Friday, September 6, 2013

Dust Catchin'

The Long Sufferin’ decided that there must be a purge of the clutter lurking around my computer, now how this all managed to collect in my room is beyond me. I claim that pixies came in the night, (I would have at one tine said fairies, but that’s a whole different sort of night visitor so I’ll stick with pixies) and left all of he stuff the Stellar Jays have been hoarding and now it is sitting in my room collecting dust.

So in compliance with the Long Sufferin’s wishes I am ready to donate it or let it go to the first person who steps up and wants to add to the clutter in their house.

The Kenwood lived in my computer room for the last seven years and before that in the office I had back in Texas and I have never had a moment’s problem with it. It won’t produce enough sound to cripple your neighbors but it will make your work room a mellow place to create.

The tapes must have been stockpiled back in the day when I had a tape player in the RV and the car and now I don’t have the RV and the car has a disc player so if anyone needs tape this is a chance to get it for saying, “Hey.’

Email me at or 541 260 5352. No takers by the first part of next week and the Boys and Girls club or Goodwill get the lot.

Kenwood KR-A20 receiver, 40 watts per channel, perfect for studio or small office

10 new sealed 90 minute cassette tapes, 1 60 minute cassette tape.

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