Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sage News

Hello Creative Friends,

This is just a brief hello; we hope you are having a

delightful summer, staying cool and safe.

Our new newsletter is out and on our website,

I have opted to just send a quick note to direct you to the

site, because we have been having an impossible time of

getting our emails to go through, with our entire


We are working on a remedy for the situation. In the

meantime, please visit our site and call if you have any

questions. (541) 329-0303.

We have some great workshops happening soon...

Donna Wright will be doing a collage/ acrylic pour and multi


class Aug. 25th and is also having a book signing earlier

the same

day. Sas Colby is also joining us in September, for Art As

Improvisation II, A full description for Sas' class is on

the home page of our website and we want all to be sure to

know that she is covering all new material in this year's

class. The registration deadlines are rapidly approaching,

so don't miss out!

See you soon at Sage, Anne

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