Sunday, November 13, 2011

PSA No Art Here

If you've read any of this blog you know my summer time visit to the hospital left me with an insulin dependent diabetic problem.

This wasn't so bad and I've adjusted to the routine of giving myself insulin shots several times a day, so that wasn't a problem, no the only problems I've had was with my meter.

For those of you with working parts a meter is a diabetic's lifeline, it measures the blood sugar in your body at any given time and warns you if you are getting too high or too low. I’ve been taking my blood sugar since 2000 so I have a bit of experience doing it, but my doctor seems to think if she can't keep an eye on me I'll fall face first into the nearest Ben and Jerry's carton, so I had to get a new meter. Truth be told it is nifty, neat and cool, it takes just five seconds to do the test and it can be hooked up to a computer and downloaded so the ole Croaker can have a minute to minute reading on just how I am doing. Fine and dandy, but now I have two older meters which work great, but I can't use them because the nice folks at the insurance company will only give me test strips for the new meter.

Now when I became a diabetic I had a pal,who was also a diabetic and he loaned me his old meter so that I had one and could test right away and not wait on the insurance company's good will. Seems like the right thing to do and I would like to pay back his generosity by doing the same, except I moved. Now I'm living here in beautiful downtown Coos Bay and I don't know anyone who has been recently diagnosed with diabetes.

So here's what I'd like to do. I have two ACCU-CHEK Advantage meters both working fine until I ran out of test strips and I would love to give them to someone who needs a meter but is waiting on their insurance to okay it or just can't afford to buy one. So if you know someone or have heard of someone through your church or civic organization have them contact me here at the Trawler and I will give two lucky folks a semi-new blood sugar testing meter for absolutely nothing but a phone call or an email. I just have the two so first come first serve. And yes, if you know of a deal like the Lions Eye Bank where they recycle old glasses only its meters, let me know about that too.

I've posted links to images of the styles of the meters, but can't vouch for the advertising copy.

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