Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All I want for Christmas

            Okay, I still want a Rolls Royce, even though Volkswagen owns the name, but not the rights to the bodywork and I’d really like a Ferrari, but the insurance would cost more than my house, then there’s a new camera, an old, but still serviceable laptop to put Ubuntu on to see if I can learn enough about it to finally break away from Microsoft forever and then how ‘bout a brace of Purdeys and maybe one of the last Isuzu Rodeos or a Honda Passport, they’re the same thing just re-badged, but all of this is just stuff and what I’d really like are…comments.
That’s right, comments. Writing a blog is blind work. You try to find interesting things to say and work at saying them well, but you just don’t know cause each time you post you send it out into the ether and then no one says a word.
I’ve had comment space on every post since I started this blog and I keep hoping that one day I’ll get a comment, even a nasty comment, but no, I remain comment-less.
I love Julia and Julie. If you haven’t seen it you should, Meryl Streep is fantastic and more Julia than Julia and Amy Adams has to be the best young actress working today. The plot, no it won’t take a thing from the film if you know what it is about, is the story of a young blogger who sets out to cook her way through Mastering The Art of French Cooking while blogging about it.
Yes, it does sound like a certain guy writing about art on the south coast without the duck boning or crustacean slaying. And one of the best scenes in the film is when Julie gets her first comment. She doesn’t shoot off fire works, but I’m sure she wanted to.
It’s not the boost to the ego, you could build a Lincoln Log copy of the Sears Tower and get more press and strokes to your ego, it’s the knowledge that there is someone out there reading all of this stuff that you are writing and thinking and laboring over each and every day.
And that is just one of the reasons you should watch Julia and Julie. That and butter and if you have seen it that will be perfectly clear and if you haven’t then that’s another good reason to go watch it.
I do want to warn you about one thing though; if you do watch it you will probably want to buy it. It happens, said he with a shelf full of DVDs, but this one is one that you can watch over and over again and never tire of, so go ahead and watch it and the if you want to buy it do right after Christmas when everything is on sale so that you can feel smug and superior. Why not, it isn’t often you can buy yourself a present and then feel like you enhanced your learning and enriched your pool of knowledge.
So back to the blog and comments, I heard, from a source held in secret and never divulged under the most extreme torture or even forced viewing of Gilligan’s Island or worse, Survivor, that a person’s relative wanted to post a comment, but didn’t. I either didn’t listen to the reason or have since forgotten it, but “You shoulda.”
So let me be the first to encourage all of you, local and international, leave comments, “Go ahead, make my day.” And yes, if you are an international reader and wish to leave a comment in a language which I do not understand or read, which is pretty much all of them, because being a Statie, I only speak English and only read when the television is broken, go ahead. I promise I will ferret out someone who can translate it for me, or I will learn enough of your language to read what you have said and will eventually get back to you.
There, you see by leaving a comment you can force me to try to drive some knowledge into sixty years of solid ivory. And they say that learning a new skill is one of the best ways to avoid Alzheimer’s and I sure do want to do that cause you see I live through the sixties and may have already killed off my allotted share of brain cells, so I really don’t have any to spare and you’d be doing a real humanitarian service, not only in helping me keep what few brain cells I still have, but by making a Statie actually become bilingual.
So, please if you want leave me a note or two. You can even go to upirsong and leave comments and yes, you do know how to get there, cause I left you the link yesterday and if you haven’t there’s a new story posted there since I left the link and there may be others in the future so try it and see if it makes you want to speak your piece. This isn’t like television or politics where no matter what you say no one is listening, here I am listening and I’d like to know what you think.

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