Monday, July 2, 2012

From Susan Lehman

Kelle Herrick, local wildlife photogragher has created a fabulous set of cards for the GAMES PEOPLE PLAY show which opens at the Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center this coming SUNDAY JULY 8TH.

The reception, which is from 1-3 pm, will feature music by Crystal Landucci on accordian and Myriam Harvey on Violin. The show was inspired by Crystal's collection of Chinese Checkers Boards, and will include games people have collected; games they have invented; photos or paintings of people playing games; and photos or paintings of the psychological games people play.

It's not too late to be included: bring your contributions to the hospital this THURSDAY JULY 5TH AT 9 AM.

Join us for fun and games AND have your fortune told by the bird oracle!

NOTE FROM KELLE HERRICK, creator of the brand-new bird oracle, making its WORLD PREMIERE this coming sunday!:

I just wanted to say that The Bird Oracle will be telling fortunes at the Game Show opening if you want to advertise this, uh, perk for attendees!

(for entertainment purposes only). ha ha!

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