Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monday, Monday

Hi Everyone,
The Monday Plein Air painters will be at the historic Hughes House, 91816 Cape Blanco Road, Port Orford.  We paint 10 – 2:30 then gather at the end to look at all the paintings.
There is also a small pioneer cemetery nearby.  At the end of the road is the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, so lots of historical choices.
Please bring food and beverages as there are no stores at the site, unless you want to drive further to Port Orford, (or you could shop in Langlois on the way, if you are going south of Bandon to get there).
Here is a link to information if you would like to read up on the area.   or   
To get there: From Highway 101, 4.5 miles north of Port Orford or 26 miles south of Bandon, travel west on Cape Blanco Road. After you cross the marshy bottomland, the road begins to climb and soon you will see a sign on your right, then the entrance to the house.

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