Sunday, September 22, 2013

Take a Brake from the Game

Football season is here! And that is a terrible excuse for sitting at home while some of the most gifted artists on the South Coast share their work at the Pacific Park Gallery.

Now I know the Hawks are playing and that is something which can make it hard to give up the remote control, but the Jaguars? Come-on, you should have Tivoed the game and gone to the reception.

What reception, I heard you say? Don’t you read the World? Okay, so you skipped right to the comics and missed the story or you were so concerned about who would fall out of their dress on the Red Carpet at the Emmys that you had to get a head’s up by hitting the entertainment page but you know the critics will pick all of the shows that no one watches and are on cable anyway so even if someone did fall out of their dress it wouldn’t be anyone you know and most of the starlets on cable don’t have anything much to fall in or out of a dress and if you have been watching their programs on cable you’ve seen all they have to fall so it would just be a big disappointment and why wouldn’t you rather have seen some great art and been amazed, delighted and enlightened?

Here, take a look at the World’s view of the reception…

Yeah, but it’s raining and the wind is blowing and it’s cold out there, but what kind of duck are you to use the weather as an excuse? This is Oregon, get over it, this is our other season. By my reckoning we are six weeks behind on the rains so we’ve had almost two extra months of summer and there you sit in your fuzzy slippers with a death-grip on the remote control and whine about the weather.

So you claim that you never heard of the Pacific Park Gallery and it would be hard to find and this is not the sort of weather to drive around with the lights on and the wipers flapping looking for some obscure gallery, it would be dangerous and your insurance rates would soar and the car would be in the shop for weeks after you drive off the road and hit that parked Edsel so it is just better to sit in the comfort of your own living room and watch the games. That’s why God made Sunday.

You honestly expect me to believe you don’t know where the hospital is?

That’s right the gallery is just a block or so west of the hospital and in a beautiful building with doors and a roof and all of the comforts of home and there is no wind or rain or cold and you could even get some wine and tasty snacks with your art and have a chance to meet the artists themselves and do some good for the brain that you have been steadily killing off watching all of that football.

The Gallery is located at 1957 Thompson Road inside the Pacific Coast Medial Center which you will have to know about anyway when that sedentary lifestyle of football watching catches up with you, so go while you still have your health and see the exceptional art of Paula Reis, Patricia Cink, pronounced as in czar but not as despotic, and of course Pat Snyder which you know all about cause he is one of the premier artists of the whole area and you’d have to be living under a rock not to know so you should be rushing to find the car keys where you tossed them at the ash tray you use as a key holder now that you don’t smoke any more and are so health conscious except for the sedentary lifestyle thing of watching forty-seven games at the same time every Saturday and Sunday.

The Gallery offer three viewing areas, the Atrium, the Salon and the Mezzanine and is the brain-child of the incomparable Janne LaValle. You do to know who I am talking about. Jan is an artist, innovator, and now Imperial Omnipotent Stomper of the Pacific Park Gallery. Start now and practice your sucking up techniques so that when you get to the end of this post you’ll be ready to fill in the sheet and apply for a chance to show your own works.

And here is the very best part of the deal, okay there are a lot of very best parts so pick the one you like best, there are no size limitations, no fees save for the operating fund donation, no restrictions on sale and no hidden gotchas for the poor unsuspecting artist.

Now I know that you have that 48 X 97 painting of the sunken ship in Charleston harbor that the Long Suffern has been on you to sell, dump or get out of the house and if you are really afraid of the Long Sufferin and who isn’t, you moved it to the garage where there are so many other paintings that you can no longer get the Henry J Kaiser in there, this is your chance. Take a look at the forms, fill them in and see if you can fob… place the work with Pacific Park Gallery.

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