Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting Out in the Rain

I know you saw an old man in a big boat taking two of everything in and then the dreaded rodent saw his shadow and you knew that winter was going to be hanging around for a whole lot longer and then your fuzzy slippers called your name and you checked the fridge and there was plenty of beer and wine and there were half a dozen new programs you didn't get to see because of the Stupid Bowl game and you said “I'm not moving again until that delayed spring gets here.”

But then you'd miss the reception for Art by the Sea's Eye on Photography Saturday, February 7, from 2-4 PM at the beautiful Art by the Sea gallery in Old Town Bandon, where the Ole Trawler and the Long Sufferin' will be putting in an appearance and will be waiting for you to arrive and if you don't arrive then we will have to wait and then Art by the Sea will start charging us rent because we have stayed so long and we won't have the money to pay our income taxes and the FBI will come or the United States Marshals will issue a warrant for our arrest and the the black helicopters will circle Art by the Sea gallery and you don't want that to happen so you will just have to get dressed and get in the car and come to Old Town Bandon, you were going to stop at the Creamery anyway and then you will be in Bandon already so you might just as well stay until Sunday or even if you do weasel out and want to sleep in your own bed you can still come back on Sunday for the opening of Paula Reis' show at the Bandon Library.

That show is from 11-1 on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at beautiful Green Valley that was a flashback but it is Sunday from 11-1 at the Bandon library where you will get to see what a real photography can do with something you have lurking around your house all of the time but don't take a moment to stop and really look and that is why Paula get her own show and you have nothing to do on a Sunday cause football season is over and you never really got into soccer or hockey and over-tall men in boxer shorts running up and down is kinda silly so you have no excuse not to go to the opening and that's why you will be in Bandon two days this weekend in spite of the groundhog!

Any rodent who takes a bite out of a politician is a rodent for me, but I hope they got him immediate treatment. Biting a politician is toxic to living things.

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