Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Did You do Over The Weekend?

I hope you managed to get out and about this weekend. I hadn’t realized it has been a year since I was last in Bandon.

Seems last year I went to Windfest and then immediately had a close encounter with an enraged gall bladder. My how time files when they are giving you really strong drugs.

But this year I went to Windfest and came back with nothing but some happy memories and a bag of treats my doctor would never approve of.

We started the day with a stop at the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. This is locate on Seven Devils Road past Charleston. Just turn off on Seven Devils if you can avoid the head-on charge of on-coming traffic and drive until you lose the will to live. Okay, okay it isn’t that far but it seems like it.

Once you do get there you’ll find a beautiful visitor’s center where you can learn about all of the slime and ooze that makes up the estuary soup, buy nifty, neat and cool stuff to keep for yourself or to send to relatives living in parts of the country where an estuary is what happens when you need balancing hormones and see the wonderful art of Susan and Steve Dimock.

Yes, you do or you have been living under a rock for the last five or six years. The Dimocks have been winning shows and having their art published all over the place, not the lest of which, places not show, is Oregon Coast Aquarium.

But just in case you have been living under a rock I’ll add a link to their sites, yes, they have a his and hers so that you won’t get confused, and you can go and see for yourself.

That is just one of the pictures on display and you should see it and think about buying it because unlike the latest ipiddle it won’t be obsolete in a year and a halkf and if you buy it you can enjoy it until the prescription on your glasses needs to be checked.

There’s one apiece and you should take a long look at the site and ten hurry to the Estuary and see the show and maybe buy one or more of the photos there cause great art can’t be replaced but the latest ididdle can and will be so why not buy something which will last and last?

And the drive on down the road to Bandon where you won’t get to see Windfest cause it I all ready over but if you have been just a bit quicker you could have gone and seen all things that there were to see and all the site sand sounds and you would have been amazed. And yu could have see S. l. Donaldson’s work which was there for sale and you could have bought a piece or two and then in one weekend you could have had work by Susan and Steve Dimock and S. L. Donaldson and doesn’t not going and buying make you feel like you waste your time?

But have heart you can still see Susan and Steve Dimock’s work, it will be at the Estuary, you just won’t get to meet the artist and that is a shame because for two people who are so talented they are also some of the nicest people you will ever meet but you squandered your chance so now you’ll just have to look at their art.

S.L. Donaldson has art at the Bandon Coffee Café where you can also get a cup of joe, a treat for the trip back to Coos Bay and lunch if all that driving and arting has made you desperately hungry.

So even though you wasted your weekend you can still see that art of these three gifted artists and I say that with a great deal of spite and unbridled envy cause the Dimocks do work I can only wish I had done and S.L. does work I cannot do so I ma just SOL on the whole deal but don’6t you be, go to the Estuary and Bandon and be informed, inspired and educated!

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