Monday, January 2, 2012

Head Start

Are you ready to sell your work?

It’s too expensive, too labor intensive, too many materials to make it worth while.


Selling your work is the thing you should be striving for. How else will you fund your art? How will you buy the necessary advertising, find the right markets show at the right shows? Sure if you are independently wealthy then there’s no problem, but if you are like the generations of artists who can before, you are never in the money, or at least not enough so that you can do all that needs doing without growing strange herbs or performing acrobatic contortions for fun and profit.

No, save your sacroiliac and avoid a length stay in one of Oregon’s fine permanent rest facilities, show, promote and sell your art.

And it so happens I have a plan for you. No, I wasn’t able to find one which was free, but I did come across some things which you might be able to use which are so low coast that they are alibi busters.

This is the gateway link to Documounts. These guys have everything you need to mount, display and sell your art.

But that’s not the part I wanted you to see. No the really good stuff is here:

Under Pick a Product scroll down to 11 X 14 double (mat) white and take a look. They are selling a 25 pack of double white mats, with clear envelopes for $66.25! That my friends is $2.65 a package. If you are printing your own or going through Iprintfromhome

where an 8 X 10 Glossy is $2.00 and an 8.5 X 11 is $3.00 you can put together a complete package of image, clear bag and mat for less than six dollars. That means you can turn it around for ten bucks if you want to fly on the cheap or fifteen if you want to go out for dinner after the show.

Think about it a complete package ready to market and you don’t need a twenty dollar bill. You can give out full-sized samples of your work and not break the bank. The only sad part is at that price when you write it off as a tax deduction you only stick Uncle Sam for the price of a Grande Carmel Macchiato.

Yes, I know you do REAL art, you’re a painter. And I have been nagging and begging and pleading for you to get Giclees made of your work so that when opportunities like this come along, you’ll be ready. You should have done this weeks ago and this will only help get your name out there.

You can never be too ready to make a sale. If a top=notch artist like Dutch Mostert will do the little coastal fairs and festivals are you too good to follow suit? Best not.

What about those opportunities to exchange your work for someone else’s skills? Do you want to bear the price of a frame which may or may not be compatible with the other guys taste? A matted print allows the recipient to make their own decisions about framing and still let’s you come off as a professional.

Tuck one of those logo enhanced business cards we talked about yesterday into the package or if you are the prissy type, spray it with spray mount and stick it to the outside of the envelope. There you did a good deed and got your product out into the market place.

A new year means a new chance to make an impact on the world. Take it by the horns and get off to a good start, get your motor running, head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes your way…

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