Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week Folk

Hello friends of South Coast Folk Society!

We are just days away from January 1, the beginning of Country Dance and Song Society's (CDSS) centennial celebration! As our umbrella organization turns 100 in 2015, we are excited to be part of that celebration. During South Coast Folk Week, Oct 4-10, 2015, Coos County will be a stop on the CDSS centennial tour.  

As we plan and prepare for the arrival of legendary dance caller Bob Dalsemer and the talented members of the band Firefly, the steering committee wants to keep you informed about Folk Week activities, and encourage your participation. If you aren't familiar with this project, read the attached overview or visit the SCFS website or Facebook page

We need SO much help with this ambitious project! Can we count on you?   

1. HOUSING We are looking for home stays for our visitors. Do you have an extra bedroom(s) and the gift of hospitality? 

2. FOOD We'll feed the staff three meals/day for a week. We'll have some community potlucks. Many of you are avid gardeners. As you plan this year's garden, consider growing a row for Folk Week! Consider hosting our group of musicians for one dinner while they're in town providing this service to our community. Are you a catcher of fish? Fish BBQ at your place one night for the staff? Do you own a restaurant and want to be a business sponsor by donating a meal for a staff? 

We've thought of several ways you can help with food - maybe you can think of others. Lynn Danner is our hospitality coordinator - to volunteer help with housing or food, contact Lynn davidlynndanner at gmail dot com. 

3. GET THE WORD OUT We have a group of speakers ready to attend a meeting of your club or organization to talk about South Coast Folk Week. Need a speaker? Contact Stacy 

4. MONEY We're accepting donations! The steering committee decided that in an effort to keep activities affordable for families and youth, Folk Week activities will be admission by donation. Still, we'll have expenses for venue rentals, sound equipment, sound technician, printing, etc.,etc. If all of our folk friends saved their loose change for the next 6 months, that would accumulate into a significant donation! Or just write us a check. 

5. VOLUNTEER Will you be around the week of October 4? Can we call on you to help, whether it's sweeping a floor before the dance, helping to pack sack lunches for the staff one day, posting flyers around town? Reply to this email and let the steering committee know we can count on you. Flood us with your support! Overwhelm us with community support for this project! 

The next phone conference with our staff will be in January, so I'm hoping our next update will include a schedule of activities for Folk Week. The steering committee for South Coast Folk Week wishes you a very happy new year, with as much dance, music and song as you can hold!

Stacy Rose, for South Coast Folk Week

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