run an empire here and there?

It was all over far too soon and those who were there learned a thing or two and some won prizes and some just got out alive and that is nothing to sneeze at.

For details and the winners names, biographies, pictures, 8 X 10 glossies available at nominal prices, just 10% down and six hundred and forty-two equal payments of one pint of blood or more and you too can have a commemorative photo of this event, or you could just ask S.L. the BAAA Boss Babe and maybe she’ll let you off light.

Portland Bagel Company survived the whole thing and much to the surprise of the Ole Trawler so did he, so if you did you done good and if you didn’t you just dropped the ball.

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