Tuesday, October 21, 2014


You may have noticed the Ole Trawler hasn't been writing much lately and that's mostly my fault cause I have been suffering from the Donwannas.

But I have been busy with several other projects and that brings me back to the point which I hate cause I rather beat around the bush and fill up this post with words, but I suppose you have things to do a don't want to spend the whole afternoon waiting for the Ole Trawler to get around to coming to the point so I will.

A few weeks back the Museum had it's Fall Fling for the Arts and they put on a Mystery Dinner show and I had the joy and privilege of heading up the production.

Now this was not new and different for the Ole Trawler cause in another life that's what I did. I ran Poison Pen Murder Mysteries of Dallas for fifteen years and in my spare time I wrote eighteen murder mysteries which are still hanging around to this very day. But writing and producing a mystery which you wrote is something very different from taking one someone else wrote and trying to make it fit with what the buyer needs and finding the people with the right chemistry to make up the cast and getting them all in one place at one time and then getting them to do what you think needs to be done so that the nice folks who come through the door will be entertained and not annoyed and they won't cut up feather pillows and start boiling tar and act like the peasants in a Frankenstein movie even though it is awfully close to Halloween and 'Dear' Boris', (Would he have lived forever) birthday but getting hot sticky tar off can be a real chore so you can see why I wasn't in a hurry for that to happen so it was a good idea to do it right in the first place and not get tarred and feathered and so that's what I did.

And I had the help of seven wonderful people who have real lives and jobs and they do all of the things that you do only they took on the extra work of doing this mystery and they are the ones who really deserve the credit, but there was one tiny little problem...

Since the Ole Trawler was in the thick of it and had his hands full and couldn't break character to get out and take pictures there are no pictures of the wonderful people who brought this mystery to life and they are the ones who did all of the hard work and they deserve all of the credit cause it was a big hit and that was a good thing for the Museum and they made a dollar so they were happy and they folks who came were baffled and mystified and confused and that is what is supposed to happen with a mystery and some of that was even because they couldn't figure out how to play and not because of the actual mystery but that's okay because it was supposed to be confusing and baffling and mystifying so it worked out and everyone had a good time except the Ole Trawler cause he has no pictures of the guys who did all of the hard work and how can he applaused and congratulate and flatter and toady if he doesn't have any pictures to wave about and call attention to the guys who did all of the hard work?

So if you went to the Fall Fling for the Arts and took pictures with your vastly inferior iPhone or telephone camera or spy cam instead of having on hand a 'real' camera like the Ole Trawler told you you should have, could you please share them with the Trawler so that he can make sure that all of the hard working actors get the praise they richly deserve?

Tell you what, send them to the Trawler at

If you don't trust the Trawler with your pictures send them to


so that we can get a complete look at what the mystery was like for the people who were not doing it.

It is so hard to do something and be outside doing the other something which needs doing and so you don't do either very well and I thought it was probably best to do the mystery part better than to take pictures so I did the mystery, but you can see how that would limit the time I had to take pictures.

So if you have any pictures of the Mystery at the Museum I would love to see them and thank you for doing what I didn't have time to do cause I was doing the other thing which needed doing.

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