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London Calling Exhibition at OCCCA

London Calling Exhibition at OCCCA

A formidable group of emerging Contemporary British Artists represented by the London gallery, Debut Contemporary, located in Notting Hill, London, set foot in LA from the 21st of December, 2011 to the 12th of January, 2012, to showcase their work at The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, in Santa Ana, CA, one of the longest running co-op galleries in the United States.

Their roster of artists reads like a who's who of the young UK art scene, including Rosie Emerson, Tahnee Lonsdale + Agnetha Sjogren. Works by these and other collectible artists will be available for sale at OCCCA. We will be showing by appointment over the holidays.

Exhibition Dates: December 21, 2011 - Jan 12th, 2012

Opening Reception: January 7th, 2012. 6pm to 10pm

Rosie Emerson, "Goddess # 2"

Rosie Emerson has always had a long-standing obsession with silhouettes and female iconography, drawing reference from archetypes old and new, from Artemis to the modern day super model. The works aim to both celebrate, and offer a mild critique on the depiction of women, and explore her wider feelings towards seduction, aesthetics, objectification and 'spectacle' all interwoven within figurative works of art. Inspired to 'make real' her drawings, her work has recently moved into photography, which has bought the work full circle from it's roots in subverting fashion advertising using paint and collage

Lloyd Durling, "California"

Lloyd Durling's modestly sized drawings are made from an innumerable amount of strokes that form a field not dissimilar to thin washes of paint. Created using commonplace drawing tools, predominately felt-tip pen and graphite, the images are both animated and claustrophobic. Durling's visual vocabulary explores the relational and negative space, which is heightened by his employment of the silhouette. The production of physical form, albeit flat, is created by filling in the space directly around the image, or working "back to front." In Parade, the (positive) background, hashed out of a sea of silver graphite, creates a (negative) skeleton figure on the paper's white surface. Durling has illustrated a distilled lurking quietness in these drawings. Apparent tranquility is undercut by small pictorial details that suggest potential loss and offer a glimpse at possible catastrophe amid a quiet existence. Behind the inviting fa├žade is the reality of how we could live with practically nothing and nothing practical.

Masa Suzuki, "Beggar"

Masa Suzuki uses traditional Japanese techniques of wood carving in the process of making works which focus on the differences and disjunctions between the religious practices and cultures in the West and in the Orient, and the `mis-readings' that occur between the two cultures.

Recent works relate to his interest in the homeless people who beg for money on London's streets. He is very interested in them because he feel that they reflect one of the ironies of British culture. Their lives are supported by the Christian virtue of charity. In Christian cultures, it is a virtue to help those who are suffering and those who are poor. Suzuki also believes in this Chiristian virtue of charity which has indeed helped many people, but also realises that it can be problematic-there is the risk that beggars may use the money that they are given to buy alcohol or drugs, which may worsen their situation.

Tahnee Lonsdale, "Albert Park"

"When I am halfway there with a painting, it can occasionally be thrill-ing.. But it happens very rarely; usually it's agony. I go to great pains to mask the agony. But the struggle is there. It's the invisible enemy."

I paint what I think - not what I see. What I paint is a reflection of me and an expression of how I view the world. Loneliness and melancholy are ever looming in my work. The lost and lone bear looking into the depths of a dark forest, a single character in a large paintscape. Although sin-ister at first appearance there is not anything to fear but fear itself. For instance, in 'A Forest...' it is the fear of losing oneself, like in a dream when something is not as it should be.

Twinkle Troughton, "The Secret of England's Greatness"

"I make work which is heavily influenced by Britain both now and as it was 2-300 years ago. I'm questioning a lot of our cultural habits inherited through generations. I guess I'm looking at how on the surface everything changes yet underneath many things don't change at all."

Please Join Us!

Seabirds food truck will be serving on the opening

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

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Opening events sponsored by Reed's

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