Saturday, November 19, 2011

Naked Ambition

It’s the weekend and time to put work aside and have fun, fun, fun till your daddy takes your T-bird away. That’s what the Beach Boys said and it’s still true. Okay, maybe daddy won’t take your T-bird away cause it’s a gas guzzler and you’ve traded it in on a Prius or decided if you’re gonna support the Middle East and their excessive way of life you should at least be comfortable and you bought a block long Suburban.

No matter what you did its time to sharpen your skills and get free of all your limitations. The way to do that is to take one a challenge that you would never do and couldn’t care less about but some nutcase on a Blog said you wouldn’t do it and now you have to cause you just can’t let a dare pass and no one calls you chicken.

Boy am I glad we got that out of the way, cause I want you to do something different and have some fun and you just can’t do that if you are scrunched up and getting ready for a fight.

Oh what you asked? I want you to draw, paint, sculpt, carve or weave a pin up. Now traditionally pin-ups are goil type people, but this is modern times, this is 2011 so if you want to do a cabaña boy of a himbo go right ahead.
Why in the world would you do such a thing?

First because it’s fun and then because it will sharpen you grasp of anatomy and it’s a traditional sort of thing for artists to do.

“Modern art is what happens when painters stop looking at girls and persuade themselves that they have a better idea.”
So let’s all practice not having a better idea.

Seriously, pin ups have been scattered through out our history. When archaeologists began uncovering Pompeii they were shocked at the graphic and colorful frescos they found on the walls. They assumed that Pompeii was a Sin City like Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Nope, it was just a summer-time retreat for the folks of Rome. They went to get away from the heat, the noise and the crush of Rome and they came to Pompeii to have a good time, hubba, hubba.

And because they didn’t have the Internet they painted their tweets on the walls. The pin up was born.

Probably not, I’m guessing some Paleolithic cave guy drew his honey on the wall of a cave in southern France, but maybe the paleontologists covered it up because they didn’t figure we, that’s you and me, not being paleontologists were not ready to know that or ancestors liked girls.

How the heck did they figure we got here with ancestors who did not like girls?

Never mind, fast forward to our era and the wars we have fought. Now to get a guy to go out and face death for the sake of his countrymen is a difficult thing unless you have Bob Hope and a tent full of frisky girls to show around to the boys in the war zone. And when Bob isn’t around what’s more natural than for the boys to paint their memories of those frisky girls on the nose of their planes, I got to tell you, if I were on one of those daylight bombing missions where most of the time the planes did not come back I would certainly prefer to follow a pretty girl to my death than to do it for some old nasty cigar smoking general.

Just look at our own time, Christina Aguilera does an Andrews sisters’ number with saltier lyrics, I’ll grant you and Katy Perry does a pin up look every third CD cover. Christina Hendricks was just another redheaded actress until someone got the bright idea to do a show about Fifties admen and then with a bit of vintage clothing and a retro hair style, Ms Hendricks was transformed into a busty pin up from another age.

All of these Gen X’ers and Y’ers are doing pin up looks and why, because there’s just no substitute for blatant sex appeal when it comes to marketing a product which no one needs, doesn’t make you smarter, better looking or richer but which the artist has to sell so that they can continue to live a life with no restrictions.

Pin ups will always be with us. And they can be a lot of fun. Take a look at the playful Vargas girls. They are fun to look at because they are beautiful and because they seem to be having one helluva time.

And you should get in on that fun. Try a pin up or two before the folks arrive and the bird is done.

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