Monday, December 5, 2016


It is time once again to speak of the unspeakable, buying a REAL camera.

You thought I had forgotten all about it and was going to let you get through the mad season without having to listen to me go on and on and on about a camera.

You were wrong.

There is no excuse, let me repeat that, no excuse for not owning a REAL camera. Yes they are big and yes they are complicated and yes they have many of the same things you have in the dinky camera in your phone but no kiddies they are not at all the same.

They are big but you carry around a phone which an F16 could land on and not even have to use reverse thrust and you do it everyday and all of the time and never give a thought to it cause you know you are a VERY important person and have very important friends and business and cannot be away from communications for even a second cause the entire structure of the North American economy rests squarely on what you are doing each and every minute of the day.

You don't carry a camera around with you at all times even the Ole Trawler who is a photographer sometimes, (insert gasp) leaves the Pentax at home. Your phone is a big as a dinner plate and you carry it all of the time and unless you are Captain Kangaroo you don't have pockets big enough to house that flight deck so having a camera around your neck on the occasions when you are actually thinking of taking pictures isn't all that much of a burden.

They are complicated, and so is the DVD player, the DVD recorder, the Hulu, the Roku, the Firestick and even the lowly microwave and you use them all of the time. Okay, okay so that is why you keep The Thing on the Couch, but he can carry your camera too!

DSLRs are only as complicated as you, that's the important word, you want them to be. There are hundreds of Nikon owners who have never moved the selector off Auto and if you are bold and adventuresome and daring you can select Prog and get some really important advantages. But you don't have to. You can set the beastie on Auto and shoot away and still be a thousand times better of than if you were using the camera in your phone.

Your phone. Once upon a time we all celebrated when phones, mobile phones went from being a just a tad bit smaller than a '56 Packard to being something you could carry around in a shirt pocket, even female, lady women types could do that and not look like they were trying to audition for Victoria's not so Secret angels, but that time has come and gone and now we are back to phones which are bigger than the average Henry J and not nearly so stylish and they sometimes catch fire which is a way of beating the cold and the rain but you don't want to do it when you are carrying it in your back pocket cause eating Christmas dinner standing up is not cool at all and if you are carrying it in your front pocket the results are too grim for words but I understand that the Vienna Boy's Choir is taking applications so all is not lost.

And the images form your flammable phone are just not what you will get from a descent DSLR. Sure they have forty megapixels and the cameras I want you to thin about have a limit of about twelve and a half but they are BIG megapixels while the ones in your phone are itty-bitty megapixels.

So come back tomorrow when we will discuss REAL cameras you can afford and want to own and use and take brilliant pictures suitable for framing or using as studies for you paintings or making into gifts to frazzle you sister who is the Craft-queen and always hand-makes something which shames all of the rest of the family while saving her a sclunch of money which is why she can afford to take that Caribbean cruise every January while you are paying off your credit cards.

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