Saturday, July 30, 2016

Coming Apocalypse

"Apocalypse Carousel"
Fiber art by Andrea Ros; Kelp art by Catherine LongSpinner
August 1 - September 30th
Attached: Phoenix Rising by Andrea Ros; Kelp basket by Catherine LongSpinner

Beginning on August 1st and running through September 30th, the Bandon Library Art Gallery features fiber art tapestries by Andrea Ros and woven kelp baskets and other items by Catherine LongSpinner.
Using vivid colors, intricate thread work, and painterly compositions Andrea Ros creates tapestries out of felted wood and other fibers. Like traditional woven tapestries some of these pieces tell stories, often using fantastical and romantic elements. Phoenixes rise, ships are tossed on violent, creature-filled seas, the very skies split open to reveal multiple dimensions. If this is an apocalypse, it's a beautiful one. But any whimsy in these pieces is counterbalanced by their impeccable execution. With the rigor and seriousness of a painter in oils, Andrea works to excavate and express the depths latent in her materials. Her colors are deep and brilliant, her subjects intriguing, the final product convincing as a new kind of tapestry. Her Apocalypse Carousel is a delightful ride.
Seaweed, stones, shells, driftwood, and of course, Bull Kelp, are the ingredients with which Catherine LongSpinner creates her charming baskets, boxes, and wreaths. The sea gives up a constant supply of raw materials to this inventive and enterprising artist, who sees the myriad small glories left behind when the spindrift recedes, while most of us walk on. A former mosaic artist used to the idea of using flotsam and jetsam to make unique pieces of art, Catherine is in the ranks of contemporary crafters who have mastered the use of up- and recycled materials in their work.
The show runs Tuesday through Saturday, August 1st through September 30th.

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