Saturday, December 20, 2014

It was a dark and stormy night

Why sit around waiting for the power to go out when you can join the Dolphin Players for their production of It's a Wonderful Life. You know you're going to watch it anyway so why not enjoy the excitement of live theater?

Theater is life
Film is art
television is furniture!

Besides if you come tonight you get to see The Ole Trawler himself taking the tickets and helping around the theater.

Now what could be better, great theater and seeing The Ole Trawler working, a sight seldom seen this century!

And you can do all of this and eat popcorn and drive in the rain and for only $10.00! You'd blow that on two lattes. Even less if you are a certified old fart or a small child. Children are $5 dollars and the senile rate is $8 so don't miss a chance to get something for letting your arteries harden!

And if you claim to be a small child you'd better be accompanied by a responsible parent. Try to find one of those on short notice.

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