Sunday, January 8, 2012

This book should be a part of any artist's or museum's library.

Eustace Paul Ziegler was a man of great spiritual depth and artistic vision whose talents called him to the Pacific Coast at a time when Alaska and the Native Americans of the Northwest were as strange and exotic as the peoples of myth. Through his drypoint and woodcut prints Ziegler made a world of hardworking individuates assessable to the greater American public.

Ziegler went to Alaska as a lay missionary and for the next 60 years created images which told the story of the peoples, places, and wildlife that he encountered.

Throughout his life he struggled with his callings never, completing resolving whether he should be a minister or an artist. E. T. Stannard changed the direction of Ziegler's life when in 1911 he purchased a landscape painting for $150.00 which equaled 20% of Ziegler's annual income. The painting became part of the Alaskan steamship's company decor and Ziegler became a regularly employed artist for the company.

This book covers the entire working life of the artist along with generous illustrations of his work and informative text which leaves only one insufficient flaw, in the beginning of the book Sidney Laurence's name is misspelled.

Mr. Steven Broocks rescued the important work of this American artist with his vivid narrative and well chosen images. This book should be a part of any artist's or museum's library. Good read, enjoy.

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