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Part of the "30 Parks by 30 Artists" project, Sherry Howk's watercolor painting depicts fishermen loading their gear at Riley Ranch's Butterfield Lake.


Over the past seven years, the Coos County Cultural Coalition has granted more than $62,000 to 90 individual and non-profit group applicants in various fields of arts and culture. In 2012 the Cultural Coalition will be able to distribute at least $11,000 to qualified applicants.

The Cultural Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, financially independent of county government. The awards are funded in large part by state of Oregon Cultural Trust funds. However, the Coos County Cultural Coalition also needs members of our community to invest at the local level in its 2012 grant program. Grant applications are being accepted now and until February 29, 2012. Awards will be made on April 12, 2012.

Helping is easy. Let’s say you give $500 – the maximum for an individual; for a couple it’s $1,000, and it’s $2,500 for a business -- to the Coos County Cultural Trust for us to grant to local cultural groups or individuals. Then match it with an equal donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust. Combined your two gifts of $500 are a $1,000 deduction from your taxable income. Plus, the $500 donation to the state Cultural Trust is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in what you owe in state income tax (called a tax credit).

The Coos County Cultural Coalition address is P. O. Box 1091, Coos Bay, OR 97420. The matching donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust cannot exceed the amount donated to the local organization(s), please see more below. The Oregon Cultural Trust address is 775 Summer Street, NE, Suite 20, Salem, OR 97301.

If you or your accountant would like further information on this way of giving to cultural growth in your community, please log onto the Oregon Cultural Trust web site at and find the video link at the right of the screen entitled "Donate, Match, Get the Whole Match Back!" For more information on the benefits to Coos County please log onto the Cultural Coalition web site at

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