Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mind Beading Experience

So I was telling you about my pal Nicole Campanella and why you should take a look at her jewelry and why it is Fine Art and why she gets to show at places like Mind Power Gallery in Reedsport which is a wonderful place to get your art seen by really nice folks and it is run by two wonderful women who work long hours keeping the doors open even though they could by all rights be out having mad monkey fun with all sorts of guy type people and but instead they stay hard at work doing all the things that need to be done to keep the power turned on and the doors open and they show people like BAAA Boss Babe S. L. Donaldson so you know just what sort of demanding, high-minded, exclusive, great, fine, exceptional taste they have and I would say more but then this story would be about them and not about Nicole and besides I missed my chance to meet them because some people were just too busy conducting business to introduce me but that’s okay cause business has to come before networking with crusty ole blog writers, so let’s move on to Nicole.

Nicole Campanella is a bead crafter/jewelry maker/entrepreneur/Internet Goddess of all Things and then some and mad fine blogger of good stuff.

And when you take this link you will wind up on a page where Nicole has the links to all of her many other Internet projects and marvelous things but don’t take my word for it click on a few of the links and see for yourself.

But since I can’t expect you to do all of the work all by yourself I’ll tell you, Nicole is an artist living and working in Florence. We met at Sage Gallery a coupla years ago, way back then I had no idea she was the Goddess of all things Internet just a bead girl from way up north an a very nice person. So I spent some time on the Web checking her out, looking at her site, you know getting to know her.

Yeah, I figured you’d rather hear about Nicole from Nicole instead of me rehashing it so go and read and then come back and I’ll go on and on about how good she really is, but instead of doing that and making you so bored you lose the will to live why don’t I just shut up and show you some of her art?

What I good idea, I hear you say, so let’s do that very thing.

Nicole has among her many travels and adventures formed a lasting connection with the Hispanic community and celebrates many of their arts in her own work. This piece, beautifully colored in amber and gold calls to mind the Day of the Dead, celebrated in Hispanic cultures on November the first. Why yes, it is very close and much like our own Halloween but with more gravity, respect and no Elvira.

But this doesn’t do it justice, let’s take a step back and look at the whole thing.

 Much better and of course suitably dramatic. Ya can’t have jewelry that just hangs there like a dead possum round your neck, what are ya some sort of redneck backwoods country cable guy looking for your own show on TNT?

Now there’s a face that mother would love. The custom is to decorate the house, street and wear masks all depicting the dead. Hey our kids watch Jason, Freddy and Michael kill off hundreds at the movies so don’t be so quick to pass judgment on another culture’s customs.

And one last thing, Cassandra Peterson isn’t the only beauty ready for late fall holidays. You don’t know who Cassandra Peterson is? Ms Peterson is none other than Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, the girl who owns Halloween. Ms Peterson has been quietly buying up Halloween centered merchandise for years and while she’s nowhere near hanging up her whalebone corset, at sixty she’s the sexagenarian with the mostest and likely to stay so for a long while, but if she ever decides all of that cleavage has given her a chill and wants to opt of a quieter life of contemplation, Ms Skelly is ready and willing to step in and take over the duties and responsibilities of Bone Babe in Chief!

But don’t stop here; take a look at all of Nicole’s work. I know you’ll be amazed and awed and astounded and will want to rush right out and stick up Seven Elevens or whatever it is that you do to raise money so that you can when you go to her website buy, buy, buy

Now aren’t you sorry you didn’t go see the Chainsaw Championships and stop in at Mind Power Gallery?

Photographs courtesy of Nicole Campanella Beadwright
©Nicole Campanella


  1. Nicole's jewelry is lovely. Wished I had more time to chat and get to know her. She makes the macabre both beautiful and stunning :)

  2. Nicole has an unusual Eye for this sort of work, but I do hope that you took a look at her site to get the full range of her skills and not just the tiny glimpse I offered. There's a lot more where this came from.