Sunday, December 21, 2014

Get a Life

This is absolutely, definitely, certainly the last chance for you to see It's a Wonderful Life at the Dolphin theater in beautiful, downtown Empire.

Now you know you are sick to death of the Jimmy Stewart version and to tell the whole truth did you every, really buy Jimmy as George? No of course not, the Marlo Thomas version, It Happened One Christmas is so much better and besides it has Orson Wells as Potter and that's enough said.

But now you have a chance to see a live theater version right here in the beautiful Bay area and it would be a terrible shame to miss it and you wouldn't want people to say that YOU don't support local theater and you can take the Long Sufferin and get some extra points which will come in handy when she finds out what you bought yourself for Christmas and you can get away from the kids with all that sugar energy making even the dog hide and then when you get home no one will yell and scream when you turn on the football game which comes on after the 2:00 showing and you'll look like a big hero and not just the thing on the sofa.

So crack open the wallet, it's good for the moths to get a breath of fresh air every now and then and shell out the twenty bucks which you were just going to spend on beer and take the Long Sufferin and see a really great show and start the New Year as a good guy and not the dork you were all last year and wouldn't that be nice for a change, so go see It's a Wonderful Life and remember no beasts, no breasts, angel-foo, bell-foo, merriment-foo, Trawler-Bob says check it out!

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