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Paint the Park

Subject: FW: Sunset Bay State Park Event
From: joan & rick goodman & fox [
Subject: Sunset Bay State Park Event

                                                                           June 4 2016 Art In The Park

The proposal from the State Parks Department is a  two session instruction / teaching session for  anyone interested in plein air painting.  There will also be  a four scene  presentation from Shakespeare performed in the gardens at Shore Acres by local talented actors.

The park has been a favorite painting spot for the various groups of plein air painters for  over a decade.  There are three groups who sometimes overlap and have all contributed to a history of the changes in the landscape.

Stephanie Miller, Park Ranger, is coordinator for this event.  She has contacted Sally Rolicheck and I agreed to carry this forward on behalf of BAAA.

As Mr Tom Leahy says Art, Tourism and Culture are the mainstays of our economy in the Bay Area.  This type of event showcases the sense of place and community for our area.  I feel this is a very important event that needs to be supported and presented in a well organized enthusiastic way.  This will need the support of everyone who is a member of this organization.

In our initial discussion we covered time and the duration of each session.   This is a  seven hour actual time commitment am/pm on a Saturday.

We need a group of people in the planning and execution of this event.  A group large enough to be able to cover unexpected time issues for other members of the group.  Be  a Sunset Bay Painters in the Park promoter!   Joan 541-217-8242

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