Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lead, Follow or get out of the Way

Hi friends of South Coast Folk Society,

2015 has arrived - the centennial celebration of Country Dance and Song Society has begun! Visit for updates of celebrations happening around the country. 

Closer to home, these are some of the activities we are planning for our celebration  Oct 4-10, 2015:
A variety of workshops for song leaders, for callers, for dancers and for musicians. Bob Dalsemer is a renown caller - he will do a series of workshops with people of all skill levels who want to learn calling. The members of Firefly have some interesting topics for their workshops - learn to make your tunes dance! But Folk Week is not just about developing skills of people already affiliated with SCFS. We want to reach out to the larger community, celebrating the joy of  traditional dance, music and song. So we'll have dances, a concert, in-school programs, and after school programs with youth. Seven days chockful of activities!

THANK YOU for the many of you who have raised your hand to volunteer! Still more help is needed. Do you have these skills? Reply to this email if the answer if YES to any of these:

The gift of hospitality: we're hosting musicians and a caller for Folk Week. Can you offer a room and breakfast to one or more musicians? 

Do you have leadership, organizational AND outstanding people skills? We're looking for a Volunteer Coordinator. This will be a uniquely important job to ensure the success of Folk Week. Can you help get the right people to the right places at the right times? 

Point people - would you be responsible to be a point person for ONE of the activities mentioned above? As a point person, you will help the steering committee plan that activity; you would be the go-to person at that activity. Which activity are you most drawn to? Be the point person for it! 

Food - Lynn Danner is our Hospitality Coordinator. Can you help prepare a dish for one of the potlucks? There are also only two opportunities left to host the band in your home for one of their dinners. Can you cook a meal for 5? 

As soon as all of the Folk Week activities are confirmed, we'll be EAGER to share the schedule with you. In the meantime, check out the SCFS web site for updates and LIKE us on Facebook

Enjoy this fun video of Bob Dalsemer calling a square dance. Dare you not to smile. 
Smooth moves! 

Correction to this month's email announcement:  The regularly scheduled 4th Friday folk dance will be held THIS FRIDAY, Jan 23. See you at Greenacres Grange at 7:00 pm!

Got questions about South Coast Folk Week? Ask any member of the steering committee: Karen Olsen, Lynn Danner, Jennifer Sordyl, Gail Elber or me!

See you on the dance floor,
Stacy Rose

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