Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Look Around

Did you ever look at one of those puzzle pictures, the one where if you take a look really quickly it seems to be one thing but if you think about it for just a second or so it becomes a completely different thing?

Yeah it is amazing to think that one image could change completely not by altering it with a computer or by redrawing it but just a shift in your thinking changes everything.

That’s true for more than just the puzzle pictures.

If you change the way you look at things they often become much more than they were.

The secret writers love but seldom share is that when you write your are trying to accomplish just one thing, you want the reader to say, “What happened next?”

Now there are all kinds of ways you can do that and they’ve all been done a hundred or more times so its not a huge hidden thing which only the chosen few can find, its just a trick of the mind cause what you want to do is show the reader an image which looks just like something they know and then switch it so that it becomes a completely different thing.

And you as an artist should know about this and do it in your art cause there aren’t all that many different images people can look at but there are a whole lot of ways that they can see the same image of something which they see every day but you as the artists found a new way of looking at it and now it has become something completely different.

I do a lot of this with photography. You see as a photographer I am limited to what the camera sees. I can’t change the palette or the setting or take one element from here and move it to there and make a new and exciting picture from something just well…ordinary.

I can’t until I get back to the computer where because of the wonders of 0’s and 1’s I can change things to look a lot different than what I actually saw.

A new discover in chemistry?

Nope, it’s the Christmas decorations in downtown Coos Bay given a healthy tweak in PhotoShop Elements and now it becomes crystalline magic.

Is it great art, probably not, but it is more interesting and it gives me a way to express a different thought than just having the Christmas decorations on a street light would.

 So what do you think about this? This started out as barnacles on the bottom of a boat at the Charleston ship yards. They don’t much like this sort of thing, the sailors and fishermen who think a boat is a tool and want it to work and not give them any trouble and they get pretty annoyed at sea life which decides to hitch a ride on their tool and might just cause a premature failure of this tool by weakening the bottom of the boat and that would put them in the water which is not at all where sailors and fishermen want to be cause there are a whole bunch of things out there in that water which take one look at a fisherman and think, “Buffet!”

Besides it is cold and wet and I never did understand why amusement park designers think getting cold and wet on a ride is such a wonderful experience that you’ll want to fork over sixty bucks to come to their park and do it again and again unless you are a hormone driven teenaged boy with a handsome date wearing a thin summer weight T-shirt and you want that T-shirt to get wet for unsavory purposes but then that doesn’t account for all of the teenaged girls who don’t really want to see what happens when you get a teenaged boy’s T-shirt wet cause by definition a teenaged boy has no definition and couldn’t be any less interesting wet than he is dry and they are pretty uninteresting now matter what sort of humidity condition they are currently in so I’m baffled.

Anyway this is where it started and this is where it ended and now I use it as wallpaper on one of my computers and it seems to work out pretty well. But the whole point is it didn’t start out that way. Someone had to take a second look.

A coupla weekends ago I got a tip on the location of an egret rookery and I loaded up the car and the camera and the Long Sufferin and headed out to see if I could get some great pictures of egrets and be able to turn my nose up at Ms Kelle cause she works so hard to get her fantastic bird pictures and I wouldn’t have had to work that hard and that would give me a leg up and I could be smug and not sitting in a freezing swamp at dawn thirty waiting on some silly-assed bird.

Well I didn’t. Nope I couldn’t find those egrets and I didn’t get any pictures and I came back empty handed and so I’ll still have to bow and scrape when I see Ms Kelle cause she is still the Big Kahuna of bird pictures but I did capture the wily Volkswagen in its native habitat.

Sure it was easier, cause Volkswagens don’t fly and it’s a good thing that they don’t and I’m not even sure any of these still run but they looked great sitting there by the side of the road so I took some pictures and went about my business which included a stop for hamburgers at Eastside Burger which if you haven’t you should cause they are wonderful and there is nothing quiet so satisfying as a hamburger done right and Eastside Burger is one of the places where they do it right so you should try it and by the way see the Volkswagens.

But since you might not here is what they look like.

Not too interesting but strange and wonderful and when I got back to the house the more I looked at the pictures the more I liked them so I did a little editing and cropped out this little green guy cause I thought he’d be the most interesting of all.

But having done that I couldn’t stop so I ran him through a coupla filters and this is where I landed. I like this a lot better than what I saw driving by, but I may have to do a bit more to it before I am completely satisfied.

But the point is I looked at this commonplace image from a different point of view and suddenly there was a different image to what was there to be seen on first glance.

Try it; you’ll be surprised a what becomes art worthy if you just take another look.

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