Friday, July 27, 2012

Conflict Resolution

Didja ever have one of those days when you had everything planned out, knew just what you needed to do and had the time to do it, no small trick in itself and then everything went straight to hell?

I seem to be having a lot of those lately.

They say, “Wanna make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Okay, so my direct connection to the celestial isn’t so hot and I don’t usually share my grocery list with the greater powers so I haven’t heard any deep solemn laughter but I sure have suspected someone was laughing at me.

This past week I had my usual share of plans, write something for the blog, take a look at the upcoming art shows and see if I had anything I could enter, stop by the local galleries and see if they have anything coming up that I need to plug, stop by Goodwill and see what they have, cause you never know what they might get in that you desperately need and then get it all done before Wednesday at nine am so that I could sit back and watch Capt and the Avengers take on France. (Yes you do, Abby Wambach, Captain America and the United States Olympic Women’s Soccer Team, featuring, Alex Morgan the Fox in the Box, Carli Lloyd the Shooter and the Dealer Megan Rapinoe, the playmaker extraordinaire)

I did get to watch Cap and the avengers and yes, thank you they won even if it was a bit of a nail-biter to begin with, but that’s the only thing I planned that I got to do.

See after three years of worrying we finally got a good diagnosis for the recurring sore on our cat’s tail. We’ve had her in several times and no one seemed to know why she kept having this spot on her tail get raw and red. She had the spot and a broken tail when we found her and it never seemed to bother her so we’ve pretty much let it alone, except we have a jealous boy cat that attacked her and we were under the impression that he bit her and that was the source of the injury. But after three years and a dozen trips to the vet the spot was still there and it occurred to us maybe we should get a second opinion. And we did.

Seems if an animal has a serious injury which results in permanent damage to an extremity they will pick and gnaw at it until they bite it off. No one ever told us that. No one until last Thursday, the decision then became moot, the tail had to go.

Now this wouldn’t be much of a problem except this is our tiniest, eensiest, baby kitty who is a purr-burger and a love and wants nothing but a dry place to sleep and some descent food and a person to love and even though we love all of the cat kids she is the loveriliest of them all and we couldn’t allow her to go on risking infection and death just cause we were too chicken to have the tail removed. So into the hospital she went on Monday morning, not-so-bright-and-early.

I have mentioned that I am a night crawler and my heart doesn’t start beating until after the sun has crossed the yard arm, and that the only way I have ever seem a sun rise is if I was coming home and that I think sunlight is vastly overrated and what can you expect from a day that begins with getting up in the morning?

The nice vet does not understand this and schedules his surgeries for first thing in the morning, early morning, dawn patrol, you can’t send a kid like that up in a crate like this first thing in the morning morning.

I drew the short straw and had to haul it out at five-thirty so that I could pump in enough tea that my brain would work well enough to drive without being a danger to myself and others.

The cat kid went in and the worry began. Now I’ve had lost of animals and have with grave misgivings allowed them to go to the vet for advanced care but with the Baby it was brutal and the Long Sufferin felt the same way. We waited with a worm on our tongues for the results.

They came and all was well but she had to stay over night so by the time she was able to come home Tuesday afternoon safe to say the Long Sufferin and I were baskets cases.

She was cute, with her Brazilian butt and a collar, sky blue, Velcro closing, trumpet shaped, anti-stitch tampering type. And it was sooooooooo good to have her home.

While I was waiting for the news, a second time-altering event happened, my sister called to say she was coming to visit. Yes, I have a sister and she can visit, but her husband, Jim the Good doesn’t like animals roaming around his head while he is trying to sleep and that means we have to get their itinerary so that we can lock down a reservation at the local friendly neighborhood motel and place to stay wild-life free.

Then there was Easy Lane Frames and Select Gallery, we had promised to go by and take in the Salute to the Military show and of course didn’t and then didn’t have time to show up and say, “Oopsy,” and we felt bad that the new show Sand and Sea had gone up and we still hadn’t made it by so we did and boy was it worth it cause the art is fantastic and if you haven’t you should and while you are there ask Jane about the book she has, which you should buy for your own library and for any military relatives on your list cause you know that making a list and checking it twice isn’t all that far away and if you wait you will run out of time like I did this week and then all of your friends and family will be annoyed and you will get nothing but the re-gifted stuff that they’ve been hiding in the closet since last December so don’t wait get a copy of the book and avoid all of that regifted stuff that you will hide in your closet until you have a chance to give it back to the same people who gave it to your this time.

So you see, if you let it life will squeeze out all of the time you have to spend on your art and that would be a crime, so make your plans and be ready when life throws you a curve and have a backup in place and be ready to shift and dodge and weave and even duck and maybe you’ll have a more productive week than I managed.

And don’t forget to watch Captain America and the Avengers on Saturday morning, 9AM Pacific Time on NBC and NBC Sports, live from London. Go Team USA!

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