Saturday, March 7, 2015

Don't Touch That Dail

Staying home on a Saturday night? Have you checked your Fuddy lately? Staying home on a Saturday night is a sure sign that you are in the twilight of your days. Neil Diamond said it best, "On a Sunday or a Monday you can't do it right, ain'tcha glad we have Saturday night!"

So refuse that Duddy, get out and get moving, get down to the Egyptian, where you were planning on going one of these days anyway and stop by the Coos Community Radio fund raiser, Get hip, get cool and get your groove on,

And the next time you get in the car and hear the same five songs on six different stations be glad you have a station of your very own, playing actual grown-up music with those over looked frills and extras like tune and verse.

This can only happen if you care enough to get off the couch and support the movement to bring music back to the Bay Area air waves and leave the "other guys" to play the latest thing even if you can't hum along.

Now don't claim you can't find the Egyptian in beautiful downtown Coos Bay. It's the theater that looks like King Tut's tomb and sits in the middle of the highway. I know you've been to Benetti's so look across the street. That's it and now all you have to do is show up!

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