Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shameless Self-promotiopn

If you take The World and if you don't why not and don't you know daily, local newspapers are dying and if you don't take the paper we will have nothing to read but asprin labels at the drugstore and taht won't take up much time and besides you can't wrap watermelon rind in asprin labels, well you could but it would take more than one and if you take that much asprin you won't be reading anything you'll be in the hospital and that isn't any fund take it from me cause jsut about a year ago iwas there and I didn't ahve any fun and I got way behyind in doing stuff and I'd rather be doing stuff tham be in the hospital so read the World and don't go to the hospital.

And if you read The World you know that the 2012 Best of the South Coast ballots are ready for filling out and you should especially if you read this blog cause I have a thing I want you to do.

I want you to cross out the word club on the service club blank and write in blog, then I want you to write in the name of your favorite artcentric blog, The South Coast Trawler and then I want you to go buy another paper and do it all over again. And if you can't afford another paper I want you to gull, pester and bully your friends and neighbors until they do the same just to shut you up.

And while you are doing it you could also take the opportunity to write in in the photographer blank, Kelle Herrick, Susan and Steve Dimmock, Mike Holm or the Ole Trawler himself cause in spite of knowing that what they really want in this blank is the name of some commercial photographer who buys add space from the paper we could take advantage of this chance and write in the name of a Fine Art photographer and get one of our own some desperately needed publicity. Okay, maybe desperate isn't the right tone, but publicity is a good things and with Kelle having a show and tell coming up at Second Street and then the bird oracle at the hospital a little extra juice wouldn't be such a bad thing so go and buy those papers!

And if you have any trouble filloing out the rest of the spaces just ask me, I've always said the judging at these art shoiws would be so much better if they'd just ask me first so why don't you set a good example and ask me first and then we can show The World, local and the world, global just how clever and discriminating artists can be!

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