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About the Instructor:

Corriene Loomis Dietz
I am a mid-life artist living in the Oregon Willamette Valley, gaining recognition as a painter and art educator. In the early 70's I began academic studies in painting and photography.  Since the early 80's, I have taught Painting, Color design and Photography as an adjunct in regional colleges and universities. Currently I divide my energies between studio work, lecturing and teaching.
Since 1999, I have been a certified member of the Working Artist team with GOLDEN Artist Colors, receiving intensive training in artist pigments, acrylic media and contemporary developments for mixed media. It has been a great privilege to offer Lectures and Workshops throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest at colleges, universities and art centers.
"Rethinking Acrylics" by Patti Brady
North Light Books includes Corrine as a feature artist.

Registration is required for the lecture and both of the workshops, please contact UVAA:
for more info:

1624 W. Harvard Ave.
Roseburg, OR  97471

GOLDEN Lecture
Lecture & Demo
Date/Time: May 30th 6-8 PM
Fee: $8 per person (free to workshop students!)
***Friday lecture attendees to receive a Golden sample packet.

The GOLDEN "A to Z" of Acrylics
Innovation and new technology are changing the options for ACRYLIC art exploration
This lecture packs in a ton of valuable information about acrylics, guiding listeners through the basics while opening up new possibilities. Gain information about mineral and modern pigments and how this relates to clean color mixing, glazing and the creation of fabulous new colors. Learn the unique properties of High Flow, Fluids, Heavy Body, and the OPEN acrylics. Discover Interference and Iridescent paints for unusual effects. Get a grip on the many gels and mediums and how they can change texture, saturation and intensity of color, used for sculptural effects and more. Check out the amazing new grounds to prepare truly, contemporary surfaces for painting, drawing, pastel, digital printing and mixed media. Discover how acrylics can simulate oil and watercolor, even gouache, yet are infinitely more versatile.
Each lecture includes an array of examples of these materials put to use. Attendees leave the lecture enthusiastic to explore the extensive potential of acrylic painting!


Workshop #1- Mono Type with Golden Open Acrylics
Date/Time: Saturday, May 31st 10am-4pm
(with 1/2 hr lunch)
Fee: $85 (members of UVAA) $95 (non-members)

Mono Type description:
Combine your painting and drawing skills to investigate this simple method of printmaking. This workshop will focus on innovative, non-toxic techniques to enable printing one of kind images without a press!  Students will paint directly onto a plexi glass plate as they explore personal subject matter, composition, color, line, form and texture!  By repeating and reworking these images, the rich new techniques will be sure to engage your mind's eye!  After hand-rubbing and pulling the print, the image may be further embellished with layers of paint, pencil or pastel!
Students should bring: simple images they wish to work with such as landscapes, plant forms, portraits etc. (if the original image is valuable to you, please made a photocopy to use in your wet station)...
Remember to keep it simple!  Approximate size - 8"x 10" to 11"x14".
I will bring:  2 sheets of printmaking paper (Arches 88, BFK Rives etc...)

Workshop #2- Glaze, Layer & Blend with Golden Open Acrylics
Date/Time: Sunday, June 1st 10am-4pm (1/2 hr lunch)
Fee: $85 (members of UVAA) $95 (non-members)

Glaze, Layer & Blend description:
Do you need an in-depth crash course on how OPEN Acrylic can be used in traditional and contemporary painting? This workshop introduces the incredible blending characteristics of this new water based acrylic paint. Learn how to select pigments that facilitate rich glazes! The innovation of OPEN Acrylics dramatically expands painting options, staying wet on your palette for days and handling beautifully for slower, wet into wet applications. You will merge OPEN acrylics with traditional Heavy Body paint and Gels to manage drying time and develop textures! OPEN Acrylic is an archival paint, suited for portraiture, plein air and studio environs!  More time to think, more to paint and less wasted paint!
 All Paint, Mediums, & Gels, are supplied by GOLDEN Artist Colors

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