Sunday, July 5, 2015


Once again The World’s Greatest Soccer Team stands for the Colors against the world and they did it with a ton of criticism, complaints and nay-saying. They did it; they never let the whiners, the doubters, the casual fans, those who don’t know a single name besides Alex Morgan, all bitching, moaning and nit-picking.

They face a serious opponent, Japan and they take the game, the opponent and the expectations seriously.

How much more pressure could they be under? Abby’s last World Cup, the Talking Heads demanding that they win, the public celebrating before the game starts.

Now listen to the ole Trawler, win or lose they are the best and brightest and they deserve the admiration and the adulation of every watching person.

Ask Germany, the best can and frequently does lose.

But this group of women have brought a game which nobody in the stateside press really understands and made it the dream of every child and arm-chair athlete. They did it with three percent of the prize money of the men’s game and yet the men’s game doesn’t get or deserve a tenth of the press the women get. They did it with grit, (If you still believe soccer is a non-contact sport you’ve never seen these women play. Alexandra Popp could tell you a thing or two about how non-contact it is), guts and grime and they are still expected to put on the war paint and smile like a beauty contestant when the press conference comes around.

And thank God they don’t give a shit! Abby had the answer, “All I want when the final whistle sounds is to have one more goal than they do.”

Abby may not play, but don’t think for a moment that her broad back didn’t bring this team to the top of the world. One of the strikers will win the Golden Ball, best player in the World Cup, and Megan Rapinoe won’t care, she did all she needed to do on the pitch. Klingenberg and Krieger won’t be on the cover of Cosmo, they’ll be too busy working in the trenches.

That’s the way this team works, they do the job, for their country, their sport and for each other and we have the privilege of watching. . .

Team USA

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