Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Blog

            There are those among you who have lived exemplary lives and never brought harm to anyone nor missed an important date nor lost their keys, the dog never ate their homework and they have accomplished all of their deepest dreams.
And I hope they get athletes foot or the heartbreak of psoriasis.
But since they do exist I will offer them a chance to experience all of the pain and sorrow that the rest of us did when passing through the cruelest detention center of all, High School.
Let’s Blog.
You want to start a blog and you don’t know a thing about how to do it. You’d better think twice cause once it’s done it goes on and on forever.
And Lord can it eat; a blog has an appetite for words like a teenage boy does for pizza. So if you are going to do this thing, better be prepared to write and write and in your spare time write.
Now there are people out there who have so many things in their lives that they can fill up a blog with just the minutia of their lives and never have to write a word. Being a Kardashian isn’t just a career it’s a whole universe of its own.
(You do know that the Gabors did it all first. Three beautiful sisters and a fiercely controlling mother come from Hungary with nothing, but good looks and a fabulous sense of style. They did have class and two of them had wit and that is a helluva lot more than a dozen Kardashains.)
So I’ll assume that you don’t have a reality show of your own and you are not paid to go to clubs and party, wait that sounds like a lot of fun and they get paid for it too. I’m in the wrong business.
So since you don’t have a life filed with adventure you will have to find something which you are knowledgeable about, like a bunch and can find new and interesting things to say three hundred and sixty-five days a year.
Okay, that’s one thing out of the way; a Blog about crumpets will do just fine for starters. Just be sure you are talking about baked goods and not an unsavory class of street professionals cause if you are this will be a very popular but short-lived blog.
Now that you know what you are going to talk about, let’s figure out where you are going to put it.
There are two very popular and easily used free blog hosting services, Blogger, the parent site for the Ole Trawler and WordPress. I know a bunch about Blogger cause I’ve been using it for nearly three years. WordPress has a bunch of fans and I am sure that it is easy to use too.
I do know that with WordPress if you have a product that you want to flog and it isn’t a Kardashian you can probably just use it as your blog address. I tried several this afternoon and was able to get Jamoulks, the title of my unpublished novel, to pass and that would be wonderful if I wanted to blog about a novel that hasn’t been published and probably never will. But I haven’t given up hope yet and want to hold on tight to my Copyright so I can’t just stick it out there anywhere where anyone and their dog can copy it and later claim it as their own although I can’t imagine why cause I haven’t been able to figure out how to market it to agents yet and I can’t see how someone who didn’t write it could do any better, so I’m probably just being silly, but that’s why I didn’t finish the process to set up a WordPress blog.
So if you have a product which lends itself to instant marketing, maybe WordPress is the way for you to go.

But for me Blogger has always worked just fine. I have the Trawler, and umpirsongs, a web site and Mycroft Art another web site and they are all set up under Blogger which should indicate just how easy it is to do cause if I can manage to create three different sites you ought to be able to do just one.

So Blogger or WordPress they are the top dogs and both have nifty online tutorials which should guide you through the set up.
The simplest way to describe the difference is a web site can do many things like flog merchandise and hold pictures. A blog can do the same things but it needs words and a lot of them on a regular basis.
Do you have things to say about a bunch of subjects? Choose a blog. Do you have something you want to share with the rest of the world and possibly sell, choose a web site?
Or you can do the reverse and use a blog to sell and a website to publish. Hey, it’s the Internet and there are no rules.
I have enjoyed the heck out of trying to find something new and different to say every day and I plan on doing it till they cart me away to the old fart’s home.
Whatever you choose, send me the link. I had a bunch of good folks help me by allowing a link and I’d be happy to return the favor.

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