Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baked Art

And while we’re on the subject of alternate definitions for art, let me suggest baking.

Oh sure, we all do it, even the Ole Trawler himself has been known to whip out a Brownie pan and bake some cream cheese swirl Brownies. But even in my most self-serving moments I wouldn’t call them art. They taste good and I’ve never seen any get thrown out, but art, not so much.

Shhhhhhhhh! You want my doctor to hear? I have never baked nor eaten a Brownie since I became an Insulin Dependant Diabetic.

But that doesn’t keep me from remembering or appreciating the fine art of baking.

This brings me to Charleston,

Cantrell’s Bakery has just opened in Oyster Square and you should go there and buy a ton of stuff and eat until your eyes bulge cause I can’t, but I’d like to and if you do then maybe I won’t make funny little animals noises every time I drive past the shop cause I have to do it almost every day because it is between me and my post office box.

And if you time it right you can stop at Miller’s at the Cove which is right next door and get a huge 10oz Miller burger to make a balanced and proper meal out of all of the sweets which you are going to get at Cantrell’s bakery.

The Long Suffering has declared that Cantrell’s Bakery should be put on the list of National Monuments and I think she just might get Congress to do it seeing as how she is a registered voter and this is an election year and the politicos are out looking under leaves, and rocks and twigs beating the bushes, which is not to be confused with the Bushes, cause even though the Georges are dorks, Laura is pretty special and Barbara is the National Grandma so you won’t see any Bush beatings around here, for votes which is why the Long Suffering just might get her way.

Now I recommend you go to Cantrell’s Bakery site where you will find a flock of wonderful pictures of the food that Laura whips up taken by her Long Suffering Michael who is an excellent camera type guy photographer person. If that doesn’t get your motor running you have a serious problem. With all of the long dark days this time of year you need a load of sugar to keep the Blues away even though playing the Blues on your entertainment center CD player is an excellent way to motivate yourself to work long and hard in the studio and then after all of that work you know you need a piece of cake to keep your energy up, so go to Cantrell’s Bakery and buy a coupla muffins cause you know that when the rest of the county finds out that you’ve been to the bakery they’ll drop by unexpectedly and eat you out of house and home and then there you’ll be with nothing, but a plate full of crumbs and a burning desire to go back to Charleston.

Which is a good thing cause Charleston has a lot of nifty, neat and cool places for you to eat lunch while you are there shopping at Cantrell’s Bakery like High Tide Café.

And while you are High Tide eating yourself silly be sure to take note of the art on display and then since life has been exceptionally good to you letting you eat at all of these good places and getting treats from the bakery you can make a donation to the Charleston Food Bank, cause there are a lot of people who are not as fortunate and who need food to keep warm and don’t have a pocket full of loot to blow on lunches out and treats from the bakery.

And if you buy any of Carol Miranda’s art there at High Tide 20% goes directly to the Charleston Food Bank so you can get some great art for your house to make it more attractive while you are stuffing your face with baked goods and watching all of the mid-seson replacement programs on TV. And if you do you’ll be doing a good turn for those who can’t do for themselves.

Charleston is a wonderful boutique community with a  rich and interesting history and it is home to none other than Charles of Charleston himself, who happens to have a show of his own at the Coos Art Museum and that is another reason for you to go to Charleston and take in all of the special sites and sounds so that when you see the work of Charles and all the rest of the Plein Air painters group, you didn’t really think Charles did it all by himself did you, no matter what he says, you will know where all of the goodies came from.

And now you should be hungry and restless and on your way to Charleston, but remember Cantrell’s Bakery doesn’t open until Wednesday so you actually have three days to kill and doing all of the other things I mentioned will get you in the mood for some of that baked wonderfulness.

Or you could go out on a crab boat and work the pots for a month or more and lose all of the weight you gained over the holidays and come back lean and mean and ready for a trip to the bakery. Whaddya think?


  1. Thanks for the wonderful mention on your Blog! See you at the bakery!

  2. I've eaten my way through most of what I bought and don't have a shred of guilt. That means I'll have to head back to refuel, refill and replenish in the very near future!