Friday, September 2, 2016

Through a Glass Brightly

Bandon "Fire Glass" from the fire in 1936
Heather Bouher
Glass Roots - A Love Story

Second Street Gallery welcomes local jeweler Heather Bouher for the "Meet & Greet” September 3rd & 4th, 2016. Inspired by tiny treasured bits of glass found while walking along the beach, Heather creates her "Glass Roots Jewelry" with both recycled and genuine beach glass. Tumbled smooth to the touch, each piece has inherent qualities that make it unique.  With a sweet passion for glass, local artist Heather Bouher has found that the medium speaks to her.  To Heather, the glass itself seems to dictate how it will be molded into a new entity, revealing combinations and formations that cannot be denied, much like a puzzle that has not yet been put together.  Self proclaimed "Glass Whisperer", Heather has been letting the glass speak for itself since 2007. Please stop in from noon - 4pm either this Saturday or Sunday!

A recycled glass cluster pendant with copper.

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