Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pop Goes the Artist

Deryl, hi!

I am a member of Coos Art Museum and my husband and I have both shown our work there.  We live in the Tillamook area (Netarts), but have plans to retire to Roseburg, where we own a condo.  I currently have work in the Sales/Rental Gallery at CAM.  Our good friend, Jon Leach, also a CAM member and a frequent exhibitor there, is participating in our show.   I tell you all of this so that it doesn't seem completely random that you are getting a notice about Tillamook's 1st Pop Up show!  Bruce and I and three other artists have organized the show, scheduled to open August 14th.  Attached is the invitation, in hopes that you will send it to your mailing never know, there may be people planning a trip to the north coast in August!
Thank you so much for your consideration!

Connie Vincent

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