Thursday, July 7, 2016

Philately First Aid

In one of those rare moments of dedication, ambition and zeal, the Long Sufferin’ cleaned out a drawer…and there in the bottom was an envelope containing stamps for the World War II era and some foreign countries.

Now among the many and diverse talents the Ole Trawler has, stamp collecting is not one of them. In fact Philately was considered one of the seven deadly sins in ole Gravel Pit where I grew up and I never ventured into sacred and hollowed precincts of the stamp world.

This means I have no idea what to do with this treasure trove, if it has any value, any historical significance or any collecting merit.

So if you happen to practice philately, strictly in the privacy of your own home, and with the full approval of Tarsus the Good, could you give me a jingle? You can email the Ole Trawler right here at or 541-260-5352

I have a thing for old cameras and know how it would sadden me to see an old war horse cast aside so I don‘t want to cast out the stamps just because I am too ignorant to know what to do with them.

All you Trawleristas give a shout if you know anything

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